Sam Pearce + Corey Smithies Edit!

Sam Pearce/Corey Mixed Park Edit from Corey Smithies on Vimeo.

Here's a rough edit of Sam and Corey, definitely some nice moves in here. Unfortunately Sam murdered his ankle on the last clip so he'll be out for a while but this edit is pretty tight either way! As always it's great to see footage from smaller towns, in this case kalgoorlie!

Jed Mildon- Triple Backflip

Jed Mildon has been able to pull off a world first, the triple backflip. It's insane, incredible and impressive, and I have the utmost respect for it. Can honestly say that I'd never even think about doing it, but personally, I think it will interest Joe Football more than your average BMX rider. Massive props to Jed, though!

DIshonour: 5 Year Anniversary and I bike drop.

Today, the 29/05, Dishonour turns five! Kinda blows me away, I mean, I for one didn't realise it was this old. It's also been around longer than I've been riding. Anyway, to coincide with their birthday, they're dropping the I Bike range, with a tee for each capital city, along with Helensvale. Some of you might remember a few years back they did an I bike for both Melbourne and ADL. I think it's pretty cool, and Dishonour is a fucking great clothing company to get behind.

Matt Whyatt Bike Check

Brett Trigg comes through with the supermega goodness once again. This time with Matt Whyatt for Impurity

Impurity Bike Matt Whyatt Video Bike Check from Bret Trigg Visual on Vimeo.

Dishonour- Heavy Hitters Promo

James Wade hooked up this sweet promo for the Dishnour Heavy Hitters sweater/v2 Beanies featuring Jake Shepherd. Shits dope, son.

Backie Cunt

This is funny. Spotted on the rad theory

The Rad Theory- Mixtape v3

Rhys Newling of The Rad Theory shot over this sweet mixtape of he and the rest of the Albury crew. I reckon it's good to see the different ways that various riders within a scene approach the spots. Rad.

A little side note; for videos sent to us, please make sure the 'autoplay' option is unchecked in the settings, that way we don't have to mess around with HTML, and our viewers don't cop videos playing themselves as soon as they load the site. Love.

Josh Irvine

Irvine droppin the hams in his newest edit which features Aussie hip hop and planking, just needed a Commodore burnout clip and it would've been complete. Not sure how Rockstar will feel about the blatant Nestea promotion at the start.

Also, I've heard from the man himself that theres some exciting new sponsorship news coming soon so stay tuned for that...

Mike Vockenson - Welcome to Shadow

Mike Vockenson is the newest member of The Shadow Conspiracy team and this is the welcome edit he cooked up in a few weekends of filming. Loaded with bangers and some heavy rail moves. Watch it now.

Bike Cinema Fridays!

Yet another installment of Bike Cinema Fridays at Hell on Wheels. This one doubles as the Sydney premiere for 2020's new DVD Everyday is a Saturday. These are always a hoot, and I'm sure this one will be no different, so if you're anywhere nearby, get your ass along!

Back Bone's Game of Bike

Back Bone are throwing down what is dubbed as a 'friendly' game of bike. Going off that, I'm gonna make the assumption that it's all about fun, and isn't intended to be serious. Anyway, it's on this Saturday. Pop on over to the Back Bone site for more info.

Alex Liiv- Surfin' for the Ugly Broads

Nothing about this video part is normal. 360's down ridiculously big stair sets, a homage to 'A Clockwork Orange', a 16 stair opposite icepick, backflips off sand piles. All in all, really fucking entertaining and badass.

Todd Meyn

Over the last few days, I've seen Ryan Guettler post up a few videos on facebook, and I'd say this is by far the best. Todd is bullshit good on the supermega front. Alley-oop can can flair, and 1080s. Wow.

Jack McIver- Impurity Bike Co

Kurt Teague sent over this edit of Jack McIver. Really well produced, and riding was top notch, although personally I'm not a fan of flyout clips and multiple footjam combos. To each their own, though.

Jack Mciver - Impurity Bike Co. from Kurt Teague on Vimeo.

Crispy/Brock Olive

I couldn't not post this. Brock Olive shutting down a stair set. Datz Crispy babehh

Crispy: Half Hour with Brock Olive from Crispy Stream on Vimeo.

