New Parks: Nimbin

After years of fundraising, lobbying, work and drama, the folks of Nimbin in the Byron hinterland of North-Eastern NSW finally have themselves a skatepark. It is definately worth the wait. Opening this past Saturday the 25th, it is absolutely breathtaking. Nestled in the side of a hill just off the main street, the park includes a tight little snakerun running down hill into a 10 foot tall bowl with pool coping. This is my personal favourite part of the park, you come out of the snakerun with ridiculous amounts of speed, and hook into the bowl corners. Amazing. In addition to the big bowl and snakerun, there is a really tight 3 foot tall bowl, with a love seat, which is also donned with pool coping. Just next to it, there is another tight little bowl, with quarters ranging from 4 to 5 and a half foot, a spine, and a few fun little hips. To cap it off, there is an assortment of ledges, rails and banks. This park is a must ride if you're even remotely close. Huge thanks to Adam Cox/Helensvale BMX for the photos.

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