2020 Every Day is a Saturday Teaser

Every Day is a Saturday is the newest DVD from Australian BMX film prodigy Troy Charlesworth in conjunction with 2020 mag. The DVD is an all street video filmed all around the country and features a rider list as long as Biggie's Tall Tees and will be on sale at all good bike shops and newsagents mid May for only $9.95. Get psyched.

You saw it on DVRSTY first because you know we do it big.

Diversity Exclusive: Dishonour Major Work/Welcome to the team Caleb

James Wade from Dishonour hooked up this exclusive edit; which is a promo for the new major work singlets and a welcome to the of sorts for youngin' Caleb Jonhson. Dude's 13 years old and already fucking killing it! Shit is bangin'

Caleb Johnson / Welcome to the Team / Major Work Promo from dishonour brand on Vimeo.

Dylan White - 36 mins

Here's a fresh edit from dirty filmed at ramp attack; the riding's pretty gnarly, Taylor gang or die!

Chance Brejnakowski - Welcome to Jet Pilot

Welcome to the JetPilot Family: Chance Brejnakowski from jetpilot australia on Vimeo.

Here's a fresh serving of super mega for you guys, definitely stoked on the 540 bars and judging by the work he's put in on past edits I think the hook up is very deserved

Mark Matthews-Frederick Interview + Chris Courtenay Sprocket

Head on over to BMXUNION for an interesting interview with Mark Matthews-Frederick, the product designer from Colony. Also check out the above sprocket which is the first signature Colony part for Chris Courtenay. Congrats Chris!

Primary Threads - Big P Keyline Tee's & Big P Truckers.


Messed this up with the other snap backs that have been released and I apologise Robbie! Ryan Lloyd reppin' the new Big P Keyline Tee's and Big P Truckers, got my hands on one of the truckers and I love it. Really nice fit and look fresh as hell.

The Tee's are $40 and the truckers are $35, hit Primary too get yours hands on them, be quick as they wont last long.

BMX Nostalgia.

BMX Nostalgia is a DVD by Jack Birtles, and is based around the South East Queensland scene. Jack's web content is always top notch, and I'm sure his DVD will be no different. Currently it's available at Ride On, who are throwing in a free Kink DVD with every mail order purchase, and at Lux BMX. From the 31/03/11, Helensvale BMX will also be stocking it. It's rad to see DVD's being produced in Australia, get behind it!

BMX NOSTALGIA - TRAILER from Jack Birtles on Vimeo.


Not sure what to make of the title, though I quite enjoyed this. Good mix of different styles of riding, and pretty well filmed and edited for a first edit. Keep the goodness flowing! Video by Cam Nolan

scenetastic from Cameron nolan on Vimeo.

Fun in the Sun

Jack Birtles sent me this little video this afternoon. It's a composition of some footage he's collected over summer. It's not 100% BMX, but I felt it was worth the post, as it shows his talents as a film maker, and I found myself with a smile on my face for the duration of it. It really hit home how much I'm going to miss summer.

Fun In The Sun - By Jack Birtles from Jack Birtles on Vimeo.

Daniel Willan!

Here's an edit filmed in an afternoon by Hayden O'Connor featuring my good mate Daniel Willan, its pretty chill but the filming and riding is on point!

Jesse Goodwin/Deadset Clothing

Kurt Teague shot us this video, which seems to be Jesse Goodwin's intro for Deadset Clothing, which I've never heard of before. Pretty much your typical park edit. A few too many barspins and tailwhips for my liking, but still really good riding. For a fourteen year old, he's got whips and barspins really dialled though.

Jesse Goodwin Deadset Clothing Edit. from Kurt Teague on Vimeo.

Primary Threads - New Product

The Big P Keyline Tank & The Embroidered 'P' logo Tank are available NOW! And for only $34.99 each they are sweet! "Since the beginning of February Chris Finnigan and Liam Zingbergs have been on tour repping these sweet tanks and loving them! We have received a solid response already which is awesome! A little more information about these Tanks... The Big P Keyline Tank has the popular Big P logo in a outline as seen on our latest Tee's with a fresh print. This light weight perfect spec tank comes in 3 x Colour ways Charcoal Marle, Black and White for the peeps who want something fresh and bold! The Embroidered 'P' logo Tank has our trademark logo only with a fine level of detail finished off in a cool silver/metallic thread. This light weight perfect spec tank is slick with a subtle feel and also comes in 3 x Colour ways Charcoal Marle, Black and White with a cool silver/metallic thread". Too order yours or check out more of Primary's gear, hit primarythreads.com

Scrap clips from Jordy Reid.

