Chris Harti- Subrosa/Backbone

Canberran style boss Chris Harti recently made the switch from Wethepeople to Subrosa, and this is somewhat of a welcome edit. Absolutely nuts transition riding. Steez for days, and boost like very few can. Chris on Cam's jumps is a treat. Despite how bullshit good this video is, it doesn't come close to doing his riding justice. Big up's to Raine Turnbull for the filming and editing, a top notch job all round.

In an unrelated note; we are back online. I assure you, the lag factor had nothing to with any of us. Blogger, which is our hosting website, was busy going through maintenance, which meant we were unable to blog for a few days.

Chris Harti- Backbone/Subrosa from raine Turnbull on Vimeo.

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