Brandon Loupos 2011 Edit

"Been filming every Tuesday night for a month now and a weekend in Melbourne, very happy with the clips we got. This is Brandon's last edit before he goes over to America. He is sponsored by Above All BMX, Aussie Freestylers, X-rated Helmets, Monster Skatepark Urban Kreation and Rockstar Engry Drinks. Enjoy :)"

Pretty loose, always good to see the next generation of dudes getting love from companies, regardless of what they ride and from watching him ride monster i can definitely say Loupos kills it.

Adam Dyson - Spring/Winter 2011 Mix

Adam Dyson Spring/Winter 2011 Mix from Adam Dyson on Vimeo.

Here's a solid mix Dean Hearn filmed of Adam Dyson for Mongoose/CSG (Not sure what CSG is but nonetheless), solid riding and a good mix of spots, definitely worth a watch!

New Parks: Nimbin

After years of fundraising, lobbying, work and drama, the folks of Nimbin in the Byron hinterland of North-Eastern NSW finally have themselves a skatepark. It is definately worth the wait. Opening this past Saturday the 25th, it is absolutely breathtaking. Nestled in the side of a hill just off the main street, the park includes a tight little snakerun running down hill into a 10 foot tall bowl with pool coping. This is my personal favourite part of the park, you come out of the snakerun with ridiculous amounts of speed, and hook into the bowl corners. Amazing. In addition to the big bowl and snakerun, there is a really tight 3 foot tall bowl, with a love seat, which is also donned with pool coping. Just next to it, there is another tight little bowl, with quarters ranging from 4 to 5 and a half foot, a spine, and a few fun little hips. To cap it off, there is an assortment of ledges, rails and banks. This park is a must ride if you're even remotely close. Huge thanks to Adam Cox/Helensvale BMX for the photos.

Tempered Canberra Trip

Earlier this year, most of the Tempered Goods crew, with a few of their other homies took a little adventure to Canberra, and video extraordinaire John Young tagged along to document it all. This really turned out pretty fucking incredible. John's filming and editing is more than on point, and the riding is equally as impressive, courtesy of Alex Liiv, Jay Wilson, Jamie Mauri, Benn Pigot, Nick Kajewski, Jerry Vandervalk, Mike Vockenson and Mat Lawton. Get on it!

Gippsland; Unused Clips

Nick Derrick sent over this tight little edit of his homies Mat Lindrea, Michael Leighton, Stephen Grub, Travis Hiscock, Chris Nicol, Pat Freyne, Dylan Radford. Everything about this video is dope. It's filmed really well and the riding is rad. This is the kinda local, scene based shit that we need.

UNUSED Clips from around Gippsland. from Nick Derrick on Vimeo.

The Colony DVD trailer...

Premiere is the 16th of July in Brisbane, no details on where else it is being premiered around Australia. Cannot wait to see Strettons section!

Chris Storey Edit.

Awesome edit of Chris Storey shredding the shit out of Cleveland in a night session, check it out.

Primary Threads - 2 clips 1 spot.

The latest from Primary's new project, 2 clips 1 spot. Featuring Renald Mcqueen and Chris Finnigan. A bunch of Primary gear just arrived in LUX and is fresher than ever. Check out

Plazapalooza PT2

Another banging edit from John Young, part 2 of his plazapalooza series! Features Macca, Tom Stretton, Mike Czajkowski and Raph Jeroma-Williams killing a nice little spot at night.

Plazapalooza PT2 from John Young on Vimeo.

Tap Zooss

Here's a nice little toowoomba edit i poached off of facebook, it was filmed by Chris Lembo for his site, Features Nick K, Dan Headon and Lembo shredding a park in toowoomba (i think)

Sorry kids!

Apologies for the slow posts etc, here's a little rail edit Jerry V hooked up featuring Mat Lawton, Samson Ross, Jerry Vandervalk and yours truly.

Vale BBQ and open ramps

Next Saturday the 25th, Helensvale are opening up their ramps and putting on the BBQ to coincide with the Roadtripz/kempsey to gold coast trip that I'll be on. Come by, ride the ramps, eat some meat and say whatup!

Vale BBQ and open ramps

Next Saturday the 25th, Helensvale are opening up their ramps and putting on the BBQ to coincide with the Roadtripz/kempsey to gold coast trip that I'll be on. Come by, ride the ramps, eat some meat and say whatup!