Regular submitter, Jordy Reid, sent in this edit he put together of scrap clips laying around his laptop. Featuring Joshua Smith, Sam Troon and Jackson Adams. Highlight for me was definitely the scooter kid getting owned trying that backie.

Johnny Mackellar

Jack Birtles sent through this fresh heat from Johnny Mackellar. I really enjoyed this edit. As usual, Jack came through with the goods behind the lens, real dialled filming and editing, and Johnny killed it in front of the lens. He has a really nice style, and has loads of tricks up his sleeve. 270 Nac got me psyched!

Johnny Mackellar from Jack Birtles on Vimeo.

Primary Threads - Snap Backs.

Check out these fresh, new snap backs from Primary threads that have recently been released, looks super nice and with a wide range of different colours from 45 smackeroos, its a steal! You wont be dissapointed, check out primarythreads.com

Mat Lawton: Laggtown

When he's not busy running Tempered, and babysitting the team, Mat Lawton kills it on the bicycle. These clips are about a year old but still fresh as fuck. That nosebonk to over and Pegs to hangover tooth are dialled! Crispyyyyyy...

Mat Lawton - laggtown from Crispy Stream on Vimeo.

Everyday's a Saturday

Or at least for some people. This is a new DVD from the magical fingertips of Troy Charlesworth, sometimes better known as Biggie Salad. Made in conjunction with 2020, this DVD is a collection of footage from Australia and New Zeland from the past year or so. I'm sure she'll be bangin' and at $9.95, I might even buy two.

Brock Olive - Welcome to Colony Edit

Not the best production value on this one, but Brock's amazing riding makes up for it. You'd imagine Brock's score would be pretty high with some of the multipliers he racks up...

One Night with Tom Blanch

James Wade at Dishonour sent through this edit of his boy Tom Blanch. All filmed in one night, Tom bangs out some really cool shit in this.

Tom Blanch / One Night Edit from dishonour brand on Vimeo.

Zane Caldera/Two Clips

Zane Caldera has been killing it for ages up in North QLD, and these two clips are no different. Super dialled.

Jay Wilson/Bone Deth

This is Jay Wilson's introductory video for Bone Deth. I've been real psyched on this dudes riding of late. Stupid big gaps mixed in with some wild tricks. That wallride is unbeleivable. Damn...

Jay Wilson Bone Deth Edit from samgreen on Vimeo.

2020 Issue 39

The new 2020 mag is on the brink of dropping, and as usual, it looks mint! Featuring articles from the Dirt Pipe and Cam's Jam, as well as interviews with Jay Wilson and Mitchell McDonald, a wrap up of Unit's Strewth tour, and a rad little boogie about finding time to ride amidst the responsibilities of being a grown-up. And as usual, you can win a whole swagger of rad goodies, I know how all you kiddies love free shit. BoneDeth's own Jay Wilson get's the cover with a fucking loose 360. Due out any day now, go pick yourselves up a copy!

Sam Pearce Edit

Sam Pearce!! from Corey Smithies on Vimeo.

Here's a seriously impressive edit filmed by Corey Smithies of 15 year Sam Pearce from Kalgoorlie. 99% of the time edits from 15 year olds are a bit of a chore but this kid has definitely put in work in terms of finding good spots etc. Oh and theres a backy to footjam to can jam to front jam...

Diversity Exclusive: SureFire Sneak Peak

Tempered Pop and all round boss Mat Lawton hooked us up with these spy shots of the new Sure Fire Frame. The Sure Fire is the first in Tempered's signature series of goodies. Made to the strict specifications of Jerry Vandervalk, it has a whole swag of unique features, which will be revealed in the coming weeks when this baby drops. Lookin' fresh here in a new Khaki colour, we're treated to a sleek new dropout shape, and Jerry's signature 'scope' seat stay bridge. Keep your eyes pealed for this sexy piece of machinery to drop in the coming months. A million thanks go out to Mat for hooking this up!

Timmy White at the Compound.

Timmy White comes through with some quirky yet dialled lip trick combinations for this edit. Barspin to tap to downside whip in was pretty damn impressive! Jacked from Helensvale BMX

Tim White from HelensVALE BMX on Vimeo.

Brian Histand Tempered Video

Brian Histand is Tempered's US connection, and it's not exactly hard to see why! Big, big gaps, and tire slides where they aren't normally done. Last gap is absolutely mental!

How to Hang Ten with Nick Harris.

