Mornington Peninsula!

MP Random Edit from MP BMX SCENE on Vimeo.

A tight little scene edit from the MP BMX SCENE guys, I thought it could've been edited a little tighter but the song choice and general mood of the clips made up for it. Oh and don't forget, these guys are holding a rosebud jam on October 3rd.

Fish Attack!

Was considering not posting this because of the scooter clips but Sam Illman and Travis Parkley-Hanson-Bronwyn-Simpson kill it in this so I'll let this one slide...

DJ Focalpoint X Animal Edit

Another one thats been floating around the BMX blogosphere for a while is this edit of DJ for Animal and Focalpoint. DJ has been out for almost 2 years after a knee reconstruction but it doesn't show in this. Still killin it!

Zac Miner - Colony Video

Chances are you've already seen this. If not, get to it! Zac Miner killing it for Colony. Last 2 tricks are nutty!

Also in Zac Miner related news, he just got married over in Vegas to a girl he met that night. Zac really knows how to party!


Hey guys. Apologies for the lack of posts. I've been lagging pretty hard and also genuinely pretty busy. I'll try and get through most of the videos that are in my inbox.

This one got sent in by Tim Storey. Fun little sesh undercover on a rainy day. That setup looks mega fun!


Adrian Stratford Edit

Adrian Stratford got this filmed just before he broke his leg, he is 14 and from Bendigo, Australia. Get better soon mate!

Crispy: Lismore

Vocko, Samson, 4 peg Dave, Frenchy and Jackson Townsend did a little trip to Lismore on the weekend and cooked up this delightful little visual feast. Vocko gets pounded by that big rail at the end. Crispy!

Rosewood Clits

Poached this little self-filmed edit of Keenan Stewart on Facebook. Keenan definitely makes the most of Rosewood skatepark in this one. Check it out.

Justy Bumpstead for LUXBMX Store

The newest video from LUXBMX is of Diversity's own Justy Bumpstead. Justy may be a blogger extraordinaire but as you can see he still holds it down on a bike!

If you haven't already check out LUXBMX's Vimeo page which has all the past welcome edits and more.

Gday from London!

Sorry about the lack of posts lately as I am on holidays and Manbeast is a very busy man! This edit is of Brisbane shredder Logan Martin. Filmed and edited by Wayne Cant.

Shanon Farrugia - August Web Edit.

Here's another Aussie lad killing it in the States! Nice edit of Shanon riding Jaycee, Woodward and a bit of Rampfest here in Australia.

Brendan Williams Edit.

Brendan Williams is 16 and from Perth, Western Australia. This is his recent 2010 edit, good stuff mate!

Nick Harris Bike Check.

Adam Dyson put together this bike check edit for Nick Harris, there's also some impressive riding in there too, check it out.

Mixed Edit.

Zac Gregson sent through this rad mixed edit featuring himself, Nicko Smithson, Callum Coughlan, James Beattie, Pahau Milner, Cody Pollard, Tom Woods and Jarem Dravitzki. He also said there are alot of whips in it, but I honestly think I seen more 540's then whips! James Beattie and Nicko Smithson absolutely kill it.

Simon O'Brien Flatland/Ramp Edit.

Just as good as the last one, peep it! Thanks Clint.

Zane Caldera Shreds.

I always enjoy watching videos of Zane, and with Brett Trigg behind the camera, it makes it even better. They filmed this in one day which is a pretty good effort.

Brandon Loupos @ Monster

Apparently this bloke used to ride scooters, I guess he seen the light. Quick edit of Brandon shredding the shit out of Monster skatepark in Sydney.

not another f*cking jindalee edit?!

Drew raison keeps bringing the heat with these superb edits. Jack Birtles pegless? What's this world coming to....