CRISPY: M-Diddy Heat

New Matt McCallum shit from Crispy. Mackle is really fucking good.

Crispy: M-Diddy Heat from Crispy Stream on Vimeo.

Melbourne Trip

Ryan Baxter sent through this edit from when his homies Brad Ferguson, Ryan Cranage, and Benny Gartner came to Melbourne for a little trip. These dudes are having fun. There's also a cameo from my dude Alex Mamo

Colony Ten Clip: Tom Stretton

This is Tom's second 10 clips for his parts hook-up Colony. Tom is the fucking dude, always having a rad time, and kills it.

Tom Stretton - Ten Clips V2 from Colony BMX on Vimeo.

LUX Pizzey Session

A portion of the LUX team in Samson Ross, Brock Olive and Nick Kajewski come through with this edit at Pizzey Park on the Gold Coast. Sweet to see them use everything, as those bowls are fucking sweet. Brock is way too good. Damn. And Nick's tooth in the old bowl was fucking groovy.

Nicko Smithson

Nicko sent through this edit he filmed for Ride On. This was fucking gravy, cruising hips is whats good.

Nicko Smithson-RideonBMXStore from nicko smithson on Vimeo.

Jordy Reid

Jordy Reid sent through this edit of clips he's collected so far over summer.

Summer Clips from Jordy Reid on Vimeo.

Dillon Mitchelson

Dillon Mitchelson filmed this edit in two afternoons before he moved away from Mackay. He's got some good moves, but I've never been psyched on those multiple footjam combinations with several hops. Keep it simple.

Luke Vandenberg "Welcome to Fit"

Luke Vandenberg recently got put on the Australian Fit team, and this is his welcome edit. Dude fucking kills it, and the switch dubs to whip was sweet

FIT- Welcome to the AUS Team- Luke Vandenberg from FITBIKECO. on Vimeo.

Old Grand Dad Mitch Smith

Josh Dove from Sydney town sent across this edit he made of Mitch Smith It was refreshing to hear a Bad Brains track on a web video. Some really cool stuff in this, and that table over the rail was fucking boss. Good work on both accounts.

Jack Elkins/LUXBMX

LUX just dropped a fresh edit of our own Jack Elkins and it is straight fire! Dude is wild.

JACK ELKINS #2 from LUXBMX on Vimeo.

Chase Handford

I was facebooked this earlier today. This little dude is killing it. Plenty of big moves!

Bill Faulkner

Here's a little video of Bill Faulkner sneaking in a few moves at Uralla before the storm hit.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas on behalf of everyone here at diversity. I hope the fat old bastard filled your stocking with some marvellous BMX goodies.

Wilton Hedley

Wilton is getting really good, and has the best time on his bike. That hang five to 180 was fucking boss.

Welcome to Macneil Samson Ross

This welcome edit of Crispy employee Samson Ross has been in the works for quite a while. Honestly, this was really awesome, had a heap of unique stuff that you probably won't see elsewhere

Samson Ross: Welcome to Macneil from MACNEIL BMX on Vimeo.

Liam Kenny End of 2011

Liam Kenny cruises some parks with some nice tricks. Rad

Carl Bowen

Dude is having fun!

Dyllan Leahy Late 2011

Dyllan Leahy sent over this video containing a bunch of clips that he's collected over the past few months. Lots and lots of footjams. That splice buzz is a first, too, I think?

Will Gunn for Forgotten

Today has been a great day for video quality. I fucking love Will's riding. So much good stuff for everyone.

Will Gunn FRGTN x BACKBONE from Forgotten Bmx on Vimeo.

Afray Mixtape Vol 1

Wow. Afray definitely made their 'rebirth' worthwhile. Their crew of Chris 'Danger' O'Donnell, Tom Stretton, Mitchell Macdonald, Zac Miner, Raphael Jeroma-Williams, and Liam Fahy-Hampton teamed up with grandwizard of Australian video John Young to produce this fucking incredible edit. I'm not even gonna try and justify it with words, just watch it here.

Giants of Dirt: The Final Chapter

This is nuts. Filmed just days before his passing. Dane pushed Dirt jumping in the right direction. Progressing the jump size rather than the amount of tailwhips you can do over a bog standard jump. Much love to this man, rest in peace brother.

Top Secret

Alex Quirk came through with another top notch video, this time documenting the creation, and shredding of a ghetto spot by he and his homies. So good!

Andy Swan

Andy sent through this edit of himself, first clips since breaking his collarbone. Good to see him back on the bike. Went a little over the top with film burns, but other than that, it was pretty cool.

Todd Meyn/TotalBMX Video Bike Check.

The purpose of these videos kinda goes over my head, but Todd does some wild stuff in this. The last riding clip was fuckin' sweet.

Dom Williams- Three Days

Dom Williams sent over this edit of himself. Kid has some really good park lines, and that footjam to barspin was dialled.

Dishonour 'Team Issue Jerseys'/Promo

James made up these sweet limited Team Issue Coast to Coast Jersey's, purely for the team rep. These look pretty sweet, in a Bulls Home Red/White colourway. You have the chance to win one of these, and be the only dude who isn't on the team rocking one, simply by heading over to the Dishonour Facebook Page and letting them know who your favourite Dishonour team rider is! Easy, eh?

Tuggeranong BMX Competition

Anthony headed out to the BMX Comp at Tuggers recently, and filmed everyone's runs. It's a little long, but worth the watch for sure. That kid ripping around on the 12inch got me so stoked! Prime example of the fun!

Machine Green Slime

Some fresh stuff from regular submitter Corey Smithies. A bunch of real good street riding, those wheelchair access hops were impressive.

Quick Clips

A clip of Ryan Baxter, Jesse Scott and Luke Clark sessioning a dodgy little lander, filmed and edited by Jacob Dimauro

Mitchell McDonald X Division

Macca does pretty much every trick possible on a foot high flat rail in this quickie for Division. Shot and cut by Stu Munro


Matt Whyatt 'Welcome to DC'

I could be wrong, but hasn't Matt been on DC for like, 2 years? Regardless, some top notch park riding.

