Adam Dyson Edit

Adam Dyson sent me this great edit of himself, it's always good to see guys putting in work on web stuff like this.

Kyle Baldock - Greenville edit

Another edit from an Australian kicking ass in the U.S, this time from Kyle Baldock, filmed by Ryan Guettler during his trip to Greenville. Definitely some bangers in here and it's sick to hear that he's already been picked up by Mirraco, Monster and Vans.

Nick Kajewski - Focalpoint Top 5's!

My good mate and all round top bloke, Nick Kajewski has a rad top fives over on Focalpoint. Cheers for the shameless plug mate! Also we did a Interview with him not too long ago, if you missed that click here. Kajewski is the man!

David Girsch Chill Edit.

Dope edit of my man David Girsch, filmed by Mitch Clinton. Worth watching.

Brian Histand - Welcome to Tempered

An awesome welcome to the team edit featuring Brian Histand, I wasn't sure if i wanted to post it or not seeing as Histand's from the US but fuck it, Tempered goes hard in Aus.

Jake Arnold + George Donaldson at Albury

Jake sent this little edit in, definitely stoked on the song choice and the riding is solid as well.

Crispy: Mixtape II.

Part Two of The Crispy Mixtape and it's just as good as the last one. The banger is ridiculous. Safe to say Macca Rules! Check out Crisssssppyyy.

Rampfest Comp 2010 - Daniel Rosenthal

Not a fan of the music/editing/length but heres a video Daniel Rosenthal made of the Rampfest comp that just went down, definitely a lot of gnarly box bangers in here with riding from Andrew Ahumuda, Josh Mette, Matt Whyatt, Shannon Farrugia and Leigh Kirkman.

Crispy: Wear your name tags!

This is bloody sweet! Some dope clips from Jerry V, Nick K, Vocko, Samson, Estoban and plenty more. That sheila at the end is so haggard haha. Be sure to check this out!

Zane Caldera, Hey Im Chill

Dope little edit from Zane Caldera, definitely worth watching for the bars to footjam to hang ten...

Adam Dyson + Rampfest

Fun little edit sent in by Adam Dyson filmed at rampfest featuring him and a couple mates.

Backies braaaah

Tom Stretton trying to make the crossover into the dew tour? Who knows but I saw him try a frontie into the pit at ramp attack last night...

Hell on Wheels Blazing Bowls Roadtrip!

An awesome edit from the guys at hell on wheels, filmed during their Blazing Bowls Roadtrip. It was filmed and edited really well by John Young who does the Steadfast stuff as well. Definitely worth a watch if only for Dan Baker's clips.

Legal note: Diversitybmx does not endorse or recommend riding while under the influence of $8 sacks of goon

Ramp attack mini ramp jam update

I just got home from the jam and I must say it was legit! Highlights of the jam included

Brandon Loupos at Monster

A couple nice clips from Brandon Loupos shredding the monster spine. I've ridden with him a couple times before and he always kills it so its tight to see some new edits from him

Dylan White + Rampfest!

Dylan White - Rampfest from Dylan White on Vimeo.

Tight little edit of Dylan White I poached off his facebook, it was filmed during his time down at rampfest, definitely worth watching!

Dishonour "Smooth" Tee's and New Era's.

Dishonour have released their range of "Smooth" Tee's and New eras, I must say they look pretty bloody good. Hit up Dishonour to order your goods now!


The Brand Spankin' New Ramp Attak Mini Ramp Jam!

Click the pic to see it bigger!

LUXBMX is getting together with Ramp Attak and Tempered Bikes and throwing a jam to celebrate the opening of the new and improved mini ramp. There will be loads of prizes for people that enter as well as give outs for spectators. Check the flyer above for more info.

A little late notice but should be a fun night! Can't wait to see highest air to fakie go down...

RSVP to the even on Facebook HERE.

dullah / mike / jake split nano edit

dullah djawas / mike mcmah / jake shepherd split nano edit from dishonour brand on Vimeo.

Hopefully this isn't going to spark a flood of crappy nano edits but heres a joint edit
the guys at dishonour posted. They also just released some fresh new clothing stuff so
make sure you check it out!

