Justin Daley Edit.

Justin Daley drove up to Queensland with Sam Illman and ended up with some clips here and there so Sam has put this rad edit together! I reckon Sam's filming/editing is getting better every time he makes a new edit!


Good Afternoon Paddington.

Keenan Steward put together this edit of Brock Olive and Macca riding Paddington skate park one afternoon, plenty of sweet riding in here and definitely worth the watch!

Rosebud Jam.

The fellas from MP BMX scene are holding the annual Rosebud Jam on the 3rd of October. BMX, beers, babes and a BBQ, what more could you want at a jam!

Death by Wasabi tonight!

Click the flyer to see it bigger.

Death by Wasabi is on tonight at LUXBMX Store. People under 18 must have a parent sign the form linked below.

"Don't forget about the Death by Wasabi, wasabi eating competition tonight! The festivities will kick off around 7. We'll also have some of the new Colony Wasabi gear on sale inluding, hubs, pegs, rims and a sprocket and seatpost. These are all the first wasabi parts available for sale on the planet so get in early to cement your place in BMX history!

If you want to participate and you are under 18 years old you MUST fill out this parental consent form and have a parent sign it.

Download it HERE.

See you tonight!"

A day at Rampfest with Jack Mciver.

Spend a day with Jack riding Rampfest, good quality filming and editing in this one. All credit to Adam Dyson!

Simon O'Brien Colony Edit.

This is bloody amazing! Simon O'Brien's left over footage from the film, DejaVu. This is the first time I have watched the whole of a Flatland edit and I'm stoked, Simon also shreds some ramps which is rad to see!

Tom Ross Edit.

Tom recently had jaw surgery and has just started riding again and came through with this sweet edit. I met Tom riding the indoor the other night and it's safe to say he absolutely kills it and is a great bloke!

FFWDBMX Exclusive - Andrew Ahumada

That song gave me the shits but Mini delivers the goods once again. Filmed & edited by Bret Trigg. "PilgrimBikes.com Andrew Ahumada got himself a feature interview for Australian extreme sports show RUSHTV. I was second angle cameraman on the day, here's some of the riding that we clocked up in a couple hours."

Luke Kilborn Edit.

Here's a edit of Luke Kilborn shredding some parks up on the Northside of Brisbane, stoked on that 3 to flat off Deagon sub, that was pretty sweet! Filmed and edited by Luke Mcintyre.

Dave Dillewaard Rules.

Here's a rad edit of Dillsy on his way to Portland for Dew Tour. You know it's going to be good if you havent already seen it. Spotted on TheComeUp.

Laurence Bakewell at Leeming Skatepark.

Quick edit of Laurence riding Leeming skate park, sent in by Brad South.

Todd Henshall & James Dybing in Vancouver Part 2.

Here is part two of Todd and James riding in Vancouver, good mix of riding in this one and that last clip is death.

New Product - Dishonour Jeans


Dishonour have released some rad looking jeans and at 65 bucks a pair, you're laughing! Check out Dishonour to order yours now!

Benn Pigot - Welcome to Tempered Video

This is beyond dope. Every time Benn Pigot footage shows up it gets me so stoked to ride and when you mix that with the brilliance of John Young... Just watch the video!

Dylan Pell

Sam Illman made this rad edit of Dylan Pell absolutely killing it. Was filmed over 3 nights, not bad! Plenty of top notch riding in this one.

July Photobook Project.

Mr Wade has finally released his July Photobook Project, featuring plenty of rad photos of Liam Zingbergs, Daniel Moore and plenty more. Click right here to check it out!

Death by Wasabi!

Click the flyer to see it bigger.

LUXBMX Store and Colony are teaming up and are holding a wasabi eating contest to celebrate the release of Colony's new wasabi colourway. The prize for first place is going to be a Colony Teddy frame in the new colourway and there will be tons of other Colony giveaways for participants and spectators.

Death by Wasabi will be at the LUXBMX shop (24 Little St, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane) at 7pm on Thursday 26th August. Should be a fun night.

FP goes HD

I kinda lagged on putting this up because its already been on a ton of other sites but today's a slow news day. This video is Cooper Brownlee (of Focalpoint fame)'s first high def video shot on his new Canon 7d. I think the cinematography and the quality is amazing, although its definitely got a different vibe than Focalpoint edits past.

What are your thoughts? Should Cooper swap me his new 7d for my VX? I think yes...

Slay the Rail video.

At long last the Slay the Rails video has appeared. Shits wild, looks like everybody killed it, Vocko and Macca especially! Spotted over on Focalpoint.

Waste the Tape

Dave Wood aka 4 Peg Dave sent through this rap edit featuring himself and some of the Sunshine Coast's finest.

Jamie Proietti Scraps

Long time video submitter Jamie seems to progress more and more with each video I see. This one is definitely the best so far and features lots of street riding in Brisbane.

Zane Caldera Edit.

Here is Zane coming up with the goods once again, this time shredding the shit out of Cairns skate park. I always enjoy Zane's videos and this one doesn't let me down! Cairns skate park looks like a blast to ride! Filmed and edited by Tim Lago.

Todd Henshall & James Dybing in Canada.

Todd Henshall has recently been living in Canada with his mate James and they started to do a little filming and ended up with this. I take it there should be a part two coming soon so keep your eyes peeled for that as this is a great edit and I can imagine part two will be just as good!

Alex Liiv on Tempered.

Alex Liiv is now riding for Tempered, see below for his Welcome to the Team edit and some words from the main man behind Tempered.

"Alex Liiv has been a huge part in the progression and growth
of Tempered, for a few years now Alex has been doing pretty
much all of the art and graphic design work for Tempered.
I feel that it was always going to be a natural step for the
both of us, it was just a matter of time..

Welcome to the team Alex, were all fuckin psyched!

Thanks to Calvin Kosovich for piecing the edit together!

Nathan Woodyard Edit.

Luke Mcintyre put together this rad edit of Nathan riding Morayfield, he gets some rad lines done in here. I really enjoyed this, be sure to check it out! Also, sorry for the lack of posts lately, both Mitch and I have been pretty busy.