Zane Caldera Edit

Regular video submitter Zane Caldera sent in this dope edit from a few days riding. Good mix of some solid typical park riding as well as some awesome creative stuff. I'm giving this one The Seal just for the nosejam double handplant alone!

Victoria, Australia Mix Edit.

Sam Fitzgibbon let us know about this edit Bret Trigg put together for VitalBMX, featuring a bunch of Victorian riders including Mini, Matt Whyatt, Mikey Spadoni plus more!

Victoria, Australia Mix Edit - More BMX Videos

David Young Night Edit.

Short and Sweet is good, filmed and edited by Brad Willetts.

A day with Shanon Faruggia

Shanon sent through this edit of him riding Rampfest for a day, some bangin' clips in here, Shanon is also off to the States on Saturday, have fun mate!

Nick Richardson and Liam Fahy-Hampton Colony Farewell videos

Heres both Liam and Nick's Colony farewell videos that were mentioned in the big news the other day. Both guys had some clips up their sleeves for sure and its a shame we won't get to see sections from these guys in the Colony DVD.

Jason Watts Forgotten Video!

This kid is absolutely ridiculous. He recently got picked up by Forgotten and here is his latest video, some crazy whip/foot jam moves in here, can't really keep up with it.

Rhys Eversden Edit.

Chill little edit of Rhys shredding Kinross skatepark in WA, I'm stoked on the 540 over the little pallet box jump!

Dom Williams Edit.

How old is this kid? Alot of Whips and Barspins, but pretty good! Thanks Joe Bothwell.

Colony Team Changes.

Nick Richardson and Liam Fahy-Hampton are no longer riding for Colony Pro, I heard about this yesterday though I didn't want to post anything til I knew it was confirmed. I know I speak for many of us when I say I never seen this coming!

"As of today, Liam Fahy-Hampton & Nick Richardson are no longer on the Colony pro team.

It was a very difficult decision to make but one that had to be done. Everything is still cool between us all though. Both Liam & Nick will still be getting flowed Colony product for as long as they need or want it.

I would like to publicly thank them both for everything over the past years. Thanks for being a part of the journey with Colony & I wish you both the best in your future endeavours. At this point in time, both guys have no plans or desires for ride for any new bike companies.

In the next few days we will release some farewell edits from footage gathered recently from both guys.

Thanks again for everything guys – Clint Millar.


Jadan Roxburgh on Dishonour!

Jadan Roxburgh from Nowra, NSW, is the newest addition to the Dishonour Team. If you missed his latest edit here it is below and the photo courtesy of Cooper Brownlee.


Jack McIver - One day in Ballarat

Sweet well filmed little edit of Jack McIver made by Adam Dyson. This was filmed in one day before Jack headed off to Darwin and Cairns.

The Blues are killing me

Another one from Dwayne Saul that I spotted on his vimeo. This one is dope as well, some crazy looking trick attempts in this one. Haha!

Wednesday Shenanigans

Dope little video of Dwayne Saul shredding Mandurah (WA) skatepark on a Wednesday arvo. So stoked on this, so many good clips!

Stephen Grubb - One Rainy Day

Nick Derrick filmed and edited this rad little edit of my good old friend Grubby. Great quality filming and editing and Grubby delivers the goods as always!

Bryce Clinton & Zane Caldera

Mitchell Clenton made this sweet edit of Bryce and Zane at Redlynch Skatepark in Cairns, I'm definitely a fan of Zane's riding! I also think it's weird seeing a edit at a skate park that has no scooter rats flooding the place. Lucky blokes!

Adrian Stratford

Adrian is 14 and from Bendigo, Victoria. His camera broke while filming this but still managed to get some rad clips together. I'm a fan, not sure which way he has his cranks when riding, kind of like Danny Hickerson?

One Minute with Ryan Cranage.

Ryan Cranage sent through this edit of himself riding Millicent in South Oz. Check out his blog -

Unfinished Business

I don't really check the Diversity Facebook Page too much, so I got a pleasant surprise to find this gem of an edit posted on there. It features a bunch of riders from the MP BMX Scene and it has a real fun vibe. That mini looks amazingly fun! Check it out.

If you've ever got a video, make sure you send it to, so it doesn't get lost in the intrawebz.

Tenna - Dishonour Lost Footage

James was cleaning his house the other day and ended up finding some footage of Dishonour and The Sanction team rider Matt "Tenna" Spencer. Some sweet stunts in here. The picnic table lines we're dope!

Via Facebook via Dishonour

Robert Bennett - Tina Scraps

These are some "scraps" from Robert Bennett that didn't make it into the mysterious Tina DVD. Robert is a madman! Always love watching him ride.

Kinross Jam.

Brad Willetts sent through this edit he put together of the jam that went down in Kinross not too long ago. There are a few reasons why I enjoyed this video, one is that's a bloody lovely choice of beer and although it's probably not the best song for a BMX edit, Footloose is a great song! The riding is also pretty rad! Good as gold.

Jackson Townsend Photos

Jackson Townsend is a rider/photographer from the Sunshine Coast and just started a Flickr for his photography. Some great shots in there for sure! Theres also some shots from the recent Lismore Jam. Check it out.

Chody Smurfville

Spotted this sweet little self-filmed edit of Cody Churchill while perusing Ugzine. Kids got some crazy style and some crazier hair. Via Little Black Bike.

Clint Millar 2008 Footage

Quick little edit of Clint Millar of some lost footage from a Beenleigh session all the way back in 2008... Put together by Colony Warehouse Manager extraordinaire Glen McGlaughlin.

