Levi Jackonia - Set welcome edit!

Levi Jackonia - Welcome from The Set on Vimeo.

I'm so stoked to be able to post this, my good mate and the guy i grew up riding with, Levi Jackonia has been on The Set for a little while now and here is his introductory edit filmed by Landon Straud in Cairns. This is definitely a much watch!

Zane Caldera, Always chill

always chill, from Zane Caldera on Vimeo.

A short weekend edit of the very productive Zane Caldera, oppo 270 bars was fresh!

November Holiday Starter

Heres a dope little edit from my old hometown Cairns, it features Brodie Rayner, Tom Harris and Mitchy Clenton. Definitely stoked to see the next generation of shredders putting in work!

November Holiday Starter from WeaponProductions! on Vimeo.

Steve Denny Edit.

Super stoked on this edit of Steve, always enjoy watching his riding. Check it out!

Morayfield Long Weekend Edit Part 2.

Here's part 2 of Luke McIntyre's Morayfield Long Weekend edit, just as good as the last one! Featuring Chris Van Lieshout, Nathan Woodyard, Max Liversage and Zacahrya Dangerfield. Stoked too see how much these guys are progessing!

Steve VG Bike Check.

Bret Trigg produced this awesome edit of Steve VG showing us his bike, plus there is some banging clips in there. Definitely a fan! Steve rides for Impurity Bikes.

Jason Watts FRGTN Web Vid

FRGTN teamed up with esteemed Australian videographer Troy "Biggie Sals" Charlesworth to make this web video of FRGTN ride Jason Watts. Filmed over 24 hours and packed full of bangers. Check it out.

Morayfield Long Weekend Edit Part 1.

Luke McIntyre coming through with the goods, he didnt seem too stoked on this but I think it's rad! Part Two coming soon!

Monster Spine Comp

Photo: Joshua Macpherson

Hey everyone, apologies for the lack of posts on my part, i've been in sydney blah blah. Anyway, last night the Monster Spine Roast went down and it was rad as hell. Straight off the bat the amateur guys absolutely killed it with Brad Jenner and Josh Williams going for broke and Matt Tramontana blasting some gnarly flairs. The pro comp was largely a beast off between Brandon Loupos, Danny Campbell and Luke Bowerman. Danny ended up taking out third place with a huge flip nac nac over the spine and a whole bunch of other bangers. Bowerman got second with his usual floating steez, nailed a bar to foot, down whip to foot, double down whip air and a whole bunch of other stuff all in the same run which was gnarly before hurting his back on a fronty gone bad. The overall pro winner of the night was 17 year old Brandon Loupos who nailed, amongst other things, a bar catch bar to footjam, 540 bars and 540 whip airs, flair whips at height as well as the biggest whip airs that ramp has probably ever seen. Anyway, all in all it was a dope competition and i expect it will only get better in the future! As soon as the footage is edited ill post it up here for you guys!


15 AND UNDER: 1st Chris Armor, 2nd Harry Bartter, 3rd Benjamin Standfort
AMATEUR: 1st Jack Elkins, 2nd Josh Williams, 3rd Matt Tramontano
PRO: 1st Brandon Loupos, 2nd Luke Bowerman, 3rd Danny Campbell

Christmas Jam

To celebrate the birth of the most famous fictional character of all time theres going to be a sweet jam held at Browns plains skatepark. Sam Illman is the driving force behind this one and has already started building some ghetto ledges and ramps. There will also be some challenges and tons of giveaways so make sure you don't miss it. Supported by Dishonour, LUXBMX Store, FocalPoint and some other sweet website!

Peep the flyer for more details.

Two Days in Vancouver.

Sweet video of Bohan, Grosser and Sexsmith shredding in Vancouver, don't miss this one! The Set.

Jye Stuart Interview

Head on over to Australia's premiere BMX blog, Crispy Stream, for a nice interview with one of Queensland's more creative riders, Jye Stuart. I, for one, am a massive fan of Jye's riding!

Check out the interview HERE.


Danger has been spending some time in the States lately and is now an official member of The Trip. Stoked! This is his welcome edit and its beyond banging...

Haiden Gibson Web Edit.

Haiden Gibson sent through this edit of himself, check it out!

Jay Nixon Edit.

Here's another rad edit from Luke McIntyre, this time featuring Jay Nixon shredding Morayfield and a few street spots.

Josh Robson Edit.

Apparently this video has been floating around for a while but I dont recall it getting sent in, either way it's bloody sweet! Safe to say Josh has his barspins on lock! Filmed and edited by Luke McIntyre.

This is the Dom Williams Edit.

Regular submitter and shredder Dom Williams sent his latest edit through and I must say the kid just keeps getting better and better. Good too see a little but of tech in there too!

"I recently published this edit of myself riding some parks in Perth, Western Australia. It is mostly scrap but a few fresh clips from Todd Meyn's welcome home jam at Belmont. Enjoy!"

Mike 'wogzie' McMah, Spring 2010 edit

Heres a dope edit of Dishonour's own Mike Mcmah, loving the double peg hang fives.

New Dishonour Gear!

Dishonour have released a new shirt and sunglasses, pop on over to Dishonour to place your order now!


Josh Davis - Winter Edit.

Adam Dyson sent through this edit he filmed and edited of recently injured Josh Davis. We wish you a fast recovery mate!

Nate Scott Edit.

James Patterson sent through this sweet edit of Nate Scott riding parks around Melbourne, I could only watch the first 30 seconds but I'm sure it's rad!

Al Briotti Fundraiser

Good friends over at The Sanction are holding a raffle to help the Briotti family with the funeral costs of Alan Briotti. Theres some prizes to be won from Forgotten and Colony so get on over and help out the cause. Click here to make a donation.

Todd Meyn Greenville Edit.

Ryan Guettler put together this edit of shredder Todd Meyn just before he came back to Australia. Good 3 minutes of Todd killing Mirra's Warehouse.

One Minute with Jake Arnold.

Jake Arnold sent in this sweet little edit of himself shredding some dirt jumps, definitely a rad little setup!

In other totally unrelated news, Tempered has a new website up and it looks sick! Check that out right HERE.

Michael Oakley @ Rampfest.

Sweet video of Michael Oakley killin' Rampfest, some real interesting tech tricks in here!

Jack Elkins - A couple dope afternoons.

Found this rad edit of Diversity's own Jack Elkins on his Facebook. Get on it, you know Jack always brings out a good web edit!

Jack Elkins - A couple dope afternoons

It's kind of strange posting your own edit but nonetheless, here's one I made over a couple afternoons. It was filmed by Jordan Meaghan and Ash Ballard, big thanks to those guys especially Jordan who's been driving my ass around for

Lee Manns Edit.

Jacked this off Focalpoint, its so fucking good! Fast, Stylish riding from Lee. Check this one out for sure!

Chris Courtenay - Back on the horse.

Chris has been out with a shit knee for a couple months now but he's finally on the path to recovery and back on the bike. Awesome to see! Filmed and edited by the talented Drew Raison.