Ever wondered how the hell people do Hang Tens or been trying them lately? Adam Dyson from Montage BMX has teamed up with the talented Nick Harris too show you how to get them done. Check it out, and while you're at it check out MontageBMX.com

Also you may have noticed a shitload of posts lately from "Butterlegs". We would like to welcome Brodie Butterfield too the Diversity family and already its a massive bonus because he is banging up the posts and doing a fantastic job. Good on ya mate!

Hell on Wheels End of Daylight Savings Jam

The annual Hell on Wheels End of Daylight Savings Jam is on again! Starting at 2pm on April 2 and going til dark. I've had the privelage to attend a few of the Hell on Wheels jams in the past, and they're always a whale of a time. Even if you don't want to ride, get there to enjoy Xave Koen's singstar skills, dude is a comic genius. DEATH BOWL IS COMING!

Terrible One in Australia!

GET EXCITED LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! The terrible one team of deity's are on their way down under! Demi-Gods Ruben Alcantara and Joe Rich join bicycle wizards Tom Dugan and Danny Hickerson, as well as Australian riders Russell Brindley and Leigh Giason for a pilgrimage from Sydney to Adelaide, starting on the 31st of March, and winding up on April 13th. Rumour has it they'll be making an appearance at Hell on Wheel's end of daylight savings jam at Five Dock skatepark, so get there!

Summer(Hill) Luvin'

Billy Brooks is now a permanent resident of Sydney town, so we can expect more goodness like this little boogie, filmed entirely at Summer Hill in the inner west of Sydney. Self filmed and well edited, with individual riding. Good shit

summer hiluvin sometimes from billy sometimes on Vimeo.


PLAZAPALOOZA PT 1 from John Young on Vimeo.

Heres a ridiculous edit from John Young, features clips from danger and dennis enarson amongst others. Definitely a must watch!

Dishonour March Drop

Our good friends over at dishonour just dropped their new threads for this month; singlets! These look super dialled, and come in the tall fit that everyone seems to dig so much lately, and for just $35, how could you pass it up!

January/February/March Photobook

It's been some time since James Wade last dropped his photobook. He just sent through his latest, check it out here, there's always some good stuff in them.

Jeff Bahr

Fresh edit from Jeff Bahr. Super dialled barspins and the first 540cab down a decent ledge I think I've ever seen. Jeff does it for Tempered Goods and Back Bone BMX

Jeff Bahr 2010 Street Edit from Velton Studios on Vimeo.

BMX Games- Dirt

This years dirt course at the BMX Games was the best in history. Jason Cousins, Rhysty and the rest of the Back Bone crew definately put in the hard yards. The best thing is though, this course is staying there as a public dirt jump park! Awesome! Good mix of Trails riders like Rusty, and dirt jumpers like Brandon Dosch make for a very enjoyable video.

Red Bull Dirt Pipe 2011

Here's a video from possibly the raddest Dirt Jumping contest ever, the Red Bull Dirt Pipe. Just about all the worlds big names in dirt jumping were in attendance, and I'm sure this video is just a taste of the wildness that went down

BMX Games- Park

This is the edit from the BMX Games this year, at Stromlo Park in Canberra. Will Gunn goes fricken huge, and Nathan Tomsic trying that mental alley-oop 360 to fakie transfer; Wild! Plenty of hops in footjams and cased boxjump tricks in here to satisfy all you Supermega's out there. Seen on Back Bone

Little Black Bike/Roadtripz

This is one of my favourite edits of 2011 so far. I've had the privelage of taking part in one of these JC/Roadtripz in the past, and this edit of the little black bike one captures the incomparable vibe. Bowls, Trails and Beach camping. Rad as hell riding from Ryan Lloyd, Jason Cousins, Josh K and the rest of the LBB crew. Edit by Josh K, spotted on Roadtripz

OD in OZ- Melbourne

The third and final instalment of the Animal tour. The endless amounts of ledge goodness from the Animal team are always a treat. Definitely seems like the Sydney one had the biggest turnout though! Jason Cousins drove them around in the Roadtripz rig, there isn't a better way to do a trip!

OD in OZ Tour in Melbourne City from StowMedia on Vimeo.

Animal OD in OZ- Canberra

More lush footage from the Animal tour, this time, at Woden skatepark in Canberra. Mike Brennan has a really nice tailwhip. Jacked off Stowaway

OD in OZ Tour at Woden in Canberra from StowMedia on Vimeo.

Jamie Moulin

A self proclaimed 'pussy mode' edit from Jamie Moulin. Real dialled barspins, and a fresh as fuck lookback. Good stuff, all the way from Tasmania. Edit by Shay G, seen on Facebook

Jamie Moulin Edit from Shay G. on Vimeo.

