Tempered Goods Cali to Vegas Trip

Tempered's Mat Lawton and Jerry Vandervalk went to the US toward the end of last year for interbike, and to catch up with their Stateside homies, Histand and Cadger. Unfortunately, Mat hurt his leg early in the trip, so we don't get to see much from him, but sure enough, Jerry V comes through with absolute fire.


Jerry Vandervalk Interview

There's a dope little with Jerry Vandervalk over on The Union. Interesting read, he speaks about his background, his upcoming Tempered Surefire signature line and a bunch of other stuff.


I like to try not to be negative, but this video had way too much Bowerman. Of the 2 or so minutes in this video, he took up at least 2. I mean, there's no debating that he's really good at riding little kids bikes, but it just seemed like a bit of a wank.

Skatepark for Coffs

Shane Conlon and his band of merry men in Coffs Harbour have been campaigning for a new skatepark for quite some time, and they're very close to it. They need it, too. If you've ever ridden Toormina, you'll understand. However, a few lovely citizens of the Coffs Coast believe that a new facility for youth is not of the shire's best interest. This, essentially, is a plea for help from the Coffs locals. To combat the negative cry's, they intend to bombard the editor of the local newspaper with emails on a certain date. Hit up their facebook page for more information.

Here's a picture of the man himself, for your entertainment

Corey Smithies Edit.

This is fucking sick. Not the best quality but Corey's top notch riding makes up for it without a doubt. There needs to be more edits like this. Good stuff mate.


Just spotted this edit Drew Raison made on the good old facebook. Solid edit of Jonny Mackellar and Zac Woods riding Kuraby. I dont know about you but I could watch Jonny ride all day long. Steeeeeez.

Good Friday with Ammon and JP

Here's a tight little edit of Ammon Chesworth and JP Chavez from Sydney, pretty mellow but these dudes go hard so its good to see footage from them!


More fresh heat from Billy Brooks and Sydney's finest. Great variety of terrain being slain courtesy of Captain Tom Boorman, Dave Cragg, Lee Cruickshank, Billy Brooks, Ricky Muller, Dennis Hanschmann and more. Personally, I'm real psyched on this tight litte crew, and the regular flow of goodness.

Chris Nicol

Nick Derrick sent through this video of his boy Chris Nicol. Filmed over two days, it's filled with a bunch of real good park riding.

2 Days Filming with CHRIS NICOL from Nick Derrick on Vimeo.

Aaran Selway

Was cruising around my Tumblr dash and this popped up courtesy of new threads company Afrade. Aaran Selway with some dialled brakeless supermega shredding, check it out.

Aaran Selway from Connor K on Vimeo.

Cairns Mix

Michael Kerley sent me through this sweet little mix of a bunch of crew from the Cairns region shredding some local parks. I really enjoy little scene check videos like this.

Bike Cinema Fridays!

The crew at Hell on Wheels are running the third installment of their Bike Cinema Fridays , a nostalgic trip down Bicycle video memory lane. From all accounts, the previous two episodes were radical, and this one, being a Little Devil tribute, is sure to be the same. There is even a Liquourous prize for the person wearing the most Little Devil attire. Siiiiiiick!

Josh K; United/Stowaway

Josh is so damn rad! Stupid good wallride steeze and a bunch of dope pegless technical manoeuvres. So psyched to go shred right now. Spotted on Stowaway

Nick Harris 2011 Edit.

I've always enjoyed Nicks riding and this edit shows you how stylish and solid he is on a bike. Plenty of creative street lines and not bad editing but the song just didnt do it for me. Nick rides for Impurity Bikes, Mainly BMX and Montage.


This is incredible! All the people in attendance will agree that this day was the shit! Benn Pigot, Will Gunn, Warren Bowers, Matty Lawton, Tom Stretton, MOLE FOOT, Tom Boorman, Sam Northedge-Wright, Dave Cragg, Daniel Donges and many more dudes fucking kill it in this. Huge ups to John Young for doing the video, and the supporters Tempered Goods, Hell on Wheels, BMX Mafia and Nahyouritemate for making the day possible.

If you're not there next year, Xave Koen will personally punish you...

Halloween Jam 2010 from John Young on Vimeo.


Drainkids edits are few and far between but never dissapoint. This one's no exception. Get schooled kids.

