An Afternoon with Patto.

James Patterson usually rides Mountain Bikes but just started on a BMX and i'm pretty impressed. He self filmed this edit at Box Hill in one afternoon.

King of the Jibs

Colony is holding an event at this years Ausbike trade shows in Melbourne and Brisbane. The event will be invite only and feature a technical street course. Sound pretty interesting...

When I first read King of the Jib I got excited and pictured dudes battling it out on a 4 foot quarter. Oh well, one day...

Moonlite Jam.. happening this Saturday up in Cairns, if you're around make sure you check it out! I'd love to go just for the beers, BBQ and of course, Tittie Girls! I suppose I would ride the trails too....

Renald McQueen for BSD

Renald McQueen slays some man-sized rails in this edit for BSD and has an awesome banger. I was thinking the other day about how much of a shame it is we don't see many huge fufs in web videos anymore. This just made my day...

New Product: Dishonour Tee's & Crews

Dishonour have dropped some new tee's and crews, looking pretty bloody good! Head over to Dishonour to get yours now.


Crispy- Extreme Dream Team

This edit is sooooooooooo damn good. It's awesome to see Samson, despite his technological shortcomings, can still kill it on a bike. Crispy Stream is blowing up! Add that shit to your bookmarks.

Aussie BMX Roundup

Frenchie/4 Peg dave split section for Frenchie's Interview

Plenty going on as of late, lots of new crew blogs popping up and some older ones getting some love.

*Crispy Stream has a rad little interview with Alex Coumailleau, AKA Frenchy. Its an awesome read. Check out part 1 here and part 2 here. Crispy Stream is also a .com now. Legit!

*The Forgotten blog has been getting a bit of love recently with some regular updates like news on a trip to Darwin and videos of Luke Parslow killing it. Check that here.

* has got a bit of a facelift and is looking great. It's also got a forum which are far and few between since the demise of Ozscene and the Ugzine forums.

*I'd rather be in Preston has been getting plenty of updates lately, along with some awesome videos.

*A new scene blog called freeohfiveeight has popped up and there doing some regular posts as well. They're also putting on a jam on the 1st of August.

Thats about it for now. If you've got any news about your local scene make sure to email it through!

Hibiscus Comp

No prizes for flyer design here but there will be a comp on at Hibiscus Skatepark on the 1st of August.

Crispy - Transcendental Voyage

I recently hooked Samson of Crispy fame up with Final Cut Pro to start making edits, he couldn't figure it out so he made this in iMovie. Nevertheless he somehow managed to come through with a top notch edit and I'm told that there's more on the backburner.

Ben Morris Video

Chill little edit of Ben Morris courtesy of Jarrad Sweeney.

Jack Lovell

Short edit of Jack Lovell riding Ferny Grove skate park, short and sweet is the go!

Laurence Bakewell Edit.

Ahhhhh, I dont know what to write. Plenty of Supermega riding for all you Supermega fans. I personally, didn't enjoy it.

Corey Bohan Rules.

Stu Munro made this sweet edit of Bohan for TheComeUp, and click here if you want to read his interview. Cannot wait for his section in Still Searching! Nice one, Stu!

Tiny by Drew Raison

This is Drew Raison's first ever edit and its fuckin dope! Drew definitely makes use of his amazing photography skills in this and Tiny shreds as well. How old is Tiny now? Make sure you check it out!

Tom Ross Cleveland Session

Tom Ross got this edit done just before he had to go in for surgery, I'm a fan of his downwhip airs and that Tooth Footjam to downwhip in was pretty rad.

LUXBMX Trails Session

The LUXBMX team headed out to Mitch Brown's trails and I made this little edit of the day. Hope you enjoy!

Jack Elkins @ Monster

When not shredding the parks of Brisbane Jack Elkins coaches kids at Monster. Pretty dope way to earn a dollar!

Chris Courtenay Pre-Surgery Edit

Some footage of Chris before his surgery on his ACL, filmed mainly at Paddo and Ramp Attack. Can't wait to see CC back on the bike!

Slay the Rail Jam - Rider List

Focalpoint just posted the confirmed list of riders for the Slay the Rail Jam that is happening on the 28th of July. Some pretty big names in there. Should be an amazing event and I'm bummed I wont be able to go. Lets hope for a good video...

Dom Williams & Garrett Honsa Edit

Damn kids are getting to good these days, Adam O'Connor put together this edit of Dom and Garrett killing some parks that look to be in West OZ!