Animal OD in OZ- Sydney

Little edit from the Sydney stop of the Animal tour at Waterloo. Dope riding from Nigel, Kie Ashworth, Garrett and the rest of the Animal crew, as well as cameo appearances from John Young, Minty, Jett Andrews-Govett and Xave. Highlight for me was the long jump comp. Jett went super far out of that bank, and more or less made the grass, a feat which is yet to be achieved. Spotted on Stowaway

BMX Nostalgia Premiere

BMX NOSTALGIA - TRAILER from Jack Birtles on Vimeo.

"BMX Nostalgia is a local BMX film by Jack Birtles based around a years worth of filming, goodtimes and most importantly BMX.

Premiere is on the 25/3/11 at Fringe Bar in the valley, Cnr of Ann st and Constance st, Brisbane QLD
8:00 pm start - $15 entry including free copy

Should Be an awesome night.
contact your Local BMX shop for purchasing details.

Sponsored by RideOn BMXStore & PUSSY NATURAL Energy Drink

Contact - jackbirtles@live.com
for more details."

Macca Edit

Macca Footage 09 from Jack Birtles on Vimeo.

Heres a dope 'lost footage' edit of macca that i jacked off Jack Birtles' vimeo page, crispy as hell despite being 2 years old...

Josh Mannion: Welcome to Play Dirty

It seems Josh Mannion has been added to the Play Dirty line up. Real dialled riding, but I couldn't get into it for some reason. Lacked flavour.


Japan is currently experiencing one of the worst natural disasters in living memory, and consequently, the worst nuclear incident in history, worse than Chernobyl. Video maestro John Young is currently holidaying over there. Our thoughts go out to him and indeed all our Japanese brothers. Good Luck

In the meantime, enjoy this masterpiece from the man himself.

City Park Mix

Fresh little ditty cooked up by Adam Dyson, with everything we've come to expect from him, well filmed, nicely edited and a sound choice in music. All clips are from city park in Melbs. Dope riding in this, like the unluc-e to 180. Someone needs to do something about that Madd Gay Pro paint job on that skatepark, though.

Zac Dangerfield Welcome Edit!

Here's another dope edit for Zacahrya Dangerfield, filmed by Luke Mcintyre, he rides for CMC bikes and Play Dirty clothing and that hang 5 G-turn in the quarter was ill. Definitely a good watch!

Colony BMX at Swansea

Swansea is a brand-new park near Newcastle, and seems to be real fun. Looks like a portion of the Colony team stopped in on their way home. Got all the dialled riding you'd expect from Cooper Brownlee, Zac Miner and Liam Zingbergs. Spotted over on Colony

Lux BMX/Fly Bikes In-Store Jam

This little gem from Lux is from their in-store jam that coincided with the Fly Bikes team appearance at the store. Looks like there was a large turn out, and some top-notch shredding on the Lux flat-ledge. Featuring Jack Elkins, Mike Vockenson and many more.

Corey Smities

Corey Smithies sent through this edit of himself, made at a school close to him. I got a kick out of this, not the kinda edit you'll see every day. Standouts for me were the table down the double set, and the 180 toboggan. Definately room for improvement in the filming department, but overall, it was a good edit.

Jamie Mauri in Bone Deth's 'Surfin' for the Ugly Broads'

Even though Surfin' For The Ugly Broads isn't strictly an Australian video, Jamie Mauri is an Australian rider, and he fuckin' kills it! Plenty of full-throttle gappage and burly roof drops and wall rides. Something about that mixed with the Bone Deth weird flavour gets me all frisky. Seen on Bone Deth

Mix Edit

Came upon this edit over on Focalpoint. Bunch of great riding, from a wide variety of styles. Video by Doug Underhill

Bonus Riding - Mix Edit 2 from Doug Underhill on Vimeo.

Brandon Loupos Edit

Here's another edit from Brandon shredding a monster session, everytime i ride with this kid he's got new bangers...

Sticky My Gook

I came across this really well produced video from Billy Brooks whilst cruising around Vimeo. I had definately enjoyed this video, it had a really good, fun feel. Some great riding from some great dudes. Featuring Lee Cruickshank, Billy Brooks and Ricky Muller. I hope to see more from this crew soon.

Jack Stead

Matt Dean sent over this really well filmed edit of Jack Stead. A lot of barspins and whips in this, though there was some cool moves like a switch 540 and that Vader buzz across the ledge. Jack does it for Pilgrim

Jack Stead Web Edit v1.0 from backwardsbmx films on Vimeo.

Tempered Canberra Trip Teaser.