FP: The Package Vol. 3

The level of riding coming in these videos is pretty fuckin' ridiculous. Really psyched on the switch stuff going on down rails at the moment, and Jack Kelly's Ice to Crank was fucking cool. Features the usual line-up

Jack Stead/Pilgrim

Jack Stead comes through with a barrage of front wheel, barspin, and tailwhip stunts, and possibly the longest vader buzz ever for his hook-up Pilgrim. Shot and cut by Daniel Tran

Freestyle Now Canberra Roadtrip

Some of the Freestyle Now and Bullmix contingent were in Canberra recently, to assist with Jam's at Queanbeyan and Tuggeranong. So much good riding in this, but the highlight for me was Chris Harti (I think?) in the Belco snake run. Style for months.

360 Frontflip

Wow. Nuts. Doesn't even make sense. So much props Not related, but GC Compound has some fucking gay ass music on.

Dishonour 'Coast to Coast' Jerseys.

This is the latest dishonour drop, and these are fucking perfect for summer. Long, light and loose. More info here.

Shannon Farrugia

Shannon Farrugia sent through this dialled new edit of him riding some Greenville, then Australia parks

Psycho Lovers

Psycho Lovers is a new project by Lord of (5)Docktown Trent Rowsell. At the moment, he's doing DIY Denim seat covers, which is really cool! Check it out here

Ryan Lloyd

Spotted this new joint of Ryan Lloyd for LBB over on the Primary Threads blog. Dude is way too good. So much boost, and as much flow and style as anyone. Damn.

Nick Harris/Impurity

Tons of real good shit in Nick Harris' new edit for Impurity. Dude has some hang five skills!

Playing Silly Buggers

A new clip from Jack Birtles, compiling a year of footage of himself, and his posse. I love Jack's edits, they always capture the good vibes our lifestyle bring.

Calvin Kosovich for The Set

I really dig Calvin's riding. He has this really sweet mix of big stuff, and plenty of tech, which makes for a real enjoyable watch.

Danger X Demolition Macquarie Fields Session

Danger kills Macquarie Fields in this short little video by Chris Whyte. That 540 et was bad as fuck, so were the rest of the clips. Interesting Note: Maacquarie Fields is one of the sketchier communities in Western Sydney, and the housing commission backs onto the park.

Demolition Parts: Danger plaza session. from Chris Whyte on Vimeo.

Bmx Nostalgia: Thomas Dunn

This section is short, but sweet, and edited to The Jezabels. Psyched. That three over the double set rail is badass!

Montage Canberra Trip

The Montage crew took a trip up to Canberra, and this is what they came away with. Featuring Julian Harris, Nick Harris, Adam Stone, Kurt Teague, Josh Davis and Adam Dyson shredding a bunch of famous CBR spots.

Sam Illman

Some new stuff from Sam Illman. Really dig his riding, nice, smooth street riding.

Sam Illman / Winter '11 Edit from dishonour brand on Vimeo.

Caleb Johnson After Hours

Fresh edit from Caleb Johnson. Kid is at the forefront of the next generation of Australian riders. Great all round skills. Filmed and cut by Sam Illman


Here is Zac Woods' section from BMX Nostalgia. Has some really cool moves, like the halfcab at the drains!

BMX Nostalgia: Friends Section

"Go to the valley and gets some chicks, man. Maybe we'll get some good pussys there". Featuring Tiny, Garret Hadfield, Nick Burton, Ben Lange, Roman Walker, Stephen Griffiths, and Keelan Troy

Lars Brust

Lars has barspins on lock. I really dug the manual 360.

Hayden Fowler: Welcome to Volume Bikes

Hayden Fowler recently got put on Volume through BMX Militia distribution, and this is his introductory edit courtesy of Chris Whyte. A ton of big moves in this, and plenty of tech flat ledge stuff, too. Hayden is a bad motherfucker.

Eat Children Mix #2

A really cool video from the dirt South (Australia).

Eat Children Mixtape #2 from shizee on Vimeo.

Zac Miner 10 Clip.

Colony's latest 10 clip is with Canberra's Zac Miner. This is fucking boss. So many wild high speed lines!

Zac Miner - Ten Clips from Colony BMX on Vimeo.

The Rad Theory Mixtape Vol. 5

Been a little while since Rhys Newling and The Rad Theory crew dropped their last mixtape, so this was good to see. Cut as fresh as always, and the riding was dope, too. #NBHNC

Sunday Chills

Travey Bond sent this through. Manual 180 bar and ice to over thing was tiiight.

Third Annual Blake Butterfield Memorial Jam

Over the past few years, I have been running a Jam in memory of my younger brother, Blake Butterfield. He was a keen BMX rider from a young age, and tragically passed away at only 10 years old. I have been watching the event grow in terms of support, rider turnout and such, and it's been getting me stoked. This year is the third installment, and once again, all proceeds will be going to the Westmead Children's Hospital in Sydney. Flyer by Joel Easson, featuring Nathan Himsley. So much love for our supporters in Tempered Goods, Stowaway Distro, Dishonour Clothing, Vale BMX, Back Bone, TripleSix Distro and Hell on Wheels

Jamie Mauri

Jamie quit Bone Deth earlier this week, and has since come through with this video which is a compilation of a heap of footage collected earlier in the year.

BMX Nostalgia: Kyle Jacobson

Next up is Kyle Jacobson's Section from BMX Nostalgia

BMX Nostalgia: Dan Watson

Here is Dan Watson's section from Jack Birtles' BMX Nostalgia DVD from last year. This is sweet, Dan kinda marches to the beat of his own drum. Good to see.

Dane Searls Passes.

My deepest love and sympathies go out to all of Dane's close friends and family. Such a tragic loss within the community. Rest in Peace, brother. Below is a video from Dane's Giants of Dirt, to remind you all one of the many reasons why he was such a fucking badass.

Ben Clarkson and Flav' Carminati

Ben Clarkson and Flav' Carminati are both visitors from Europe, and have graced our shores for some time now. I was lucky enough to ride with Flav', who, as I understand it, is back home now, a few times in Sydney, real cool dude. Ben and Flav' did some travels up and down the east coast recently, and produced this to document some of those travels. Rad!


