Jason Watts on Forgotten

Forgotten is making some big changes and have some big plans this year. Brisbane park assassin Jason Watts is the first new addition to the team. Congrats to Jason and make sure you stay tuned for more info.

Ramp Attak gets Ramp Attacked

Part 2 of the Diversitybmx.net Ramp Attack series and what better place to do it then at Ramp Attak. Thanks to Biggie Sals and Justy for filming.

Riders include: Troy Charlesworth, Chris Courtenay, Dylan White, Micky Soole, Corey Mansinger, Nate Headon, Jerry Vandervalk, Nick Kajewski and Yonny Wakefield with the banger.

Travis at Drouin

Man all these little parks look so fun. This is a quick one filmed by Nick Derrick of his mate Travis.

Colony Team Pages

Colony have re-done the Team pages, new Q&A's with the whole Pro and Flow team and plenty of rad photos, including this one of Liam's Ice! Check it out right Hurrrrr.


Michael Fucking Vockenson...

...is so creamy baby. Check out the latest concoction the Vock has brewed up. This is scrap for an upcoming edit as well. A massive Seal of Originality for this one! In other Tempered news the Teaser Range should be in stores any day now.


Focalpoint Winter Edit.

Spotted this over on the Focalpoint Site, definitely worth the watch! Stoked to finally see Biggie's No hander off the ledge that was cover of Focalpoint not too long ago!

Lachlan Smith

Rad edit of 16 year old Locky Smith from Perth, not bad for windows movie maker eh?

Pete White Edit.

Here's a rad edit of my good friend Pete White killin' it for Flatline. Pete recently just broke his foot and is out for a few weeks, hope you get better soon mate!


Spotted these shots of the new PilgrimBMX completes on Facebook. The complete bikes look pretty solid with some top quality parts but a big WTF goes out to this... What do you think?

Colony's got an Agenda...

Well thats the name of Colony's new tyres anyway. These bad boys will be out later this year and will come in folding and wirebead. Check Colony for more deets.

Dempsey Varischetti

I think security guards trying to knock riders/skaters down mid trick is the worst thing ever so he probably got what was coming to him. Some pretty banging moves in this one, although I'm not sure how I feel about all the use of sequences. Some made it pretty hard to see the trick... Check it out.

Doug Taylor Interview.

TheRadTheory have put together a nice little interview with Doug Taylor, pretty good read so click here to check it out.


Dishonour 'Aths' Line.

Dishonour have released some new Hats and Hoodies, check out www.dishonourclothing.com for prices and how to get your little mits on these!


Keelan Troy Edit.

Jack Birtles whipped up this quick edit of Keelan shredding Jindalee. Keelan is the man!


Nathan Charles Memorial Jam 2010

Andrew Fraser sent through this edit of the jam they held in memory of Charlzy. Look liked it turned out to be a beauty of a day! thistownsucks.net

Aidan Montero

Aidan Montero is 16 and lives in Bundaberg, Queensland. I enjoyed this one, though once again, alot of footjams...

Brock Olive

Quick little edit of Brock Olive shredding Rosewood skatepark!

Zac Dangerfield Edit.

Alot of barspins in this one, no kidding. Not bad for his first edit though. Let us know what you think in the comments!

Down Underground #2

Shaun Jarvis has let us know the Down Underground Round 2 is happening on the 22nd of May in Sydney. Visit www.newcircle.com.au for more information.


Conj Visits Brisbane.

This was pretty enjoyable. Conj looks like he knows how to have fun and that 360 at Fairfield was nuts. Features cameos from Josh Mannion, Brodie Knox, Rhys Dennis and Nathan "Lanky" Philps. Filmed and Edited by Dan Blogg.

Also, where is the park @ 5:45?

Josh Mannion

Little edit of Josh Manion with a couple of hammers towards the end. Thanks Jamie for the link.

New Product - Colony 'Mountjoy' Grips.

Clint let me know about the knew grips they have in the works, they are actually named after the street Clint Millar grew up on which I thought was pretty cool. These should be available to public September! Check Colony for more details.


Liam and Ryan's Melbourne Trip.

Liam Zingbergs and Ryan Lloyd took a trip down to Melbourne and this is what they got out of it, solid riding with a good vibe. Stoked on this! Both these blokes ride for Primary Threads.


Garrett Cake

Michael Honsa is 13 years old so we won't hold the club music against him.... Some cool stuff for a youngster in here, and no footjams which was refreshing.

Is that a younger, sexier Tom Cruise?

There's a little writeup on the Tempered Blog about the recent Triple Six trip to Dubbo. Mainly posting this for the blatant Diversity car sticker! Haha. Thanks Sam.

Before you ask, sorry there are no more car stickers left, I will post info when I've got some more...

TheRADtheory Mixtape

This is pretty sweet, also features some dope clips of Mat Lawton!

Ben Kent Edit.

