Robert Bennett - Outdated Footage.

Sent in by Jye Stuart. "A bunch of Rob's old clips, slapped together to a simple beat. These were intended for the Tina DVD, but no one knows what's going on with that, and Rob has filmed more recent stuff anyway, so Merry New Year kids"

Merry Christmas!

From Manbeast, Jack Elkins and myself, we hope you have a fantastic day and Santa gave you all those goodies for your bikes. To those of age, enjoy those cold beers and stay out of the rain! Love you all.


B.I.K.E at Ramp Attak!

Flyer says it all, be there if you are a Brisbane Local!


Jacob De Abreu 2010.

Brad South put together this edit of shredder Jacob De Abreu, definitely some solid clips in here.

Matthew Hardy - Rampant Edit

Plenty of supermega goodness from Matt Hardy riding Taree Skatepark and Switch skatepark.

Nathan "Lanky" Philps Edit.

Top notch riding from the one and only Lanky, dont miss this one! Whip Tap on Browns vert wall was bananas!

Billy H!

Billy H-Ten Spring 10 from Back Bone BMX on Vimeo.

'Billy Hietanen destroying Canberra, filmed during Spring. Billy is already working on something else so be on the lookout, he is a destroyer!'

So much steeze!

Brock Horneman Edit

Heres a sick edit from my homie brock which has been in the works for about 2 months, definitely worth watching!

Jack Paton - A day at Dayboro.

Jack recently just got back from 3 months off the bike due to wrist surgery and put together this edit on his second ride back. Filmed and edited by John Carter.

Garreth Hadfield for Ride On BMX Store.

I am beyond stoked on this! All round good guy, Garreth Hadfield, has teamed up with Jack Birtles to produce this awesome edit for RideOn BMX Store. Definitely the best edit I have seen in a long, long time.

Jason Watts.

I've always been a huge fan of Jason's riding and tonight I thought I would get the old camera out and snap a few shots of him at Rampattak. If you missed his last edit, check it HERE.



Matt Whyatt + Fist 'Handwear'

Bret Trigg has been on an mission lately and heres his latest edit which he filmed in one session with Matt Whyatt, god knows what Fist Handwear is but its great to see these guys getting some well deserved attention!

Darwinbmxscene - This is Darwin.

Got an email from Dave Orme who's living in the hot end of this beautiful country. They have started up a little blog, which is really good too see and this is the first web edit they have produced and it's not bad at all. Check it out and dont forget to go check out their blog.

Chris Courtney - Ride on BMX edit

Heres a dope edit of Chris shredding ramp attack, filmed by Bret Trigg. So stoked to see him coming back so strong from his injury.

Local Edit.

Heres a scene edit from Zane Caldera and co which I thought was pretty dope.

Local Edit

Local Edit from Zane Caldera on Vimeo.

Heres a scene edit from Zane Caldera and co which i thought was pretty dope

Dishonour On The Make Jersey promo

James just sent through this sweet little promo for the new "On the Make" jerseys now available from Dishonour which look rad! Get yours here.

Macca - Crispy Stream

Some Macca footage just surfaced over on Crispy Stream. Macca is ridiculous.

Josh Mete Edit.

Dre from The Sanction put together this edit of Josh Mete over one weekend. Solid riding as always, and those 360 Tayboes are real good looking!

A Day in Geelong with Nick & Adam.

Really enjoyed this edit Adam Dyson sent it, dope riding and great filming and editing. Dont miss this one!

New Product: Dishonour Jerseys.

Dishonour have dropped some Jerseys which look pretty rad, they also added a few new blokes to the team. Check it all out at

Chris Courtenay - Back in Action.

Chris has been out the last 7 months due to a crook knee and has just started getting back into riding, without a doubt it looks like he hasnt lost much. Good too see you back on the bike Chris! Filmed and edited by Cooper Brownlee and Interview done by the one and only, Salad.

One day with Byron Richardson.

Adam Dyson sent in this really well edited and filmed video of Byron Richardson, two peg to bar over was bloody sweet! Make sure you check this one out.

Jordan Aiken & Schae Palmer Edit.

Chillin' edit of Jordan Aiken and Schae Palmer riding Bowral skate park in NSW.

Calvin Kosovich - Welcome to The Set

Calvin Kosovich - Welcome from The Set on Vimeo.

Heres a ridiculous edit from Calvin Kosovich out of Perth who just got picked up by The Set. Filming looked dope and the riding was legit from start to finish, definitely a much watch!