New clip from Bullmix. So stoked on this; Paul Chamberlain, Dave Cragg, Billy Brooks, Mat Lawton, Mathew Muttock, Lee Cruickshank, Tom Boorman and more having rad times on their bikes.

BMX Nostalgia: Drew Rasion X Jack Birtles

The first full section uploaded from this DVD is the Drew Raison X Jack Birtles split. Great production value coming from an Australian DVD, and it's rad to see pool riding!

BMX Nostalgia Online

Jack Birtles is putting his 2010 Brisbane-based nDVD BMX Nostalgia online. There will be a section a day for the next 9 days, and the first is the 'Intro' section. Personally, I really enjoyed the DVD, and this is great for those who haven't seen it yet.

Dane Searls Incident.

As most of you probably know, dirt-jump master Dane Searls was involved in an incident at a nightclub on the Gold Coast. As I am aware, he is still critical. On behalf of us all at diversity, our thoughts and condolences are with Dane and his family.

Riding Way Promo

Adam Dyson sent through this edit that he, Gorak and Alex Mamo came up with for The Riding Way after a day of cruisin'. This doesn't feature anything spectacular riding wise, but it was fun as fuck, and got me real stoked to go play bikes.

Josh Matthews at GC

I spotted this over on the Vale blog. Josh Matthews killing the GC Compound.

No More Hops for Guy

Vocko sent me this edit of Guy Perrett via Facebook. Kid has some pop, and takes it fucking hard on a few of those rail hops. Damn.

Shane Conlon Classics

Shane Conlon just uploaded this mix of classic footage, from 2006-09. A bunch of local parks, a few contests and Lavin's Backyard. Fuckin' rad to see some wild moves from the dude, and a suicide double truck. Badass!

Colony Ten Clips: Chris Courteny

Guettler filmed and edited this 10 clip of Chris while he was over in Greenville. A lot of wild, techy park stuff, with some tricks at stupid height.

Chris Courtenay - Ten Clips from Colony BMX on Vimeo.

Nathan Himsley

I've been kinda aimlessly filming since I got my new camera, and this is the footage I've collected of Nathan Himsley so far.

Big Calls

A pretty big claim on their behalf. Doubles runs for days

Plazapalooza PT3

The third installment of John Young's Plazapalooza series doesn't disappoint. It's production is so on point, as is to be expected from John, and the riding is fucking dialled. Featuring Danger, John Young, Ben Clarkson, Jadan Roxburgh, Troy Charlesworth, Liam Zingbergs, Raph Jeroma-Williams, Tom Stretton, Kym Grosser, Cody Ryan, Zac Miner and Flagz. Highlights for me were John getting a clip, Stretton's wild hang five pole jam thing at Nimbin, and Kym's Ice to real turndown on a foot high ledge.

Dishonour Brand: The realest drop

It's been a little while since the last Dishonour drop, but I think the new goods were definitely worth the wait! The Realest range features a dope new Snapback in two colourways, some fresh 3/4 tees, again in two colourways, as well as some nice tees and crewnecks. For more info, head over to the site

Jason Watts; Forgotten

Mitch Brown put together this really rad edit of Jason Watts for Forgotten Bikes. Wild tricks, and tonnes of boost. A few things I've personally never seen done, and those Elanora clips... wow.

Jason Watts from Mitch Brown on Vimeo.

Mike Vockenson for Tempered Goods

Vocko's newest edit for Tempered. As usual, everything in this is man-sized and ridiculous.

Pete Koh 2011

This video made my day. Pete Koh, an FBM/Stowaway team member, is something of an enigma around here. Occasionally I'll roll up to the skatepark, and he'll be there, stopping for a ride on his way up the river for a camping trip. He's always a pleasure to watch ride, and this edit is no different, cruising Newcastle's Bar Beach bowl before work. I'm stoked Video by Josh Stephenson

Newcastle Skatepark Jam.

Josh Stephenson cooked up this really cool edit of the recent Newcastle Jam. Tons of dope riding, with a little something for everyone. Featuring big names like Pat Casey and Andy Buckworth, and local killers Hayden Reid, James Redman, Daniel Chiarelli, Jake Cole, Tim Kmetyk and more. Looks like a rad day.

Newcastle Skatepark BMX Jam 2011 from Joshivision on Vimeo.

Dylan Ferguson

Ryan Humphries produced this slick little edit of Dylan Ferguson on parks around Newcastle. Some cool stuff in this, especially that No Hander to X-up.

Dylan "Doop" Ferguson from Armeture on Vimeo.

Jesse Bull/Federal

Wow. So much crazy tech stuff in this. Ice to 180s have always been one of my favourite rail tricks to see.

Jesse Bull from StowMedia on Vimeo.

Raph and Steve at Nimbin

Raph Jeroma-Williams and Steve Morrisey took a trip to Nimbin with one of their homies Braidy, who skates. Nimbin park is really fucking fun. Raph's pocket Icepick is badass, that bowl is biiiiiiiig.

Nimbin from Raphael Jeroma-Williams on Vimeo.

Canberra Trip 2011

This is the best video I've been sent all week! Alex Quirk comin' through with this well-produced edit of Minty, Matt King, Brodi Allingham and himself killing some Canberra parks. Minty is fucking good.

Canberra 2011 from Alex Quirk on Vimeo.

Jacob Hosking

I approve of grinding church signs.

Ledge it #2

Chris and Tim Storey shredding a ledge out at Mount Cotton skatepark.

Ledge-It # 2 from Chris Storey on Vimeo.

Thirty Minutes with Boyd Hilder

Boyd Hilder came through with this video from 30 Minutes at his local park. Some really cool lines in this, like that 270 straight into a 5.

Fifteen Clips with Liam Kenny

Liam Kenny sent us over this little fifteen clip mix of himself. Kids got some good tricks, albeit flyout.

Peta Shepherd Colony 10 Clips

The most recent 10 Clip is with Peta Shepherd, one of Australia's premier girl BMX riders. She's getting really good.

Blog Wars

Fueling the Fire.

In this on-going blog war, in which we are somewhat of a Switzerland-type character, things are getting fierce. Hence, it is our job to fuel the fire, and according to Crispy; do this.