Ben Kent is 13 years old and this is his latest edit. I dont mean to be rude, but hopping in footjams is NOT COOL.

Red Bull Dirt Pipe 2

Wow. This looked so epic. Thanks to Rhys Newling for the video.

Dane Searls!

HOLY FUCK. Make sure you watch this, is all I can say. Thanks Allan Hardy.

Tom Woods Edit.

Here is a quick edit of Tom Woods shredding his local park and some street spots, let us know what you think in the comments!


Dave Phillips sent through this edit he put together of a few Sunny Coast riders. Diggin' the 3 off the ute!

Mitch Brown Scraps

This is so sick. My boy Mitch Brown going high and fast as fuck as usual. These are scrap clips from another edit he's working on so you know the proper edit will be unreal!

Nick Harris 15 minute Session.

Damn this is sick, Nick Harris makes the most out of a ledge and a little drop off to grass bank. Dope style and some bangin' little runs.


New Product - FlatlineBMX Tees!

Flatline have released some new fresh tees, they also have some photos of a recent trip they did. Check it out at www.flatlinebmx.com


April Photobook Project.


James Wade has let me know that his April Photobook Project is now online, some dialled photos in it! Check it out right heeeere.

Jamie Moore Interview

James has an amazing interview with Stowaway Distribution's Jamie Moore on Ugzine. Such a great read, James is doing an awesome job with all these interviews! If you want a bit of insight into the BMX industry I suggest you read it. Check it here.

Sam Illman and Caleb Johnson

Spotted this edit of the two Dishonour riders over on the website. Real good vibe to it.

Amigo's of Dave Bike Day Video

Awesome video from Allan Hardy of the Amigos of Dave Bike Day last Saturday. The day was a huge success and the turnout was massive. Chris Courtenay was the number one bowl shark and Danger got his street fins on and took out the street shark title. In a semi-related note, The Crispness has a little rant about the fake-tittied Unit girls handing out condoms to 10 year old kids.

Remember you can still donate to this worthy cause and help a brother in need on the Amigo's of Dave website.

Rebelyell 9- The Music Issue

The new Rebelyell is out and this one is "The Music Issue". I had a flip through this the other night at Jerry's place (who has an interview in it BTW) and it looked amazing! Can't wait to get my hands on my own copy. Rebellyell just seems to be pushing the quality of BMX print media to a whole new level and the new issue is no exception. Here's a little rundown on the contents:

Presented in a new format of a 'Coffee table book'. Rebelyell has now gone really thick. (in more ways than one)
We've jammed in plenty of reading material as well as a shit load of photos that'll keep you going for ages.

Feature Interviews are with S&M rider Jamie Mauri, Tempered Bikes rider Jerry Vandervalk and street legend Adrian 'Gonz' Galaz.
We interview 'The Offspring' about their involvement with BMX and making videos.
We cover the involvement of music and its close ties to BMX. We talk to riders who play in bands, create music for themselves and who are generally inspired by music.
Rebelyelll hits the West Coast of Australia documenting the many talents Perth and the surrounding areas have to offer including a visit to ride the famous 'Wave Rock'.

Anything and everything about music and BMX is covered in this issue and its by far the thickest issue we've done so far.
200 pages of BMX goodness to help keep you well inspired while rocking your bike.


A Day in the Life of Ryan Guettler Part 1 & 2

Vital have done a little Day in the Life with Australia's very own Ryan Guettler. Follow Ryan through his Greenville life as he gets some shredding done, goes for a little dip and shows us his rad dogs. I cant watch part 2 as I'm at work and have no sound but I'm sure it's banging! Click here to watch Part 2. What a bloody good life!

Post Number 1000!

No other reason for this post other than to inform you that this is our 1000th post. To celebrate I'll send a bunch of free Diversity stickers to the first 14 people who send in their name and address to yo@diversitybmx.net. Get emailing!

Edit: Had wayyyyyyyyyy more emails then I was expecting but don't worry anyone who emailed in before now will get some. Thanks for the kind words in the emails guys!

We sit down to pee. Twice.

Pretty damn stoked on this, features a bunch of Sunshine Coast riders I'm assuming? All I can say is Mike Vocko kills it! Thanks to Jackson Townsend for this one.


We sit down to pee. Twice.

Tom Ross and Tim Storey Cleveland Night Sesh.

Tom Ross sent this edit through of him and his mate Tim shredding Cleveland, some good clean riding in this one!

Dishonour Dishonour Dishonour!

Here is the latest from Dishonour, these are the new 'Aths' Hoodies and New Eras. The caps just come in the one colourway, but you can grab a hood in sweatshirt grey, dark sweatshirt grey and black. Caps are going at 45 clams each and the hoodies are $60, OR grab a combo pack for $95 bucks with sounds absolutely lovely to me! Preorder at www.dishonourclothing.com and you would want to be quick because they will sell out fast. Ride More!