Fight the Power

Guys, I know it's a little cliche, but we really do need to support our local BMX store. A good store is the back bone of any good scene. It serves, not only as a place to get your goods, but as a meet-up point, a place to hangout, or to take shelter from the elements if need be. You know that, when you walk into a quality BMX store, you will be welcomedby friendly people sharing a common interest with you. Recently, Dre and co at The Sanction had to close their doors, almost purely because local kids were taking their business elsewhere, be it to our local Goliath of mail-orders, Strictly, or international giants like danscomp.

There is an interesting read over at Hell on Wheels, by Will Hermann, also addressing this issue.

Don't let anymore awesome stores fall by the wayside.


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I dunno but to me it kinda feels like this whole debate is getting played out.

I am definitely in support of supporting local shops, no doubt about that. I always shop at my local BMX shop.

The fact of the matter is that shops have a lot of work to do themselves. They should be giving customers fucking awesome service, marketing themselves within the local BMX community well, and essentially giving kids a reason to shop there.

None of this preachy fucking shit we have been bantering on about. You need to give the kids a reason to shop with you.

You need to be on fucking point.

Talking to kids on facebook. Talking to kids on email. Regardless of how stupid their questions are.

And fuck man we gotta burn Strictly BMX down that shop sucks. Fuck I hate everything it stands for.

But fuck the preachy shit and give people a reason to shop with you that isn't some ideological bullshit. Kid's don't give a fuck.