Bullmix's response:

We will continue to keep you up-to-date on these horrific hate-filled occurances.

Update: Mat Lawton supports Bullmix

Brock Olive for LUXBMX Store

Brock Olive is the latest rider to have a web vid for LUXBMX Store and he kills it. That last rail won't be able to sit down for a while after the way Brock treated it.

Jack O'reilly Federal Video

Really psyched on this; Jack O'reilly doing it for Federal/Stowaway. Tons of dope lines in this! Props to Brendan Boeck for the edit, too!

Jack O'Reilly Federal Edit from Brendan Boeck on Vimeo.

Joel Lenton and Jesse Clarkson

Chris Storey cooked up this edit of Joel Lenton and Jesse Clarkson at Redland Bay. This is chocked full of great supermega-esque park riding!

Afternoon at Dayboro

Zac Crookes sent us this edit of him and his boys Maxwell Armstrong and Jack Paton riding Dayboro park one afternoon. They make the most of what they've got, that's for sure.

The Notorious J.I - Sunday Scraps

The man himself, Josh Irvine sent through this edit of his scraps for his upcoming "Sunday edit". Some pretty decent riding in this...

CJ Promo

Your mate Sam Illman sent this one in, video description was 'expect the unexpected' and it features caleb johnson shredding a park, spine backy clip was definitely my favourite

Mitch Wilke and Clint Lankester

A little ditty I spotted on Facebook. These two are rad kids, who are kinda local around here. Stoked to see them comin' out with some stuff. Kids get my psyched.

James Amos at Fairfield

Yet another Fairfield edit, this time of James Amos courtesy of Paul Gerlich. A whole lot of tech park riding in this. I really dug the slow Busdriver air though

Boyd Hilder

Boyd Hilder sent over this edit of himself. Dudes got some good tricks, and I really liked the vibe of this video.

'Roadtripz to the Future' Youth Program

The crew over at Roadtripz are running a weekly program for Indigenous youth of the Sydney region, taking them on regular trips to the best Skateparks, street spots and trails that Sydney has to offer, showing them a good time and getting them stoked on BMX! Looks like they're having a rad time! You can also book your own trip of a lifetime here!

Alex Hiam Bro Cam 2

Some fresh heat from Alex Hiam, who's been somewhat quiet since his real solid Colony part. This clip was real fucking good. Big tricks, with plenty of height. Yew!

2 Clips 1 Spot; Complete.

Throughout this year, Ren McQueen and Chris Finnigan have been dropping videos of 2 Clips 1 Spot for Primary. This is the compilation of said clips. A whole heap of really good stuff.

Halloween happenings.

If you're a Brisbane local and aren't heading to the Sydney Halloween jam be sure to get out to Jindalee on Saturday for the Jindalee Halloween Stomp in memory of Jarvis. It's gonna be a rad day followed by a rad afterparty!

Also be sure to check out LUXBMX's Halloween sale. 10% off everything in store if you check in on Facebook or 10% off all online purchases if you use the code HALLOWEEN. It ends on Sunday so don't miss out!

Lust Fang

Brainchild of Ammon Chesworth and Alex Liiv. Riding is loose, and good. Mature Audience's only.

Ben Donaldson

Ben Donaldson sent through these clips of himself at Fairfield in Brisbane. Long ass hang fives!

8 Clips with Jake Danielson

Jake Danielson with a few little clips. Nice stuff

Daniel Johnson Division Video.

DJ bringing the heat for Division. In typical DJ fashion, he fucking murders it. Massive switch Icepicks.


Brock Olive Ten Clips

Colony's latest ten clip comes fresh from Brock Olive. Some really nuts bar/switch bar lines in this. I don't even need to tell you that it's insane.

Brock Olive - Ten Clips from Colony BMX on Vimeo.

Ben Kent

Ben Kent sent over this video of himself. Didn't really go much on anything editing wise, but the riding, for the most part, was good.

Josh Mete

New Josh Mete video by Rhys Newling, filmed in two sessions at Albury skatepark. Josh has a real good 360 Table.

Beast and Strett Mad Mondays 4

Tom and I head out to Acacia Ridge for an arvo sesh. Features Jonny Mackellar, Ben Power and blogger extraordinaire Brodie Butterfield.


Tim and Chris Storey invested in a 550D, so we can expect more of this goodness, now in nicer quality. Ledge sessions at Cleveland, fresh.


Sydney's annual Halloween Jam is on again! I think they're up to like, number 6, or 7 now? Anyway, it's probably the best bicycle party ever. Some of Australia's best riders, liquor flowing, music, apt amount of shit talking, weirdly built add on contraptions and a swag of dope companies such as Hell on Wheels., Tempered, Bullmix, 2020, Stowaway and Steadfast Video supporting, it's bound to be good. I was lucky enough to attend last year, and it was amazing. You know you wanna be there.

King of the Jibs 2

The second annual Colony King of the Jibs went down in Melbourne at the Ausbike trade show. All the big name street riders were on hand, and by the looks of things, it went off! Highlights for me were Marnold's Smith to hard 360 and Raph in general. Jack Elkins, Jack Kelly, Zac Miner, Cooper Brownlee, Danger, Coedie Ryan, Brock Olive, DJ, Luke Vandenberg and more all kill it, as well.

King of the Jibs 2 from Colony BMX on Vimeo.

Focalpoint's 'The Package' #2

Focalpoint's second 'The Package' mixtape is just as good as it's predecessor, and with a lineup including Jack Elkins, Marnold, DJ, Mick Bayzand, Jack Kelly, Cooper Brownlee, Jack O'reilly, Flagz, Brock Olive, Caleb Johnson, Rhys Yeomans, Sam Illman, Phil Del Tito, Gonz, Lachy Swanton and Luke Vandenberg it's easy to see why. So much good shit.

Stowaway 6 Questions: Xave Koen

Xave Koen has been killing it forever, but is something of an unknown quantity. Always surprises me every time I see him ride. Head on over to Stowaway, where he has a little interview where you can find out a little more about him. See that here.