Nate Headon & Tristan Montagu "Just Chillin"

AWESOME edit of my boys Nate and Tritto, filmed and edited by Luke McIntyre. Good riding, good vibe, good filming and editing. What more could you ask for! So stoked on this edit.

Browns Plains Jam

Don't forget about the Browns Plains Christmas Jam thats happening this Saturday from 3pm. Sounds like the boys have been hard at work making ghetto ramps and ledges so its gonna be an awesome day for sure!

Droputs: A BMXhibition

Seems like this weekends gonna be a busy one for all us Brisbanites! To start it theres a rad BMX Exhibition in the city starting on Friday night. This from LUXBMX:

"Our good friends over at Laced have been putting in work for an exhibition this weekend. Dropouts: A BMXhibition will feature tons of memorabilia from some of Brisbane’s biggest BMX enthusiasts, collectors, riders and builders alike, from the old school, mid-school and new school eras. We've been lucky enough to have a few bikes featured including a super badass custom we've built for the event.

The exhibition will kick off at 7pm on Friday night and will run both days on the weekend from 10am-5pm. Make sure you drop in!"

Hell on Wheels Doubles Edit

Teamwork - Tom Boorman & Dave Cragg from John Young on Vimeo.

The guys at Hell On Wheels have been putting out some fantastic web features and this is no different, it features Tom Boorman and Dave Cragg doing some rad doubles lines at five dock and an intense crash. Hope you heal fast Tom!

Nick Kajewski - Do it old mate!

Rad little teaser clip for Tempered and Lux team rider, Nick Kajewski. Keep an eye out for his edit which should be dropping soon, I hope! Good on ya Nicko!

Wade Barnes - My time in Cairns

My Time In Cairns from Wade on Vimeo.

Heres a dope edit from a mate of mine wade barnes, it's all fresh stuff filmed since he came down to Cairns and it features some dope footjam stuff!

Colony trade in a scooter deal.

Holy-LOL. If you are connected to the internet chances are you have witnessed the shitstorm thats been raging for a day or so mainly fueled by butthurt scooter riders.

Basically the deal is awesome. Any ex-scooter rider that buys a complete Colony bike in the next few weeks can send in their old scooter and in turn get over $100 in Colony product as a "Welcome to BMX" incentive. Read more about that here.

It seems that a legion of pre-pubescent, tough-talking, scooter-wielding internet warriors haven't taken the idea as light-heartidly as it was intended and are taking to Facebook and the comment section of their favourite blogs in the hope that their incessant moaning, screaming for Colony boycotts, and threats of physical harm to the Colony team (LOL) will actually achieve something.

Scooter riders take note, Colony does not have armed goons running into your homes and forcefully removing your prized scooters like some kind of scooter holocaust, they are simply offering a little extra to those who have finally taken the next step and jumped into the world of BMX.

PS. Favourite quote so far from this whole ordeal - "Wow I think bikes are gay the only differance between a bike and a scooter is the little hard plastic penis shaped seat, that goes up there but, Now that is gay Stand up like a man" This coming from a legitimate scooter company from the US run by a 25 year old dude. If you disagree with his comment please send a well-mannered email to

Tyson Von Hoff Edit.

Sweet edit from John Green who usually films and edits Skating, not bad for his first BMX edit. Featuring Tyson Von Hoff from Morayfield.

Monster Spine Roast Edit

As promised, heres the edit from the monster spine roast that i did a little write up about a couple weeks ago, kind of an unfortunate song choice but nonetheless. Definitely some serious bangers from the pro dudes as well as the am guys with Brad Jenner and Josh Williams killing it. If you guys want to keep up with events such as the monster comps and a raft of others you should definitely follow the Sydney Freestyle Bmx Association Facebook page!

Sam Illman / Cali 2 Sunnies!

Tight edit of Illman shredding the one and only Browns Plains for the release of Dishonour's new Cali Sunnies and Support Local Tees. Look's like Dishonour have a new site too, check it all out at

Repost: Beerwah Jam.

Was browsing the Diversity Youtube the other day and stumbled across this edit Manbeast put together of the Beerwah Jam. Must have been a couple of years ago, so I had another watch of it then realised it had 168,113 views. Couldn't believe it! That's a lot of bloody views for a video of a bunch of ratty BMX kids! Check the Diversity Youtube for plenty more old videos if you have some spare time on your hands!

Focalpoint One Clip - Biggie

I've stolen this off Focalpoint for two reasons, one is because I think these One Clip things that Cooper is doing is rad and the other is Biggie Sal kills it and this clip says it all.

5 Minutes with Jess Cini.

Short and sweet edit of Jess Cini shredding a box jump, is that the new indoor in Melbourne?