Corey Smithies Recognition Part.

Corey Smithies section of the WA BMX film, Recognition.

Charlie Gumley - The "Twix"

Charlie Gumley pulled this out of his ass at the recent GC Compound Comp, he has named it the "TWIX"? Pretty wild...

Dean Anderson Summer Mix.

The riding in this edit is top notch, diggin' the canjam to drop tooth and the banger is pretty wild. Featuring Dean Anderson, filmed and edited by Ben Duncan.

Harry Bartter - Elevated Perspective Mini Edit.

Kid has really good bike control for a 13 year old, good too see another little shredder coming up in BMX.

Kane Davies Edit.

Jordy Reid sent through this edit of his mate Kane Davies riding Ballarat Skatepark.

Andrew Ahumada - Fist Handwear

The ever productive Bret Trigg sent me this new edit he filmed of Andrew Ahumada who was just added to the Fist Handwear team. Definitely some seriously impressive bangers in here...

"50 Seconds with Burry"

Rhys Newling recently got his hands on an Iphone 4 and put together this rad little edit, not too bad coming from a phone. theradtheory

Nick Axtens Edit.

Super stoked on this. Wide variety of tricks, great filming and editing, bloody good edit if you ask me. Filmed and edited by Tom Brown.

Brad Schultz Edit.

Brad sent this video in of himself, check it out.

Liam Zingbergs 2011

liam zingbergs 2011 from tim towie on Vimeo.

Probably the best edit you'll see today, australian or otherwise. The dude's repping little black bike, primary threads and colony bmx...

Gambier Fellas.

Karl Leggett sent through this edit of him and his mates riding around Mt Gambier. You get too see a dog run in the path of a bloke about to jump a quarter to dirt, a dead rabbit and a bloke eat shit on some dirt jumps. There is also some good street and park clips!

Primary Threads - Ryan Lloyd.

Primary have some new gear dropping soon and here's a little advert for it. Ryan Lloyd kills it! Check

DVRSTY X DISHONOUR Exclusive - Dullah, Mike and Jake.

We've teamed up with Dishonour too bring you this rad edit of Dullah Djawas, Mike McMah and Jake Shepherd. Check it out.

Crispy Domination

Not long after our collaborative edit with Australia's premiere BMX blog, Crispy Stream. Comes these two stellar videos.

If you enjoy watching crashes, or the thought of Samson Ross getting hurt, or like me, both, make sure you watch this.

If you prefer over-saturated, poorly colour corrected DVX footage watch this instead.

LUXBMX Store/Roadtripz "Not-So-Sunny Coast Trip"

"On January 8th and 9th the LUXBMX Store team and friends went on a journey to the beautiful Sunshine Coast of QLD. Despite being on the road when the horrible floods began we managed to get one solid day of riding in between the rain, as well as some solid partying that night!

Big shout out to Jason from Roadtripz for the awesome time and all the boys for making the trip as fun as it was. Enjoy."

Justin Grey Edit.

Short and sweet edit from Justin Grey, lovely name you have there mate, haha.

Jadan Roxburgh Cheeky Afternoon Edit.

Good too see Dishonour dropping plenty of edits lately, this one is of team rider, Jadan Roxburgh. The last clip is absolutely ridiculous. Dont miss this one.

Alex Carroll - Summer Edit.

Alex Carroll sent in this cool little edit of himself riding parks around Melbourne.

Dishonour - Dommo Caputo Edit.

This has been sitting in my inbox for a while now but I really enjoyed this edit, Dommo has a bloody good style. Filmed by Ben Heidrich and edited by James Wade.

Here is James's December Photobook which I lagged on posting, my bad! Check that out right here.

Pahau Quick Edit

pahau quick edit from Pahau on Vimeo.

Here's a tight little edit i poached off facebook from Pahau Milner, loving that double bar swag

Crispy X DVRSTY: Carol Park Ramp Attack

The latest Diversity Ramp Attack edit in collaboration with Crispy Stream. Enjoy.

LUX is hiring.

Do you love BMX? Do you like working on computers? Can you construct a grammatically correct sentence? Then LUXBMX might have a job for you.

Peep this flyer then head on over to for more info.

Josh Schwarz Edit.

Justin Grey put together this edit for Josh Schwarz, not bad for a first! Can anyone tell us where that skatepark is? Looks mega fun too ride!

Cody Smith - 2011 Edit.

Intro to this was a bit different which is always a good thing. Some solid riding from Cody Smith.