Hell on Wheels Winter Wonderland

Will Hermann is a product of the motherland, and the recent weather has made him feel right at home. In conjunction with Tom Boorman and John Young, will was able to create a white winter wonderland at the shop. This makes me happy.

Andrew Ahumada Bike Check

Recently, Andrew Ahumada recently built up a new whip, and Brett Trigg made this sweet little edit to go along with it. There's some riding mixed in, too. I can't even comprehend that shit.

Jack Kelly/Kink

Jack Kelly has been kilin' it for a minute down south, and got hooked up by Kink through ECI. Bunch of real goood all round riding in this. That cannonball over the rail was fuckin' legit!

Jack Kelly, Kink Bike Co. from Jack Kelly on Vimeo.

Tempered X Kanye Collab?

Seen in Crispy Stream's newest masterpiece, Tom Stretton who isn't even on the team repping these prototype Tempered X Kanye sunglasses. When asked about this project, Mat Lawton refused comment. Keep your eyes peeled...

Tempered X Kanye Collab?

Been hearing whispers about Tempered doing collaborations with a few big names, but I didn't realize Kanye was among them! Spotted on Crispy.

Mugzy/Luke Parker- Fit

Spotted this on the Fit Twitter. Both these dudes are super good. Wide variety of shredding, with everything from crankflips to turndowns. Mugzy has a dialled Toboggan

Fit Bike Co - Luke Parker & Mugzy Andrews from Jack Kelly on Vimeo.

Kalgoorlie Mix

What the fuck is it with WA and producing bullshit good riders? Corey Smithies sent through this dope mix from their scene. Real good riding, of real different varieties. Top effort on the filming and editing, too. Featuring Blake Pearce, Cale Deeble, Sam Pearce, Corey Smithies, Jye Curtain, Nick Doutch, Mezzy and Dylan Coleman.

Crispy: It With Have Fun

I beat Butterlegs to a post. Wooooot! This is edit seems a little too serious for Crispy Stream, who are usually out having fun and not giving bmx the respect and foampit tailwhip training it deserves. I assume Vocko is just trying to blow smoke up the ass of Brock Olive and Jack Elkins because they are featured in it.

Jamie Mauri- Let it Bleed.

I'm a big fan of Jamie Mauri. Nice mix of bonedeth flavour with dialled moves. He did that gap to wall at the Banks like it was nothing!

Let It Bleed DVD "Jamie Mauri" from Deprae Films on Vimeo.

Calvin Kosovich- Let it Bleed

More goodness from the West Oz DVD Let it Bleed. Calvin Kosovich is nuts. Burly, yet dialled. Amazing noseys.

Let It Bleed DVD ''Calvin Kosovich'' from Deprae Films on Vimeo.

Fight the Power

Guys, I know it's a little cliche, but we really do need to support our local BMX store. A good store is the back bone of any good scene. It serves, not only as a place to get your goods, but as a meet-up point, a place to hangout, or to take shelter from the elements if need be. You know that, when you walk into a quality BMX store, you will be welcomedby friendly people sharing a common interest with you. Recently, Dre and co at The Sanction had to close their doors, almost purely because local kids were taking their business elsewhere, be it to our local Goliath of mail-orders, Strictly, or international giants like danscomp.

There is an interesting read over at Hell on Wheels, by Will Hermann, also addressing this issue.

Don't let anymore awesome stores fall by the wayside.

Jason Watts- Forgotten Bikes

Recently, I had the pleasure of riding with this dude at my local. Real nice kid, and, obviously fucking kills it on a bike. This is one of very few supermega-ish videos I've seen that actually got me stoked. Seemed like a nice blend of old school chic; like goof footed tables and one footed euros, and insane park manoeveurs that I can't even begin to comprehend. 270 decade and 450 lookback to fakie were highlights for me. Beaut filming and editing too, courtesy of King Brown

Jason Watts Forgotten Edit from Mitch Brown on Vimeo.

The Boneyard.