Bullmix: Long One Coming After November

New heat from Bullmix. For some reason, this got me excessively stoked, and keen for a ride. I don't know if it's because of the overwhelming cuteness of Lee and Dave C, fresh Xave Koen footage, Liiv riding trails, Billy's unique style and way of doing things or a combination of them all. Either way, this is fucking rad, and completely delivers on the riding front. Love you.

Slay the Rails 2

A rail jam in a nightclub is always gonna be badass. Slay the Rails 2 went down recently in Melbourne's Revolver, with an incredibly stacked lineup of Australian street riders, it went off. This edit was put together by John Young, with filming help from Flagz, and Matt Holmes, so you know everything about it is on point. I won't spoil anything, but it's more than worth the watch. Thanks to 2020, Dishonour, Fit, Cinema Wheels, Etnies and Revolver Nightclub for making it all possible.


So much ridiculous shit. All the usual suspects, killing it.

Crispy: Woooooooooo from Crispy Stream on Vimeo.

Harry Bartter at Monster

13 Year old Harry Bartter shredding in a session at Monster in Sydney. Big moves for such a little dude.

'Local Knowledge'- A BMX Documentary by Brett Trigg.

The local's at Warrnambool in Victoria have been lobbying for a new park for years, and finally, this year, they got their wish. Brett Trigg collected a bunch of footage, both riding and interviews, and threw together this short film documenting the whole process. Plenty of great riding from 5:10 onward, featuring Jake Arndell, Steve Van Ginneken, Liam Arnott, James Clingan, Sam Fitzgibbon, Charlie Goodall, Josh McDonald, Renald McQueen, Hugh O'brien and Luke Tickner.

Welcome to Montage Byron Richardson

Sweet little edit Adam Dyson put together welcoming Byron Richardson to Montage. Killing it on the streets! Maybe it's just me, but does the logo at the start look a lot like this? Regardless, fucking dope edit on all accounts.

Beast and Strett's Mad Mondays- 3

This weeks episode comes to you from Fairfield park. Beast growls, Stretton rules it, Drew Raison gets rad, Kyle Jacobson links some nice lines, Pommy Steve makes an appearance, and Wade Barnes holds the fuck out of a toothpick grind.

Will Gunn Welcome to Forgotten.

Second hot as fuck edit in as many months, this time for his new sponsor Forgotten. Will is a fucking beast. That table at Milthorpe was bullshit, and the last clip is masculine status.

Forgotten Bikes - Welcome Will Gunn from Forgotten Bmx on Vimeo.

Queensland Holiday

Jack Axtens recently went on holiday to North QLD, and came up with this sweet little mix from his travels. A bunch of cool clips from a few dudes. Check it out!

Julian Klimek

Cam Nolan cooked up this edit of Julian Klimek riding some Gold Coast spots. A lot of cool stuff in here, like that manual tap 180 over the Runaway Bay street spine.

Levi Jackonia - Melbourne Edit

I'm unbelievably stoked on this, a dude I grew up riding with who is probably one of my favourite riders of all time, Levi Jackonia, just dropped this Defero edit filmed by Kym Grosser. It's got a bunch of classic Melbourne spots in it and a killer ninja drop, definitely a must see!

The Rad Theory Mixtape Vol. 4.

This is the fourth mixtape from Rhys Newling/The Rad Theory, and it lives up to it's predecessors. Such crisp filming and editing, great soundtrack and a really relaxed vibe. Loved it.

Travis Bond

This was really fucking good. That 5 cab was so ridiculously dialled.

Defero Online 3

The third instalment of Defero Online from Flagz.A ton of good riding in this, but Kym Grosser at the end, damnnnnnnn.

DEFERO ONLINE ISSUE 3 from DeferoVideoMag on Vimeo.

Terrible One's 'Let's Didgeridoo This' Tour Video

Today, it is my absolute pleasure to bring you the video from Terrible One's Australian tour made possible by Jason at Roadtripz from earlier this year. Everything about this video is amazing. The riding, the filming, the editing, the vibe. I won't spoil it, though. Brew yourself a cup of tea, sit back and enjoy 16 minutes of bicycle art. Joe Rich, Ruben, Leigh Giasson, Russell Brindley, Jason Cousins, Tom Dugan, Danny Hickerson and more...

Tempered's ESPN Today Feature

Whilst in LA, ESPN filmed this feature with the Tempered contingent. Jerry Vandervalk, Mat Lawton and Nick Kajewski kill it in this, as well as the US team of Jeff Cadger and Brian Histand. Not many clips of Mat, apparently he slept in, which would come as no surprise to anyone. Good shit, and keen as fuck to see the edit from the full trip!

Andy Swan

Andy Swan put together this edit with an improperly healed collarbone, which makes this riding pretty impressive. And apparently broke it again at the end of the day. Damn dude. As a public service announcement; make sure you're healed properly before you ride again. I know it's hard to stay off the bike, but waiting an extra week means that you'll be able to ride better, for a longer period of time. Heal up Andy!

Ali Hassan

13 Year old Ali Hassan riding some parks around the Brisbane/Sunny Coast area, and doing it well.

Andrew Ahumada Greenville Session

Brett Trigg cooked up this edit of Melbourne park rider Andrew Ahumada during a few sessions at The Animal House. Some brilliant park riding in this, and that alley-oop flair was dialled!

Kris Faulkner Winter Clips

Spotted this one on Facebook. Kris Faulkner comin' through with a short little mix of some clips he collected over winter. A few sizeable 180s in here, and a nollie three down stairs. Good to see

Dishonour Crew Mixtape #1

Some fresh shit from the Dishonour crew. As always, the riding is on-point, with some nice variety in it, with such a wide range of riders, it's good stuff. Featuring Brock Olive, Tom Blanch, Will Gunn, Dullah Djawas, Mikey McMah, Jadan Roxburg and Brad Wright. Brock's last clip is just, wow.

Primary Geelong Afternoon

The primary crew of Ryan Knight, Ryan Lloyd, Robbie, Dempsey, and Flagz tripped up to Geelong to catch up with fellow Primary dudes Chris Finnigan and Ren McQueen one afternoon. Ryan Lloyd was my personal favourite. Style for miles.