An Afternoon with Shane Conlon

An Afternoon With Shane Conlon from backwardsbmx films on Vimeo.

Here's a dope edit we got from Shane Conlon featuring an afternoon of riding, he mentioned that he's going in for his second should reconstruction so the edit isn't too wild but it's worth a watch nonetheless, get well soon mate!

Game of BIKE

Here's the latest flyer for the Game of BIKE thats going down at Ramp Attak on the 29th, if Brisbane's still here anyway...

Focalpoint - Lilydale Bowl Jam Edit


I've been on the road so I'm late with posting this but here's a sick edit from the Focalpoint boys of a jam at Lilydale. Definitely a must watch if you havn't seen it yet!

Justy Bumpstead/Tom Stretton Edit.

Feels weird posting a video of myself but my man Tom and I spent a day out at Morayfield last weekend and Luke McIntyre captured most of the day and thought we would make a fun little edit out of it. Nothing banging just a good day riding, Enjoy!

In other unrelated news, we just got home from the LUX roadtrip which was an absolute blast, believe it or not we actually managed too get a days worth of riding in up the coast and clocked plenty of footage so expect a edit of the trip too be released in the near future. I'd like to thank Manbeast and Estoban at LUX for an awesome weekend away, all the blokes that attended and of course Jason Cousins, who drove our asses around all weekend. Thanks Champ!

LUXBMX Road Trip!

The Lux team and a few other guests are off on a roadtrip tomorrow, heading up north hoping we don't get too much rain. Myself, Manbeast and Jack Elkins are on the trip so there wont be too many posts over the weekend. Say G'day if you see us around town.

Will Gunn joins the Dishonour team.

It's awesome to hear that Dishonour has added Will Gunn to their already killer team. You can check out more photos from him at the Dishonour website -

Milton Borton Lights Out Edit.

Cool little edit of Milton Borton riding the night away, sent in by Zac Gregson.

Crispy: Really Cool Mix

Australia's premiere BMX blog delivers again with this really cool edit.

Chris Whyte and Dayvis Heyne Edit

Heres a dope edit my homie Chris linked me to on facebook filmed at my favourite park ever, Thornleigh.

Brock Olive on Colony Flow

Ipswich barspin assassin Brock Olive has been getting a fair bit of exposure lately. Looks like Colony took notice and has snapped him up on the flow team. Brock already has an edit in the works for Colony so look forward to that.

James Amos Edit.

Here's a sweet edit of James Amos shredding Bellbowrie. I'm not going to lie, that is probably the worst song I've heard in my life. Filmed and edited by Lars Brust.

Zacahrya Dangerfield Summer Edit.

Luke McIntyre is pumping out the edits and they are getting better and better! This one is of Zacahrya Dangerfield, plenty of nice riding but the barspin to hang five was definitely an eye opener.

Rhys Dennis - End of 2010.

Rhys Dennis sent in this edit of himself, not the best filming and editing but the riding certainly makes up for it. Check it out.

Laurence Bakewell 2010

Lots of textbook juicy supermega riding from Laurence Bakewell. Filmed, edited and submitted by Brad South. If you would like to donate Brad a cloth to clean his lens then please get in contact with us.

Billy Biggam!

I don't know a damn thing about this video except that it's sweet and features a swaggerific tuck no hander to footjam.

Nathan Woodyard Edit.

Luke McIntyre just finished off this rad edit of Morayfield shredder Nathan Woodyard, good mix of street and park clips in this edit and Luke has done a good job on the filming and editing once again. Luke will have more edits coming through in the next week or two so keep your eyes peeled!

Dom Williams in Busselton.

Regular submitter, Dom Williams, spent a week in Busselton and this is the result. Pretty decent roofdrop at the end too. Good stuff mate!

Mitch Brown for LUXBMX Store

Check out the latest video from Brisbane's LUXBMX Store of team rider Mitch Brown. Mitch also has an updated team page featuring an interview which you can check out here.

Mitch has been saving up plenty of clips for a Diversity exclusive edit so keep your eyes out for that...

"Chill Bangin"

Rad edit of a bunch of Shepparton shredders, sent in by Jarrad Sweeney. Enjoy.

Alex Carroll Edit.

Put aside the Foampit and Resi clips, this isnt a bad edit. 15 year old Alex Carroll shredding some parks in Victoria.

2010 Mix Edit - Adam Dyson

2010 Mix Edit from Adam Dyson on Vimeo.

Heres a end of year mix edit from Adam Dyson featuring the best clips he and his mates have filmed over the year