Danger NYRM Edit

Damnnnnnnn John Young really stepped up his filming game for this one. Best edit I've seen in a long time. Danger's riding was alright too I guess... Check it out then grab yourself a Nahyouritemate tee.

Resident Bmxers!

Resident Bmxers is back up and running thanks to Pete Jaques and Chris Lembo. Chris has just jumped on board helping Pete out and its getting updated almost errrrrday! For those who don't know Resident Bmxers, it's a crew based in good old Toowoomba, showcasing photo's and videos from their Journeys. The photo above is of Tempered and LUX team rider, Nick Kajewski. Check it out right hurrrrrr!

Mat Lawton for LUXBMX

This is the first edit in a series of short videos to introduce you to the LUXBMX team.

Sean Wood 2010

Brad Willetts sent through this edit he filmed and edited of Sean Wood, do the lights turn off in the last clip?

Jess Cini Edit.

I met this kid at Browns not too long ago, nice little fella! Filmed and edited by Jack Kelly.

Clint Millar goes skydiving

Clint turned 36 today and went skydiving as a gift from his family. Mainly posting for the instructor's awesome hairdo.

Slay the Rail Jam

Theres been lots of rumours floating around about this, but from what i can gather its gonna be a battle royale kind of format on a rail and its invite only. We'll keep you posted...

Sunshine Coast Mix.

David Phillips popped this one through, good mix of riding and a good vibe which we like to see!

D is for Dirty

Posting this mainly for the amazing title. Haha. A great display of supermega riding as well. Filmed and edited by Tritto.

Pete Radivo..

..still kills it, shit this is good! I havent heard any news on Pete Radivo in yonks, so it's bloody good to see this edit. Courtesy of Colony.

Norm Solo Edit

I was stalking Chris Naumann's Vimeo and came across this edit of him, I don't know if it has been posted before, either by myself or Manbeast but I'm wrapped on it. Maybe you kids should take a leaf out of this fella's book. Good vibe and great riding. We usually only give the Seal to people that submit their videos but this one definitely deserves it. Good Stuff Norm!

New Product: Dishonour Relax Tees & Crews

As you probably know, I'm always stoked on the clothing Dishonour bring out, so these new tee's do not let me down! These should be released mid July so if you're interested, chuck your pre-order in now! I know I will be! Head to


David Purser - Clifton Hill Day Edit.

Callum McKechnie sent in this edit he made of his mate David Purser, nice chill edit is good to see for a change. Not bad for his second edit either! You can also check out Callum's Flickr here.

Brett Coleman Edit.

This is Brett's new edit for Method Industries. No offence, that has to be the worst song to use to a BMX edit EVER, and I'm not sure how I feel about the last clip as a Foam pit clip? Other then that there is some good riding in this one! Sent in by Paul Jagger.

Dean Anderson - Broken Collarbone Edit

This dude definitely shreds, and im a huge fan of his no handers! That frontie crash is so loose, it hurts to watch haha. Filmed and Edited by Nick Derrick.

Caleb Johnson - Pilgrim BMX

Sam Illman sent through this rad edit of 12 year old Caleb Johnson shredding Hastings Park, look's like Caleb is hooked up by Pilgrim BMX!

Pahau Milner!

Here's a cool video of Impurity's QLD Team rider, Pahau Milner. What park is that? Looks so fun!

New NYRM site!

Update your bookmarks Nahyouritemate has a new website. I also spotted this little sneak shot on the facebook of the Notorious B-I-G-gie Sals.

Troy Jackson Federal X Focalpoint Edit.

Troy Jackson recently got back on the bike after a long time off from knee surgery, but now has to go in for shoulder surgery. Poor fella, feelin' for ya mate! This edit was filmed in the few months he was on the bike and it is fucking bangin! Manual to hangover tooth was unreal! Coutesy of Focalpoint.

Kie Ashworth - FBM/Stowaway Edit

I originally wasn't gonna post this because it had been on about a million other sites but its too damn good not to! Courtesy of Stowaway.

LUXBMX Store Interview on Ugzine and Grand Opening...

Over on Ugzine theres a little interview with myself and Evan Jaques about our new store LUXBMX. Give it a read here if you're interested. I'm so psyched on how everything has played out and relieved that the cats finally out of the bag!

The grand opening party is on Friday the 9th of July from 6pm at the shop in the Fortitude Valley, Brisbane. I'll release the address closer to the event so check back here or the LUXBMX website in a few days!

Sam Illman - Gettin' ill!

James Wade found this footage lying around of Dishonour Shredder Sam Illman and decided to put it to good use! Filmed by Ryan Sauer and edited by James. Sam is good. Two Seals in a row!