Rahdi Frances-Cater

Matt Dean has been putting in work with my boy Rahdi Frances-Cater for a long while for this edit, and it shows. The filming and editing is on point, and the riding is dope, making for a real tight edit. Highlights for me were the truck to table, whip to tap to whip, the regular whip to switch whip line, the 540 on the play equipment and the banger, which I won't spoil. Can't wait to see more shit from Rahdi.

On an unrelated note, I'm going away for a week and a half, so if the sites not updated much, you know why.

Mitch Brown for LUXBMX Store- Hail to the King

Brisbane's king of steeze Mitch Brown has the latest edit for LUXBMX Store. Featuring all the high speed riding, effortless style and bangers that you'd expect. Watch it now then head on over to the LUXBMX Vimeo to check out some older edits.

Zane Caldera

Been a while since this dude's come through with something, and it's as good as ever. This time, Zane lays down some street-influenced moves at his local park, along with some tech quarterpipe riding. Smith to nose and Bars to canadian was really nice.

Brad Schultz

Brad Schultz sent through this edit of himself. Dude's got a few good tricks, which would've made for a good edit. However, a large percentage of clips were filmed flyout. This is a bit of a faux pas. I guess, what I'm trying to say is Brad, you've got skills, but in future, just try to use less flyout clips, and avoid using any -to mattress clips. Keep at it, dude.

Cody Smith

Brad Schultz sent over this edit of Cody Smith. Really good on the filming front, and the riding wasn't too bad. This edit would've been a lot more enjoyable if the riding was a little more polished. I'm referring to the cased footjam clips, and the multiple hops in footjams. Once he cleans that up a little, it will be really good.

Colony DVD Premiere

The long awaited Colony full-length DVD featuring their entire team is almost upon us. Premiering next month in Brisbane. Check the flyer below for all the details.

Cale Deeble

Corey Smithies sent over this edit of his boy Cale Deeble sessioning their home made ledge. Real good chainless moves in this, I was feelin' it.

Cale Deeble Chainless Ledge Fun from Corey Smithies on Vimeo.

Crispy Gets Ramped.

Here is an edit of Crispy fellows Mackle and Mike V, in slow motion. Featuring Vocko not jumping gaps and Matt McCallum being super tech. In all seriousness though, Mike's 360 to smith was gravy.

Crispy: 8 Clips from Crispy Stream on Vimeo.

Cody Pollard & Pahau Milner; Impurit Bike co.

Nicko Smithson shot over this edit of his boys Pahau Milner and Cody Pollard. These dudes share a split edit for their supporter Impurity. Also featuring a few clips of a couple of their homies. This was real enjoyable.

Chalky Brah!

Chris Lembo of Resident BMXers cooked up this real cool little edit of an afternoon at Chalk park in Toowoomba. I really like it.

Chalk Drive Toowoomba from Chris Lembo on Vimeo.

Alex Carroll

Alex Carroll built up a new bike and filmed this little ditty in celebration. Pretty good park moves in this.

Warren Bowers/Tempered Goods

This is absolutely nuts. Wazza is fucking bullshit good, dropping hammers of all varieties, that flair to fakie was crazy. I loved this heaps. A bunch of real cool ledge moves, too. Warren has some of the best downwhips in the game. Doing it for Tempered Goods

Ryan Lloyd/Stowaway Distro

Ryan Lloyd is one of my favourite riders at the moment. Really feel his ability to do things both ways, and his riding has some old school chic about it. This edit is tight. Accompanying it, is the best goofy footed 360 table ever photographed.

Ryan Lloyd United Edit from Stowmedia 2011 from StowMedia on Vimeo.

Adam Hough

Adam Dyson of Montage BMX sent over this awesome edit that he cooked up of Adam Hough. Honestly, this is one of the most enjoyable edits of recent times. Adam does his own thing, riding wise. Edit includes back rail fufanu's and other rear brake goodness, which is awesome to see.

Adam Hough Edit. from Adam Dyson on Vimeo.

April/May Photobook

I've always been a huge fan of James Wade's photobook projects. It's a real cool medium to show us what he and his homies have been up to recently. And his April/May one is no different.

Dishonour X LBB present: BYO Jam

This is for all you Southeren Australian cats. Dishonour amd Little Black Bike are putting on a nice little day of bicycle partying on Saturday the 18th. I'm sure this will be rad as fuck.

Hell On Wheels Garage Sale.

Pick up a heap of dialled gear real cheap, from a heap of real good dudes in a fortnights time! You don't wanna miss it.

