Diversity Exclusive - Alex Hiam Interview

Here's the interview I promised, if you're a Alex Hiam fan, read on!


Boring stuff first my friend.. Name, Age, Years riding and Sponno’s?
Hey I'm Alex Hiam 14 years old. Been kicking it since 2006 and sponsored by Colony bmx and Crossleys Cycles.

Now you have been with Colony for a while now, how long and how is it going?
Yeah its been a while now maybe coming up 2 years of luxury. Being sponsored by Colony is amazing you get looked after so much and it's so much fun!

Tell us how it feels to be on a Pro team at 14 years of age?
Bahah! Well i have to say it does feel cool but i still have a long way to go!

You have been doing a lot of road trips/traveling lately, how are you liking that?
Yeah Road tripping is probably one of my favourite things to do! So much fun, I just came back from a road trip to Sydney and Canberra.

Is it hard while you’re still at school?
Yeah definitely, especially living out where I do it's hard to ride after school.

Any plans to travel overseas in the future?
Hell Yes one trip I'm definitely looking forward to is my first trip to USA during the next holidays. Super keen for that :)

You now have a signature frame out, are you excited about that?
Of course! It's the coolest feeling seeing kids rocking your own frame! Thanks so much Clint!

When it comes to a comp, you always seem to keep it cool and end up placing well, tell us your secrets?
Ha whenever I stress out and think to much I choke and slip pedals on everything, but when I'm chilled and its a good vibe with good people I always seem to have an awesome ride and have way more fun.

What do you think you would be doing if you weren't riding?
That's a hard one. I've always loved skating or boxing. One of the two.

Street, Trails or park?
Park over stands both but I'm loving street as well lately.

Any new web edits we should expect out of you soon?
I'll try get one done before i head to America in June!

Big thanks to Colony bmx and Clint and Crossley Cycles, Richard and Miklav. Thank you mummy and dad! My rad sisters. Anyone that drives me round you don't know how much it helps :) Everyone I ride with and chill with!


Peta said...

U are the best mr Alex!!!

Clint Millar - Colony BMX said...

It's a pleasure to have you on the team mate !!

james w said...

I am a fan of that kid. Such a good attitude towards riding and life.

Watkinson said...

alex you kill it. keep it up buddy!