Vocko is not right. If this is any indication of the level of the full video, I can't wait. Video by John Young, spotted on Tempered

Canberra Trip Teaser from TEMPERED on Vimeo.

Mike Vockenson for Tempered Goods

February Joint from Mike Vockenson for Tempered Goods. It's got all the rad shit you'd expect from Mike; cool rail moves and wild gaps. Spotted on The Union

Vockensons Creamy Dreamy February from TEMPERED on Vimeo.

The Liquor Train- Benn Pigot and Will Gunn

More video goodness from the man as talented as he is tall, John Young, this time featuring Benn Pigot and Will Gunn, training the BMX Games dirt jumps. You know this is going to be good.

Will Gunn & Benn Pigot - The Liquor Train from John Young on Vimeo.

Billy Hietenen Welcome to S&M/Stowaway

It seems Canberra shredder Billy Hietenen has been added to the S&M/Stowaway team, dope! Some top notch shredding in this gem from Billy and Raine Turnbull. Spotted over on the Stowaway site.

Billy Hietenen from raine Turnbull on Vimeo.

Steele Cox Video.

Here's another edit from Jordy Reid, this time featuring Steele Cox riding Prahran skatepark and Ballarat skatepark (The best place in the world) The only thing I didnt like about this edit was the 1 million hops in the footjams, I mean this in the nicest possible way, it looks shit and too many kids do it these days. Footjam on the seat was pretty wild though..

Dishonour Trip Teaser.

This is sick, can't wait for the full length edit to drop. From the boys at Dishonour.

Last Session Of Summer With Dylan Bale And Ned Bailey.

Kurt Teague put together this cool edit of Rampfest shredders, Dylan Bale and Ned Bailey. Check it out.

Videos from Jordy Reid.

Jordy has sent these edits through a couple of times so I thought I better post them. Which brings me to say, you don't need to send in your videos more than once, we will post them when we find the time.

Tyson Von Hoff - Welcome to

Looks like Tyson is riding for Play Dirty now which I've never heard of. Damn these Morayfield kids are getting good. Filmed and edited by Zacahrya Dangerfield.

Also I apologise for the lack of posts on my behalf as I havent had a computer over the last week or so. Back in action now, so no need to worry.

Jake Reid - Half an Hour at Weston

Jake "Junior" Reid has steeze falling out of every orifice... Whipped up by the talented John Young for FRGTN.

Yonny Wakefield Edit

Dave D sent in the edit of Yonny that he filmed and Big Salad edited. So much rad shit in this including the ender. Check it.

Mike Vockenson - Welcome to Almond

Mike Vockenson recently got put on the Australian Almond team and this is his welcome edit that we filmed over 2 weekends. Vocko is a boss.

DVRSTY Exclusive - Mitch Brown Web Video

Here's a couple weekends footage worth of Wethepeople Australia and LUXBMX Store team rider Mitch Brown to indulge your eyeballs.

Damo Walker Bundamba clips.

Check this short little edit of Damien Walker shredding the shit outta Bundamba. Can can tyre grab like a bo$$.

Brock Olive- Welcome to Dishonour

Brock has been blowing up lately, after getting on Colony flow a few weeks ago he's now scored a spot on the Dishonour team. This is his introductory edit filmed by Sam Illman.

In other Dishonour related news. the crew is on a roadtrip at the moment and theres some cool snaps from it here. There's also 15% off the entire Dishonour online store to make up for delayed shipping. So get ordering!

DVRSTY EXCLUSIVE - February Mixtape.

This is the second instalment in the DVRSTY Monthly mixtape series. Features clips from Nate Headon, Dan Headon, Justy Bumpstead, Ash Bumpstead, Daniel Adamec, Marcus Gault, Stuart Devenish, Keelan Troy, Mitchell Wood and Nick Kajewski. Enjoy!

Mike Vockenson Interview.


TheRadTheory have done a cool little interview with Crispy's mastermind, Mike Vockenson. Too find out whats been going on with Vocko and the plans for Crispy's future, click right here.

Joel Ward Video.

Each to their own I suppose...

Nathan Woodyard Cali Edit.

Pretty rad edit of Nathan Woodyard riding Caloundra skatepark. Filmed and edited by Zacahrya Dangerfield. I'm pretty stoked too see no little scooter rats at the park, a session at Cali without Scooters would be incredible!

Ash Gustafson Video.

Here's a edit of Ash Gustafson riding Hibiscus and the GC compound, check it out.

Kris Faulkner Edit.

Here's some old 2010 clips rounded up by Kris Faulkner, plenty of different spots in this which is good too see.