Warragul Jam

It'd be morally wrong for me not to post this. Warragul rider Jayden Warn was involved in a car acident recently, and suffered a broken neck. A bunch of his homies have organised to hold a jam next Sunday, June 12th, to aid in the covering of costs. Personally, I think this is fucking awesome. This is the kind of community that BMX is missing nowadays. If you're even remotely close, get out there and support!

Boedan Nelson

Kurt Teague has been sending over the park riding goodness lately. This time, with Boedan Nelson. Kids got real good lookback airs. Riding was real good, goofy footed trucks are a little intriguing. Shame he got jacked on the last clip though, that was legit.


Ridin' Dirty with Dirty Paul Chamberlain. Dudes baller as fuck. The older I get, the more I appreciate flatland. Props to Billy Brooks for video skills.

Lee and Rabbi are the cutest couple ever.

ODP SOMETIMES from billy sometimes on Vimeo.

Nicko Smithson & Co.

Nicko Smithson sent over this mix bag of him and his homies Chris Kavanagh, Pahau Milner and Cody Pollard. This video was real, real cool. Stylish park riding edited to CCR. The goods.

Crispy: GammonDog

Crispy Stream coming through with another mediocre edit.

Tempered Originals.

Recently, you may or may not have seen a bit of teasing about these Tempered Original Tee's. Now, these bad boys are real close to dropping. I was lucky enough to get my hands on the first one. Let me say, they're dope. Top quality shirts, in this case AA, with a heap of individuality to each one. Each shirt is hand made, meaning no two are the same. In some cases, the design is part of the dye, as opposed to being a print, which is gravy as fuck. There are some nice little touches, including the one-off, different for each tee polariod/fabric pocket and wax string, and hand sewn woven Tempered tag.

This is BMX at it's finest. DIY Shit hand made by riders, for riders, with all proceeds going to support riders. Future tees will be designed by other members of the Tempered family, with proceeds going to supporting them, the brand, and any future events that Tempered may hold. Snap one up while you can, kids. They'll be gone as quick as they're released.

Mikey McMah Scraps

I was over on the Dishonour site, and spotted this little clip of Mike McMah. Apparently, these are throwaways from a DVD that he's working on? Now, if these are his scraps, I'm fucking keen to see what his part will be like. Front wheel moves for days!

Mike McMah / Doug's Scraps from dishonour brand on Vimeo.

Nick Parsgaard Edit.

Solid edit from James Boundy featuring Hervey Bay shedder, Nick Parsgaard. I enjoyed this edit, good stuff.

New Product- Colony LTD Frame

Colony's new LTD frame just dropped, and I really feel it. The LTD is handmade in the FBM factory in the US, unlike the rest of their range, which is made in Taiwan. I think it's a really cool concept, seen here in the shape of a custom by LUX BMX store. Real cool.

Alex Mamo

This is a few months old, but whatever. Alex Mamo has one of my favourite styles. Simplicity is the name of the game. Not much more than doing skids and gettin' sideways. But then again, what more do you need?

Rusty and Harti at Tuggers

Two of Canberra's finest and most stylish, Chris Harti
and Russel Brindley at Tuggers on a casual Thursday morning. Perfect mix of Rusty's OG trails flavour, Chris' new school boost and stylecatness and classic rock and roll. Rad as fuck. Courtesy of the lovely gentlemen at Back Bone BMX

Back Bone BMX - Chris & Rusty at Tuggers from Back Bone BMX on Vimeo.

Dave Wood- Crispyyyyy

Crispy dropped this nicety of Dave Wood. A lot of really, really good rail moves in this. I liked it heapssssss.

Crispy: Dave Wood from Crispy Stream on Vimeo.

Jack Gibson- Stay True

Recently myself, and some friends went on a little trip. Unfortunately, I snapped my cranks a few days before and couldn't ride, so I filmed. With a little collection of clips, I came up with this edit of my boy Jack Gibson for Stay True of Lismore. Enjoy

Launcestion Mix v6

Seems to me that some of the more isolated scenes in Australia are producing the goods. Case in point; the Kalgoorlie edit below, and this Launceston mix, a bunch of sweetness courtesy of Shay Goldsmith behind the lens. I love all the edits from this scene, and I always feel like going for a pedal straight after, because they have a really good time. Keep it up, dudes, keep it fun!

Launceston Mix #6 from Shay G. on Vimeo.