Ramp Attak Edit

Ben Conolly sent through this video of him and his friends riding Ramp Attak for one of their birthdays. The riding was all top notch, but the resi clip kind of ruined it. I mean, I think it's great they're progressing and everything, but resi clips don't belong in edits.

Riley Taylor

Riley Taylor has been working on this for a little while now, and it turned out pretty good. Shreddin' the parks around the Coffs Harbour region.

Chris Storey Winter/Spring

Tim Storey shot us this edit of his little brother, Chris. Chris has nose manuals on lock by the looks of things, and gets some sizeable rails done. Killing it must run in the family.

Beast and Strett's Mad Monday's

Tom and I hit the concrete for the first of what will hopefully be a frequent series of short edits from our Monday arvo rides. Guest starring Kyle Jacobson and Drew Raison.

Dullah Djawas Dishonour Edit

All alliterations aside, this is Dullah's new edit for Dishonour. Killing the rails and ledges in this, a crankflip and a killer end clip!

Mikey McMah; Welcome to BSD

Mikey McMah was put on BSD through Triplesix, and this is his welcome edit. It's really fucking good. Tons of peg moves both ways, and that last nosey was legit!

Rest in Peace Rowan Membrey

I honestly shed more than a few tears while watching this. Rowan Membrey passed away earlier in the year, and this jam was held at The Shed in his memory. Aside from the great riding featured in this, there's also an important message. It's not my place to say, so watch the video, and you'll understand. Thanks to Sam Illman for the video

Make Up Gets Chicks

So much good riding, and quality entertainment. Featuring Matt McCallum, Jerry V, Mike Vockenson, Troy Charlesworth, Jack Elkins, Samson Ross and more. Crispy...

Crispy: Make up get's Chicks from Crispy Stream on Vimeo.

Tempered US Trip

Nick Kajewski, Mat Lawton and Jerry Vandervalk are currently doing a trip on the west coast of the US for Interbike. For updates and a little slew of photos, hit the Tempered blog

The Package Vol. #1

This is the first in a new web series from the fella's over at Focalpoint. A heap of really solid clips in this, featuring Cooper Brownlee, Marnold, Gonz, Kym Grosser, Mick Bayzand, Troy Jackson, Jack Kelly, Jack O'reilly, Daniel Johnson, Luke Vandenberg, Flagz, Sam Illman, Rhys Yeomans, Brock Olive, Jerry Vandervalk and Troy Charlesworth
THE PACKAGE // VOLUME #1 from on Vimeo.

'Local Knowledge': A BMX Documentary

Brett Trigg is putting together a documentary about the redevelopment of the Warrnambool Skatepark. These are the outtakes of the interviews, pretty funny!

New Chris Courtney Ride On Edit!

Chris Courtenay - RideOnBMXStore from Jack Birtles on Vimeo.

Here's an awesome edit from Chris Courtney filmed by Jack Birtles, so psyched on his banger!

Push for a New Sydney Skatepark

A swag of Sydney locals are trying to get a new skatepark in Callan Park, Balmain. As usual, there are 'concerned' locals who think a top-notch skatepark would be detrimental to the area, but will be the first to whinge when we ride street in said area. Anyway, if you're from the Sydney region, or even if you aren't and would like to help out, I know a lot of people would greatly appreciate it. Get more information here

Gold Coast Trip

A few months ago, I was fortunate enough to jump on Jason Cousin's Roadtripz bus for a journey north in search of warmth, bowls and good times. It was one of the best weekends of my life by far. I'd highly recommend one of these trips to anyone, given the opportunity. My boy Joel Easson filmed and edited this relaxed, short video. Doesn't show half the riding, but gives you a good idea of the vibe. Featuring Nate Himsley, Jason Cousins, Jacob Denford, Jett Andrews-Govett, Zac Wilson, Jack Gibson, Mole Foot, myself and Toby Forte. A huge thanks goes out to Roadtripz, and Vale BMX for putting on a sweet BBQ afternoon and letting us ride the ramps.

Hell On Wheels Street Fighter

And the winner is...

STREET FIGHTER ENDGAME from Hell On Wheels on Vimeo.

Jess Cini at the Shed

A new ditty of Young Victorian Jess Cini riding The Shed in Melbourne. Impressive riding for a young dude, and that Nac Nac drop in was rad!

Jeff Burns

Paul Gerlich produced this nice little edit of Jeff Burns. Dudes got some real good park moves at spots all around Brisbane.

B.I.K.E- Tim Storey V Josh Irvine

Tim Storey and Josh Irvine clash in this game of B.I.K.E at Thornlands skatepark. 

Tim Storey

Tim Storey comes through the goods once more in this edit. A bunch of really good tricks, and impressive rail moves, like that solid-sized over ice.

Ammon Chesworth - Welcome to Tippo's edit

Ammon Chesworth welcome to Tippos from Lust Fang on Vimeo.

Here's a sick edit from Ammon Chesworth, filmed by JP, featuring a whole bunch of gnarly shit, he also three's an absurd drain gap which was on the cover of an older 2020. The Tippo's site is updated pretty regularly by my boy mitch morison as well so check it out here.

Macca Division Edit


This is a huge must watch, Division's first solo edit dropped and its Mitchell Mcdonald aka Macca destroying a range of street stuff, the dude is fast becoming one of my favourite street riders in Australia. All filmed by Troy Charlesworth before he made the jump to HD

2010 Triplesix Roadtrip.

The TripleSix team jumped on the Roadtripz bus for a whirlwind tour from Melbourne to Brisbane, featuring Chris Harti, Mat Lawton, Junior, Hoang Tran, Tom Fordyce, Raph Jeroma-Williams, Jase Bannan, Scott Greentree, Cam Pianta, Ryan Sher and more.

Will Gunn/Dishonour

Will Gunn's new Dishonour edit has finally dropped, and it is fucking amazing. So much style, so much blast. Dudes so good at everything, and it shows in this. Sit back and enjoy.

Will Gunn / Almost Spring 2011 Edit from dishonour brand on Vimeo.