Samson Ross for LUXBMX Store

Samson has been under the radar for too long, his true ability always clouded by crash edits, drunken antics and shenanigans... until now. If you don't know, now you know.

Dishonour Old Mate/Hitemwidit

More fresh threads this month from Dishonour, this month coming through with some dope looking jeans, and a fresh tee. For more info, be sure to hit their website. Get behind a good local threads company.

Crispy Stream: Ruining BMX

What even is this crap? Crispy Stream used to be borderline stomach-able but now all they post are Josh Irvine related videos and photos and nonsense like this. No-foot-supercan to whip was the only decent clip what was in this...

Not even gonna hyperlink cos it's not worth your time....

Nick Kajewski - Tempered!

Nick Kajewski from TEMPERED on Vimeo.

Very stoked to post this edit, definitely a must watch (as if i need to say that though) from Nick Kajewski for Tempered Bikes.

I'd Rather Be in Preston

I'd rather be in Preston have put this 'Friends' section up online. I presume this is for an upcoming DVD? Either way, dope street riding!

Friends Trailer from Michael Creek on Vimeo.

World's End Jam

One of my homies sent me a link to the video for the Worlds End Jam, put on by Drift Bikes, to celebrate the opening of Wallsend's new park. Bunch of supermega's, and some real good local kids holdin' it down. Andy Buckworth's ledge ride to frontflip is pretty astonishing, but I found this video hard to enjoy.

I like to try not to be negative, but this video had way too much Bowerman. Of the 12 or so minutes in this video, he took up at least 6. I mean, there's no debating that he's really good at riding little kids bikes, but it just seemed like a bit of a wank. To top it all off, he pulled the ultimate no-no at a jam: bike throwing.

Leave me some feedback on the video, my thoughts, or the colour purple in the comments.


Spotted this sweet little boogie on Damien Walker's facebook and really enjoyed it. May or may not have been swayed by the use of Earl Sweatshirt for the soundtrack. Either way, dude has fucking dialled barspins and real good whips.

Posse Sometimes

Spotted this fresh as fuck Sydney mix edit from Billy Brooks over on Hell on Wheels. Real good mix of DEATHBOWL, smooth transition riding and street. Fucking dope crew. Featuring Billy Brooks, Lee Cruickshank, Jett Andrews-Govett, Nathan Himsley, Flav' Carmanti, Pat O'neill, Tom Boorman, Dave Cragg, Ricky Muller, Jay Wilson, Molefoot and many more.

Dylan Lewis Cali Clips

Here's a sick edit of Beeno killer Dylan Lewis who's hooked up by Nightfall Bike co which is a dope company coming out of Cairns with some of the best far northern dudes you havn't heard of. It was filmed quite nicely by Cameron Holmes and if you want to know more about the dudes behind nightfall as well as check out some awesome photos from their dudes then check out http://nightfallbikeco.blogspot.com/!

Blake Baldock Memorial Jam

I honestly cried when I heard about king of the supermega's, Kyle Baldock's younger brother Blake passing away. Having lost a younger brother myself, I can empathise with Kyle and his family, and I send them my deepest condolences from the bottom of my heart.

Now, in a situation like this, the last thing the Baldock family need to be worrying about is money. Be it time off work for the greif, funeral costs, or otherwise, times like this are expensive, which is why if you're even remotely close to the GC Compound, you should attend this jam.

Afternoon with Chance Brejnakowski

The ever humble Chance Brejnakowski holding it down at GC Compound. I liked the part where he did a barspin.

Bread Nigga

This is really fucking good. Takin' the piss and shredding the bicycle. Billy Brooks and Lee Cruickshank doing their thing at Summer Hill.

$eba sometimes from billy sometimes on Vimeo.

Launceston Mix

Some freshness coming from the state that we sometimes forget exists; Tasmania. Shay Goldsmith knocked up this dope little video of the Launcestion scene. Really good riding, and more importantly, fun! I wanna see more of this.

Launceston Mix #4.20 from Shay G. on Vimeo.

Backbone/T-1 Giveaway

I can't think of a radder giveaway in recent times! Win yourself a khaki T-1 Ruben frame, signed by the man himself, as well as Joe Rich, Tommy Dugan, Russell Brindley and Leigh Gaison. To win this incredible piece of memorabilia, all you have to do is tell the Back Bone dudes what state you're from via their facebook. You do not wanna miss this!

