Jordy Reid - Back on the Bicycle.

"I just recently started riding again after quiting for 9 months or so, i realised how much i missed it so i decided to get a new bike over the holidays and enjoy the bmx lifestyle once again, here is a comback edit ive put together over the last month or so, leave some feedback and enjoy! cheers"

Welcome to Montage - Nick Harris.

Very enjoyable edit from the creative Adam Dyson. Nick Harris shreds and I dont think this edit could be any better.

Jeremy Storm Mckay

An hour's worth of filming from Jack Paton.

Tristan Montagu Edit.

Chilled edit brought to you by good blokes, Tristan Montagu and Luke McIntyre. Australia needs more edits like this. God Bless.

Day at the Office - Part 2.

Dont know where part 1 is but this edit is pretty cool, other than the intro and the song. They gave me the shits. Sent in by Jackson Townsend.

Jack Fordham 2011 Video

Jake Munro sent in this edit of his friend Jack Fordham riding some parks around Melbourne, although it all looks out of whack due to compressing it or something, its solid riding.

Kyle Baldock and Logan Martin Video

Pretty impressive stuff from Gold Coast Supermega's Kyle and Logan, jacked from Focalpoint.

Stephen Grubby Edit.

Our old friend Grubby sent in this edit of some leftover clips he wasn't going to use in an upcoming edit. Always been a big fan of Grubby's riding!

Chance Brejnakowski Web Video

This is probably the polar opposite of Minty's video I just posted. Chance just dropped this all park web video that features plenty of your typical supermega riding with some stupid hard looking footjam variations. Truck to footjam to bar and can-frontjam to bar were definitely highlights.

Ben "Minty" Miranda - Cult Edit

I'd never heard of Ben "Minty" Miranda before this nor had I heard that there was an Australian Cult rider yet. Nevertheless this edit is fuckin beastly with some man-sized rails and solid street moves. Definitely a fan of Minty's riding and hopefully we get to see more of it soon.

Thomas Glew + Danny Campbell Edits

Apologies for the lack of posts on my behalf lately, my internet just got hooked up yesterday! Anyway here's a pair of edits from two homies from sydney which I've been sitting on lately, both guys have been killing it lately particularly Danny who's had a couple wild clips from Cam's Jam.

thomas glew cut short from jadan roxburgh on Vimeo.

Toby vs. Berly 2.0.

Haha I really enjoyed this, Toby Polkinghorne and Berly Alam shredding Carine Skate park. Check it out!

Brayden Mann Edit.

Matt O'Connor sent through this edit he put together of his mate Brayden Mann, i'm sure this Tegan & Sara song has been used a million times but it's a good edit otherwise. Can anyone tell us where this park is? Look's so fun!

Renald McQueen - Primary Triplesix BSD Edit

Check out the latest video of Renald McQueen doing his thing for Primary, BSD and TripleSix. Pretty stoked on the whole filming/editing and vibe of this.

Focalpoint - Have Fun With It!

This is sick, check out Focalpoint to order now.

"The first in a series of mix tape style DVD's released every five months.

Riders featured are... Marnold, Daniel Johnson, Cooper Brownlee, Sam Illman, Big Salad, Lachy Swanton, Flagz, Luke Vandenberg, Jack Kelly, Mick Bayzand, Troy Jackson, Dylan Kneebone, Nick Harris, Kym Grosser, Mitchell McDonald, Codie Ryan, Phil Del Tito, Polly, Graham Stott, and Rhys Yeomans.

Available in stores or online at "

Jake Small Edit.

Cool little edit of Jake Small riding parks around Brisbane, kid's got steeze. Sent in by Cody Smith.

Nick Harris Slow - Mo edit.

Adam Dyson had a crack at some super slow motion footage with Nick Harris and this is the outcome. Not too bad eh!

Scott Dreier Edit.

Nice solid edit of Scott Dreier riding Albany Creek skatepark. Sent in by Dan Hawkes.

Sam Runge Jam - Morayfield Skatepark.

"This Sunday Morayfield Skatepark is having a jam, for a kid with not a single bad bone in his body and something horrible that's happened. Sam Runge has recently come out of hospital after a surgery where they drilled a hole into his head to start the blood flow, the good bloke has a small brain tumor and in about six weeks he goes back into hospital for another operation. Come down on Sunday the 13Th to Morayfield skate park to show your support for this good kid, his sister and his family. There will be a BBQ and drinks and just a good day to show support. The whole day will be filmed, so get hyped for a good bloody day ahead!"

From all round good guy, Luke McIntyre. Get down there and show your support.

DVRSTY EXCLUSIVE - January Mixtape.

I recently got myself a new camera and have been filming little bits here and there over the last couple of weeks. Manbeast and I finally got around to putting it together and this is the result. Featuring Corey Mansinger, Jake Katu, Dan Headon, Myself, Ash Bumpstead and Nate Headon. Additional filming by Nate and Aldo. Enjoy and most of all, enjoy Dan's lovely old face.

Mike Vockenson is a Supermega

Mike took a day off from his busy gap hucking schedule to live a day in the life of a supermega, looks like he's got it down pat. Please direct your hate mail to

Jesse Scott Edit.

13 Year old Jesse Scott sent through this edit of himself, kid definitely has bars on lock!

CRISPYxLUX: Flying Dolls and Surfing Cakes

Two Crispy posts in a row... but we'll let that slide. This is a collaborative CRISPYxLUX edit from a recent trip Mike Vockenson and myself took to Sydney to hang out with Mat Lawton. Jibs galore.

Crispy: Razzin it sweet

Crispy pays homage to the greatest film maker of our generation with this little piece.

Yasi Cyclone Edit

Yasi Cyclone Edit. from WeaponProductions! on Vimeo.

Heres a sweet little edit from a couple homies in Cairns filmed before cyclone yasi struck. Definitely some fresh clips and it's always good to see footage from up north!

CRISPYxLUX: Flying Dolls and Surfing Cakes

Dylan Bale Edit.

I enjoyed this edit, mixture of steeze and supermeganess haha. Adam Dyson has done a good job with the filming and editing once again, but I always end up asking myself, why do people use Resi tricks as their last clip? I think it ruins a good video, maybe that's just me. Don't hate. All in all, the bloke is good on his bike.

Greg Fry Edit.

Nice little edit from Greg Fry, check it out.

Jess Cini Edit.

Cool little edit of Jess Cini riding parks around Melbourne, kid just keeps improving. The new Shed looks amazing too.

2011 Summer Holidays With Jack McIver.

Latest edit of local Ballarat shredder, Jack McIver. Filmed and edited by Jordy Reid.

Tom Brown Edit.

Tom Brown sent in this newest edit of himself, a fair few whips but not a bad edit at all. He does the whip to bar way too easy!

Mike McMah - Dishonour Compton Drop.

Here's a sweet little edit of Mikey McMah to promote the release of Dishonours new Compton range. Check it all out at

Scooter LOL

This is what happens when you jump 16 stairs on a kids toy that is designed to break.