Ride On Coastal Cruisin'

The Ride On crew comprising of Mitchell Macdonald, Raph Jeroma-Williams, Tom Dunn, Steve Morrisey, Brendan Hansen and Ben Clisold took a trip down the coast to Lismore. Some dope riding goes down at Goonellabah and Mullumbimby parks. Raph, Tom and Mitch kill it on the uprail.

The Gentlemen of Bullmix

Tom Boorman, Will Hermann and Paul Chamberlain doing awesome stunts at Cambeltown skatepark. Tom's hip lines are to die for.

Jamie Mauri- Boogie Oogie edit!

This was fucking awesome. Jamie has a good variety of quirky tech riding, along with loose, fast-paced goodness. Watch this now.

Josh Stead; Glenbrook Trails session

Unit brings us this rad little edit of Josh Stead, Dane Searls and Chris Harti killing the Glenbrook trails in the blue mountains. A bit of riding for everyone in here, with big tricks from Josh, and amazing style from Chris. These trails look a heap of fun, and the video was really well put together.

Chris Nicol

Nick Derrick killing a real fun looking concrete park, and The Shed. A heap of good tricks in here!

Unit Strewth Tour

I stumbled across this whilst cruising vimeo, and I don't think it's been posted yet. A bunch of real good riding in this, with something for everyone. Richo's lines at Grafton were my personal favourite. Everyone killed it though. Featuring Jed Mildon, Ryan Guettler, Richo, Cam Pianta, Dane Searls, Colin Mackay, Anthony Napolitan, David Girsch and more travelling from the Gold Coast to Cam's Jam via Sydney.

Sk8 Park for Coffs

Coffs Harbour's BMX and skate scene have been endeavouring for years to get a decent skatepark happening. They're nearing the end of the journey, but, as always, there are still a few 'concerned residents' who don't see the numerous positives of having a great facility for the youth. To try and sway these pains, a crew of dudes are putting on this even on September 10th. Find out more info on the Sk8 Park For Coffs events page on Facebook.

Gold Coast Trails.

Australia's trail scene seems to be virtually non-existant, which makes this video even radder. Pat O'neill and friends have rebuilt the old Teasedale trails, and these things are fucking monsters. Featuring Pat, Josh Stead, Johnny Mackellar and Robbie Stewart. Video courtesy of Cam Nolan.

trails edit from Cameron nolan on Vimeo.

LUX/DVRSTY; Justy, Mitch and Ev

Diversity's own Mitch Wood and Justy Bumpstead, and LUXBMX's master-mechanic Ev Jaques got in this real fun looking session at a local park in Brisbane. Mitch has really changed his style since I last saw him, and Justy and Ev kill it as usual. Teenage girls hate Crispy Stream

LUXBMXxDVRSTY Justy, Ev and Mitch at Carole Park from Mitchell Wood on Vimeo.

Matt Whyatt- FIST/Impurity

Matt Whyatt is among Australia's top park riders hitting the US for the contest season. Here he kills the Animal House and JayCee park in Greenville, for Fist handwear and Impurity Bikes. Video by Brett Trigg

Matt Whyatt FIST Handwear / Impurity Bike Collab. from Bret Trigg Visual on Vimeo.

King of the Jibs 2!

The second annual Colony King of the Jibs went down at the Ausbike trade show in Melbourne yesterday, and from all accounts, it was real good fun, with heaps of good riding happening. In the end, Daniel Johnson took the win, from Marnold in second and Diversity's own Jack Elkins in third, while Raph Jeroma-Williams took out best trick with an up-luc-e to duster down the other side on the wedge rail. Wild!

Triplesix Distribution's New Website

Triplesix Distribution recently updated their website, and it's a damn sight better than their old flash model, and is a hell of a lot more consumer friendly. It's got a blog, rider bios, and all the info that a distribution site needs.

Triplesix Distribution's New Website.

Triple Six recently updated their website, and it's a damn site better than their old flash site which was rarely upated. This one features bios with their team, a blog, and all the kinda info that a distro site should.

YPISN Damien Walker

Have no idea what YPISN is, but this edit was cool. A bunch of really good street influenced park lines in this. And it had Earl for the soundtrack.

Jay Wilson; Welcome to the Shadow Conspiracy

I've always been a fan of Jay. He kinda has this cool hybrid of modern technical street riding and bonedeth flavour. Definitely his own thing. Anyway, he was recently added to The Shadow Conspiracy Australian team, and this is his welcome edit. Enjoy!

Jay Wilson - Welcome to the Family from Shadow Conspiracy on Vimeo.

Daves Dad and Brother

This is the last thing from Bullmix featuring Billy Brooks for he has bid farewell to the inner west for the greener pastures of Mudgee. However, it still has Dirty Paul and Lee to take out those North Shoreans

Jess Goodwin and his new bike.

Apparently, a few of Jess' homies built him up a new bike, free of cost for him. I'm not quite sure, but it is rad as fuck nonetheless. This edit has some really good supermega riding on that tiny prefab park. Highlights include the 720 over the 2 foot spine and possibly the cleanest 3 whip to fakie I've ever seen.

Danger on The Set.

I have heard whispers of Danger leaving the Volume distro team to ride for The Set for a while now, and I guess this welcome edit makes it official. I've really enjoyed watching Danger make the transition from a supermega to the legitimate street rider that he is today. Gotta say, I really enjoyed this video. Overtooth both ways on legit rails, switch 180 bar railhop and more impressive riding. John Young was on the production side of things, so you already know the filming and editing is crisp.

Danger - Welcome to The Set from John Young on Vimeo.

Chris Whyte Cammeray Session

Cammeray Session from chris whyte on Vimeo.

Here's a tidy edit filmed by Chris Whyte featuring himself, Hayden Fowler and Greg Sing. Definitely stoked to see Chris and the dudes putting in work and creating good stuff!

Tempered Bundaberg Weekend

This edit got me more stoked than anything I've seen this year. Awesome vibe, insane riding and this was over only 3 days. The Tempered boys know how to produce and Tempered bossman Mat Lawton absolutely killed it as well as Mike Vockenson, Nick Kajewski, Samson Ross, Jack Elkins and that other guy with the tiny head. Make sure you check this out.