Steadfast Issue 2

John has uploaded the rest of the sections from Steadfast Issue 2 and you can see them all on John's vimeo here or click a link below. The video above is of Tempered's newest recruit Benn Pigot. I could watch Benn ride all day. (No homo)

Part 1- Intro and First Mix
Part 2- Dan Baker
Part 3- Drain Kids Mix
Part 4- Rampfest VIP Opening Night
Part 5- Emancipate Halloween Jam
Part 6- Thrash for cash
Part 7- Second Mix
Part 8- Dave Cragg and Tom Stretton
Part 9- Benn Pigot and Credits

Colin Mackay Haro Edit

You know this is going to be good, good to see Colin still killing it.

Steadfast Issue 2 Online

John Young decided to upload his awesome Steadfast Issue 2 video after an epic 76 comment facebook discussion. Some of you may know that this video was released with Rebellyell a few issues back but some complications with the duplicators meant not all of the copies played. Stoked its finally officially online and getting the justice it deserves. This is the intro and first mix but I'd imagine the rest will be uploaded soon...

Jerry Vandervalk Tempered Web Edit

Big week of news for Tempered Bikes. Here's an edit that I filmed with Jerry over a couple of weekends. Jerry is a total boss and most of this was first pop. Enjoy.

Benn Pigot on Tempered + Bike Check!

There's been some speculation about this for a while now but now its finally official. Australia's steeziest motherfucker Benn Pigot is the newest addition to the Tempered family. He's got this little welcome ad and a bike check which features some unreleased products and some nice dvrsty rep! Check it out here.

Tempered Teaser Range

The Tempered Bikes Teaser Range has finally dropped and Matty sent through this little flyer. The seats and sprockets come in 3 colours and you'll be able to pick them up from all good stores Australia wide. Shops contact Triple Six for more info.

Mat also let me know that something special will be dropping tomorrow so check back here for that...

Cody Pollard Video

Cool little video of Cody Pollard from North QLD. Some pretty good moves in here.

David Girsch @ Esplanade Skatepark

David Girsch is really coming up in the Aussie scene. Every web edit he puts out gets better and better. This night time session at a park in Cairns is no exception. Check it out.

Dishonour Simple Beanies...

...are selling really really fast. Tom Blanch is sick. Dishonour.


Brock Horneman

This kid definitely kills it, some crazy footjam combos in here. Good to see some better quality edits too. Dont know if I like those frontjam sliders, discuss in the comments!

Chris Polack- Defgrip Interview

Rebelyell's Chris Polack has a cool video interview over on Defgrip where he talks a bit about the direction of the magazine and the meaning of the name "Rebelyell". Check it out here.

May Photobook Project!

James Wade has released his May Photobook Project, check that out right here, got some cool photos of Sam Illman and The Redbull Dirtpipe Comp.


P.S - On the subject of James, I'm sure the Dishonour Beanies will be going quick, so if you were keen on getting your grubby little hands on one, you better hurry! DISHONOUR.

John Young Ugzine Interview.

Ugzine have done a rad interview with John Young, click here to check it out and John put together this short edit of Danger shredding a sketchy little bowl, Danger still manages to kill it though.


Levi Jackonia!

You all know Levi kills it, here he is shredding a backyard ramp in his hometown, Cairns. That ramp looks so bloody fun!


Be Afray'd

Afray is the new creation from the fresh-as-fuck mind of Brisbane's own Mikey C. He's really timed the news perfectly with the website just dropping as well as an amazing 2 page ad in the newest 2020. The team lineup is already looking amazing with the likes of Liam Fahy-Hampton, Zac Miner, Tom Stretton and Raph Jeroma-Willams all on the team. If you're keen to find out more like I know I am, keep checking the site and join the mailing list.

PS. Sorry just couldn't help myself with the lame dad-pun.

Happy Birthday Nate!

I wouldn't usually do this but my bloody good friend Nate Headon turns 20 today, and what better way to wish him a Happy Birthday then on Diversity. For those who know him, you have to admit he is the funniest bloke alive. Thanks for the good times mate. Cant wait to have a cold one with you tonight and I'll leave you all with this lovely portrait of him.


Jono is the man!

Jono Short sent through this edit of himself, be sure to check it out! 270 whip over the bank to bank hip was ridiculous. Top stuff mate.

Jaie Toohey is back.

Here's another edit from Allan Hardy, Jaie has been off for 6 months and had a knee re-construction. He's back now and they filmed this at Cam Whites trails and some parks around Sydney.

Dishonour 'Simple Beanies'

Dishonour are releasing Beanies on the 8th of June, which is next week so get in quick and preorder yours now. I'm sure they wont last long! Click here to head over to the Dishonour site. So fresh and so clean, clean!


Cam Pianta Victorian Roadtrip.

Allan Hardy put together this rad edit of Cam Pianta hittin' the road in Victoria, some good trails footage in here and also shreds it up at Shepparton skate park (I Think?) Which looks bloody fun!

Tempered Bones Top Load

As well as the Bones front load stem that they will be offering this year, Tempered is also releasing a this awesome top load version. I'm beyond stoked on how these look and can't wait to get my grubby little hands on one. Pre-orders for the stems will be out soon for shops but in the meantime keep checking Tempered for more info.

Gayness in my Anus

Jye Stuart whipped up this little treat. From the description he wrote about it he doesn't seem too stoked on it but I think its awesome. Some solid shit in here for sure. Pretty sure the last dude is one of these as well.

Seek and Win

Freestyle Now in conjunction with Back Bone BMX and Tempered Bikes have an interesting competition going on at the moment. Its called Seek and Win and this one is aimed at the people of Brisbane. All you have to do is find the location in the above picture and take a photo/video of yourself doing a trick on it. More will be revealed each week but the prizes will also get smaller.

First clue – From the Brisbane post office square it is approximately 15 to 18kms away. You must cross the river to get to the location. Click here for more details.