The boneyard appears to be Backbone's sweet little backyard trails set up. This 45 seconds of radness is just a little taste of a session going on down there. Looks way fun.

Back Bone BMX - Boneyard clips from Back Bone BMX on Vimeo.

Chris Harti- Subrosa/Backbone

Canberran style boss Chris Harti recently made the switch from Wethepeople to Subrosa, and this is somewhat of a welcome edit. Absolutely nuts transition riding. Steez for days, and boost like very few can. Chris on Cam's jumps is a treat. Despite how bullshit good this video is, it doesn't come close to doing his riding justice. Big up's to Raine Turnbull for the filming and editing, a top notch job all round.

In an unrelated note; we are back online. I assure you, the lag factor had nothing to with any of us. Blogger, which is our hosting website, was busy going through maintenance, which meant we were unable to blog for a few days.

Chris Harti- Backbone/Subrosa from raine Turnbull on Vimeo.

Natural BMX

Scotty Greentree runs Natural BMX, a website devoted to the more recluse part of the Australian BMX scene; trails. It always gets me psyched seeing trails media. Check it out.

Below, photo featuring Damo and Ruben

Matt McCallum- Crispy.

Baby Vocko sent me the link for this video of Matt McCallum, and it is fucking rad. Nice mix of styles, and a bunch of great moves. That last nose manual is insane!

Crispy: Matt McCallum from Crispy Stream on Vimeo.

Colony Website Revamp

Colony recently freshened up their website. Lookin' pretty swish if you ask me.


Crispy Stream has been voted by the people as the best group in BMX.

Love you.

Crispy: Mega Scarp from Crispy Stream on Vimeo.

She Only Runs on Bullmix!

More Bullmixical goodness. Absolutely hilarious and some dope as fuck riding. Highlights include Lee Cruickshank's manny 180's, doubles line, Dave Cragg on fivedock and Billy Brooks doing a tailwhip.

Why am I even on Bullmix?

bull mix SOMETIMES from billy sometimes on Vimeo.

Jadan Roxburgh- HITEMWIDIT!

James Wade at Dishonour shot me over this dialled little edit of Jadan Roxburgh. It's a promo for their Old Mate/Hitemwidit line, and frankly, it's fucken dialled.

Jadan Roxburgh / Old Mate jeans & HITEMWIDIT! tees promo from dishonour brand on Vimeo.

Kyle Baldock Edit.

Mirraco Must See: Kyle Baldock - More BMX Videos

Speechless. You know this is good.

Michael Perkins Edit

Good too see Perko back on the bike, he has always killed it and there is no doubt about it.

Jay Wilson- Let it Bleed

Let it Bleed is a DVD from the dudes over in WA, released last year. Jay Wilson's section is the first to be put online, and it's fucking amazing. Going off the crash clips in this, he got worked, but it turned out dope.

Don't Get a Job.

Spotted this dope mix courtesy of Jamie Mauri on Jay Wilson's facebook, and got psyched on it. Featuring Jamie and Jay, as well as many others. Get on that.

Launceston Mix

Yet another little naughty from Shay Goldsmith and crew down in the Apple Isle. I get real stoked on these little scene mixes from him and a few others. Good stuff, fellas. Keep it up.

Launceston Mix #5 from Shay G. on Vimeo.

Tempered Cali to Vegas Flipbook

To go along with the video from their Cali to Vegas trip, Tempered and Alex Liiv cooked up this sweet little flipbook with a bunch of riding and lifestyle photos, illustrating the vibe of their trip; good times.

Whilst on the topic of Tempered, keep your eyes peeled, some good shit comin' from them real soon.

Andy Buckworth at Greenville, Australia

Here's an edit from the industrious Andy Buckworth; basically just aggregates the new shit he's been doing, clearly his touring has definitely given him some fresh bangers which is always entertaining

Riding Way/The Sanction

The fellas at Riding Way took a little trip over Easter to visit Dre and crew at The Sanction. Bunch of really cool park riding courtesy of Mugzy, Luke Parker, Alex Mamo and a bunch more. I would've liked to see some more Mamo


Dave Cragg is adorable.

digger city sometimes from billy sometimes on Vimeo.