Adam Wilson

Adam Wilson with an edit from a session at Redland Bay. That flair crash at the start was loose. A bunch of good park-esque tricks in this. I enjoyed it a lot more watching it on mute.

Chris Storey

Nice edit of Chris Storey riding a skatepark. Some cool ledge and park rail moves.

Adam Dyson and Nick Harris; A day at Rampfest

The weather in Melbourne has been pretty terrible lately, so indoor has been the only option. This is a little mix from Adam Dyson and Nick Harris from one of their indoor sessions at Rampfest Skatepark. A bunch of cool jib stuff, and freecoaster moves.

Division Split

Australia's newest parts brand Division just dropped this split edit of their 3 team riders and it's fire. Full of heavy moves from DJ, Troy Jackson and Macca.

In other Division news they just released their first batch of softgoods with parts to follow soon. Pick them up from your local bike shop or favourite Aussie mailorder.

Wilton Hedley Edit

Wilton put in some work for this edit and it shows. Filmed and edited by by Tristan Montagu.

Tritto and Steve edit

Me and steve from Tristan Montagu on Vimeo.

Here's a tidy little edit from Tritto featuring him and UK steve shredding a couple parks, worth a watch!

Ash Murphy at Rampfest

Tom Brown sent over this video of Ash Murphy riding rampfest. Kids got some real good supermega moves, pretty much kills it. Seems to me, though, that originality is fading.

Ash Murphy - A session at Rampfest from Tom Brown on Vimeo.

Epping Quick Fix

Sweet little mix from the dudes at Montage, a sweet session at the Epping skatepark. Some real nice ledge and rail moves. Looks like fun,

Montage Quick Fix: Epping Skatepark from Adam Dyson on Vimeo.

Belco Opening Jam

It's on this weekend, and this place looks absolutely incredible. Get down there, shits gonna be wilddddddd

Tyson Jones-Peni

Back Bone dude and all round shredder Tyson Jones-Peni features in this fucking rad edit, which showcases exactly what I love about BMX; classic style. I'm real psyched to go flow a concrete park now. Video by Brendan Boeck

Tyson Jones-Peni Bike Check from Brendan Boeck on Vimeo.

Daniel Burr x TRT

Rhys Newling/The Rad Theory cooked up this sweet little mix of Daniel Burr. A bit of everything in here, including what looks like a legit 3 pointer. Baller.

daniel burr from rhys newling on Vimeo.

Paul Gerlich

Paul Gerlich sent over this edit of himself, filmed around Brisbane parks, and a few in NZ, too. A bunch of really cool jibish moves that you won't see every day. Good stuff.

Paul Gerlich Edit from Paul Gerlich on Vimeo.

Bike Cinema Fridays!

It's that time again! Hell on Wheels are putting on another one of the nostalgic BMX features, this Friday. This months is all of the square one videos. You already know it'll be dope. Here's a little promo.

Bike Cinema Friday/SQ1 from Hell On Wheels on Vimeo.

Cheap Tuesday

Fresh Bullmix edit from what could be any weeknight session at Summer Hill. Riding in this is fucking dope, everything from tech manual and peg lines to whack moto-whip to euro combos and trains over the hip. Featuring Mat Lawton, Been Pigot, Lee Cruickshank and Patrick O'neill. I miss Sydney.

C|BLMX from BULL MIX on Vimeo.

Alex Hiam 10 Clip Colony Edit!

Alex Hiam - Ten Clips from Colony BMX on Vimeo.

Here's an awesome edit from everyone's favourite young gun Alex Hiam, it's in the 10 clip format at fairfield and is definitely worth watching!!

Crispy: Better than you

Every guy wants to be Crispy and all the girls wanna be with Crispy.

Zac Dangerfield 2011

Big thanks to Diversity video contributor Luke McIntyre for this edit of Zac Dangerfield. This edit features some insanely technical skatepark stuff and turned out amazing

Waterfront iPhone Edit.

We're having new age fun with a vintage feel.


Fresh heat from the enigma that is BULLMIX. Cool technical street lines, and a nosepick to fakie on a volkswagen beetle. Stunters include Will Hermann, Billy Brooks, Lee Cruickshank, Mathew Virgara, Dirty Paul and more.

Cast and Crew

Ben McPherson has just dropped this really cool lifestyle magazine-style blog called Cast and Crew documenting the going on's with him and his crew. It's contributed to by both riders and skaters. I think it's an awesome concept, and it's dope to see someone stepping up and doing something new within the Australian scene

Mitch and Andy Sunday Arvo Sesh

Mitch Brown and Andrew Schlenert feature in this cool little edit filmed at Supermega Headquarters.

Renald McQueen Video Bike Check

Personally, I couldn't care less what parts professional riders run on their bikes, but the riding in this was actually really dope, especially Renald's moves on the rail. The Derek Duster in particular was real cool.

Renald McQueen Video Bike Check from Bret Trigg Visual on Vimeo.


This was a really refreshing edit. Put together by Ryan Humphries featuring his crew, it was completely different to the edits we receive everyday. Filmed, and edited superbly, and a super mellow vibe about it. This is good.

Armeture from Armeture on Vimeo.

Kalgoorlie Best Of

For the first half of this year, Corey Smithies and company have been producing top quality riding. In this edit, Corey has mashed together the best clips. It's really impressive. What the fuck is with Western Australia and producing bullshit good young riders?

The Best Of Kalgoorlie Bmx from Corey Smithies on Vimeo.

Caleb Johnson

Caleb Johnson is only 13. I was kickin curbs on a Dunlop mountain bike when I was 13. Thanks for making me feel bad about myself Caleb.

Spotted on Dishonour.

Tom Stretton - Ten Clips

If producing one of the DVD sections of the year wasn't enough, T Strett has been hard at work on other projects including this mind blowing web video for Colony. If you haven't seen the Colony DVD yet you're missing out! Pick up a copy from your local bike shop or grab one online here.

Tap Zoos Twos

Tuck into this tasty little treat cooked up by Chris Lembo from a session the other night at Ramp Attack. Features Chris Lembo, Nick Kajewski, Dan Headon, Nate Headon, Tom Stretton and yours truly.