Thomas Glew Summer Edit

Thomas Glew summer edit 2010-2011 from julian jamerson on Vimeo.

Here's a dope edit of Thomas Glew riding in Sydney, the edit's definitely his best yet and it's got a gnarly ass banger so it's a must watch! Filmed by my homie Julian Jamerson who's headed back to the u.s now.

Hell on Wheels/End of Daylight Savings Jam!

Sam Chilton knocked up to this badboy of the annual End of Daylight savings jam. No posh description I write will do this justice, so I'm just gonna lay down a few key words. If this doesn't give you a Bowl riding shred boner then I don't know what will. Jay Wilson, Benn Pigot, Danger, Will Gunn, Mathew Muttock, DEATHBOWL, Mole Foot, Xave, Joe Rich, Ruben Alcantara, Rusty, Tom Boorman, Dave Cragg, Trains, Trent Rowsell! Nabbed from Hell on Wheels

RIP Kooks

Some sad news today in the shape of a set of Sydney trails, Kooks, meeting their demise. These trails seem super fun, and were the local to some of Sydney's finest. It's always disappointing when trails come to pass, as there really aren't enough anymore. To make you feel better, here's a photo of Tom Boorman getting rad, and a video featuring Xave Koen, Daniel Donges, Karl Werner and more doing the same. Spotted on Hell on Wheels. Rest in peace Kooks


Adam Dyson comes through with more Melbournian goodness in the shape of his good mate Sebastian. Real good mix of park and street, and Bas is obviously really good at bike riding. Doin' it for Montage

Sydney weekend edit

Here's a gritty edit I poached off Mitch M's facebook (make sure you wish him a happy birthday). Features clips from Ammon Chesworth, Codie Ryan, Dylan Muldoon, Danger, Mitch and JP and it's definitely worth watching!

Filming and editing credit goes to Dylan Muldoon

Caleb and Illman

' chilled little day edit filmed by jake burton and sam illman at rosebud/sorrento skateparks. '

Nice chill watch, good to see more stuff from caleb


Vocko decided not to catch the bars, and slung his bike into an innocent filmer. Vocko is mean.

T-1 in Australia

For those of you who don't know, a decent portion of the Terrible One crew are currently in Australia, meandring down the east coast aboard the Roadtripz bus. The first in a series of photo updates is up on the Stowaway facebook. This photo of Ruben is golden.

'Pass The Bucket' with Stephen Murray

So I know this isn't Australian in any way, shape or form, but fuck it, each and every one of you should see this. For those of you who don't know, Stephen Murray experienced a major off at the opening round of the dew tour a number of years ago, which has left him paralysed from the neck down. If you'd like to help him out, hit up STAY STRONG

Riverside Skatepark Mix.

If this doesn't get you stoked on riding, I dont know what will. Dont miss this one, jacked from Focalpoint. Filmed and edited by Peter Schifferie.

Ricky Seeto - Albany Creek Edit.

Rad edit of Ricky Seeto shredding the absolute shit out of Albany Creek. Sent in by our old mate Steve Denny, fairly stoked on this one, mainly because of his wide range of tech tricks, check it out.

Biggie B Duck Shoot


Fernvale Session with the boyzzz

Rad edit from King Browny shredding the local with some mates. Browny and Brock shred!

Local Riding.

These boys are having fun! Few locals from Port Stephens and the bloke on the yellow bike stood out for me, he's killin' it! Not a bad edit guys. Featuring Dylan Ferguson, Shannon Gossen, Ryan Humphries and Kris Humphries.

Montage Tees Promo!

Here's a nice little promo from Adam Dyson for a clothing brand he started; it includes a look at the tee's and a couple fresh lines from him and nick harris, riding and editing are pretty sweet; worth a watch!

Alex Bolton

Harry McAleese dropped us a line, linking us to this video of his mate Alex Bolton riding Old Knox and that new indoor park in melbourne, Rampit. A bunch of real good tricks, dudes got barspins on fucking lock. The only real negative I've got is that I felt it went for a little too long. By that I mean almost identical tricks filmed in a different spot made it almost boring.


Just got in from a night out, and this was sitting in my inbox. Was pretty rad except for the repeated clip. They're definately having a good time though!