One Line | Steve Van Ginneken.

One Line | Steve Van Ginneken. from Bret Trigg on Vimeo.

Keeping things short and sweet is always a good way to get it posted

Zacahrya Dangerfield Winter Edit.

My good mate Luke McIntyre has come through with the goods once again, Lukes edits are getting better and better everytime! This one features Morayfield shredder Zacahrya Dangerfield. Cheers Luke!

Mix Mix Mix Edit!

Tasty little edit cooked up by one of our favourite video chefs Sam Illman. Features scooter rat turned pro BMXer Korey Chambers, Dan Adamec, Jake Katu and Mr Illman himself.

Brooke at Burgmar

Brock Olives barspins the fuck out of the tiny little skatepark of Marburg. Manual to dubs bar was redic! Filmed and Edited by Keenan Stewart.

David Girsch - Greenville Edit

My homie and schoolies bro, David Girsch recently got back from a long trip to the U.S.A and him and Allan Hardy filmed this edit around Greenville. It's definitely cool to see the epic progression him and the other aussie guys that went over have gone through and despite my feelings about Unit, it's definitely sick to see these guys getting these kinds of opportunities. Definitely a must see edit.

Kenty & Chop for Certified Clothing Co.

Ben Kent and Mark Reid shredding some cement. Sent in by Ben Kent.

Matt Hardy Weekend Edit.

Here's a edit of Matt Hardy shredding some parks that look to be down south? Forgive me if I'm wrong!


Not too much information on this video but Dom Williams has some decent clips in it. Check it out!

Corey and Trav

This is so dope! Corey Mansinger and Travis Parkley-Hanson-Bronwyn-Harold-Turner-Simpson come through with the goods and the filming and editing by Sam Illman is top notch (except the 5 minutes of black at the end, haha!) Real stoked on this, check it out.

Mike Vockenson + New Tempered site

Check out this little video of Tempered Bikes and LUXBMX Store team rider Mike Vockenson. There's a few clips in this one that are gonna blow minds. Check it out and then check out Tempered's dope new site.

Flying High Night

This weekend on the 9th of October theres a little jam going down at Rampfest with some cool little competitions and cash up for grabs. $300 cash for the highest air over the box sounds interesting. Can't wait to see footage from this one!

Raph's Subrosa Video

Every website and their cyberdog has posted this already so I decided to hold off a bit. If you haven't already seen it this is the Australian Subrosa team's newest recruit Raph Jeroma-Williams.

Welcome Jack Elkins!

Hey guys. If you've been paying attention over the last few days you may have noticed that Diversitybmx has a new contributor.

QLD shredder and all around nice guy Jack Elkins will be helping Justy and myself out with blogging duties and we're stoked to have him on board!

Check out this little edit of Jack that we featured on Diversity a while back...

Halloween Jam!

Hey homies, just a quick notice, a lot of you guys are probably already aware but the 6th annual Halloween Jam is coming up on the 30th of this month! As you can tell from the poster it's going to be at Dulwich Hill Skatepark in Sydney again and more info is coming. I'm not sure who's going to be filming but odds are an edit will end up here, possibly with more embarrassing footage of Irvine...

GC Compound

'Because learning tailwhips is just too demanding with only two foam pits to practise in'

Im afraid I don't have any accompanying footage to offer you guys but a new skatepark is opening up on the Gold Coast called the GC Compound. At this point only stage 1 has been completed but a homie of mine, Daniel Willan, said that it's looking good so far. I'm not really sure how i feel about a skatepark with 3 foam pits but im sure a lot of you guys are going to be stoked nonetheless. Apparently theres a lot more to to be added as well and the guys have already started building a bmx team which is dope. A couple notes though for you guys before you come out, helmets are compulsory, a waiver has to be signed by someone over 18+, entry is $15 (!!!) and theres exclusive sessions so make sure you check their website

Xave Koen x S&M

Xave Koen S&M edit from samgreen on Vimeo.

A fresh edit i saw on The Riding Way from Xave who just got on the S and M team; short, sweet and with a gnarly ass railhop.