The next Alex Hiam?

Got this picture of 12 year old Caleb Johnson from the Dishonour site. Jesus. The kids also got a bit of steez about him as well... Check out some previous videos of him here and here.

Chris Courtenay on Colony Pro

Blind Freddy could have seen this coming but Chris Courtenay is now on Colony pro after being on the flow team a short 7 weeks. Mainly posting this as an excuse to put up his ridiculous web vid again. Enjoy.

Stephen Grubb

Haven't seen Grubby in a while, probably because he doesn't live in QLD anymore... Check this edit Nick Derrick made for him riding some park and street. That little park looks mega fun!

United Oz Trip.

This is bloody sweet! I could watch Ryan Lloyd ride all day, damn that kid shreds!

Jye Stuart and Robert Bennett in Tassie

Jye Stuart sent through this sweet edit he made from a trip down to Tassie to ride with Rob Bennett. Lots of bangers in here for sure and I don't think I spotted one whip. Hey, whats that I see? Its the Diversitybmx Seal of Originality!

Simon O'Brien Deja Vu Trailer

Wow the production value of this is on a whole other level. Not too sure about some of the little pixie lights though. I normally don't post too much flatland on here but Simon is arguably the best flatlander in the world and the trailer is awesome. Check the Colony site for more info.

Andrew Ahumada Edit

Here is Bret Trigg's latest edit, this one is of Andrew "Mini" Ahumada. I honestly dont know what to say. Haha?

Nathan Charles Birthday Jam

If this is your neck of the woods be sure to check it out!


Diversity BMX Presents - Ramp Attack!

No not the new indoor park in Brisbane. We're talking about the attack of the ramp slow-mo! Its 1996 again and like bellbottom jeans, the ramp slow-mo is making a triumphant return! Fun little session with Jerry Vandervalk, Nick Kajewski and myself.

Graham from MP

This video is of a shredder named Graham from Mornington Peninsula in Victoria.

This one has also been floating around some of the other blogs but I thought it would be the perfect time to announce a new Diversity feature. We're introducing something called "The Official Diversitybmx Seal of Originality" to try and bring some badly needed originality back into Australian BMX. Graham was definitely original in this so he's going to be awarded the very first one. To read what its all about click the image below.

Hell On Wheels - End of Daylight Savings Jam 2010

This has been floating around on a few other sites but its too good not to post. Edit by the super talented John Young.

Tom Appleby... a weirdy. But this is pretty cool. Gold Coast shredder and top bloke Tom Appleby who rides for HelensvaleBMX. Spotted on Facebook. Speaking of Facebook become a fan/like Diversity!

Bret Trigg Edit

Besides making awesome web edits, Bret Trigg is also really good on a bike! Super stoked on this one, it's good to see some nice original riding with style. Self filmed aswell, good stuff mate!

Chris Courtenay - Know the Team

CC has a quick little interview on Colony about a few things, namely exclamation marks, Disney Land and his parents island. Check it out here.

Animal Cuts @ Crossley's

Crossley's are one of the many stores from around Australia to be putting on a premiere for the much anticipated Animal Cuts DVD but this is the local Brisbane one. Sounds like it should be a good night with lots of giveaways, free food and $4 beers. Its all ages so the younger guys can attend as well. If you're in the Brissie area make sure you come out!

Here we go, Crispy.

Crispy has a rad update from our rather eventful day yesterday with some dope CrispyCam photos and a brief recap of our run in with the law. Check it out here.

Sam Illman - Top 5's

Sam Illman threw together some top 5's with Focalpoint and you can check it out here! He also mentioned us in the top 5 websites! Cheers mate!


Port Pirie BMX

Also from Ugzine. Apart from the weird FMX graphics and some strange editing choices (half a hang five @ 5:40) this is pretty dope. Digging that Dom dudes style! Check it out.

More Millar

Clint Millar AKA "The most interviewed man in Australian BMX" has another dope interview over on Ugzine. James has done a really good job with this one though and its well worth the read. Check it here.

Nick Hills Section - South DVD

Spotted this classic section from the 2008 South DVD over on FocalPoint. Forgot how psyched I was on it when I first saw it. If you haven't seen what the riders on the other side of the Tasman are capable of make sure you check it out.

Pat O'neill Trails Edit

Spotted on Helensvale BMX. Buttery trails riding from Pat O'neill.

Animal Cuts Australian Premieres

I've been hanging to see this ever since I first heard they were filming for it. This is a list of the shops that will be putting on premieres. Check with your local store to find out the details.

Mick Bayzand - Know the Team.

Colony have thrown a bunch of questions at team rider Mick Bayzand, click here to check it out!


Laurence Bakewell - Last day of holidays

Kneejam whiplash was... original. Thanks to Brad South for the link.

TripleSix Trip- Part 3

You already know its bangin! If you missed them, heres part 1 and part 2.

What is Lux?

Check out the blog of our newest advertiser Luxbmx. Not much detail on what its about yet but the blog has some amazing photos and there seems to be a bit of hype about it already. They also have a Facebook set up. Check it out.

Will Horan!

No need to say anything, you all know Will kills it!

Forgotten Comp

I'm a little late on this one but over on the Forgotten site theres a little competiton going to pick the colours of the new completes. Clicky hurrrr to check it out. The Forgotten site has been getting a few updates recently and word is they've got some big plans for this year. Check out the pic below, crazy!

Amigo's of Dave, Part 2

This is so dope! Stoke on the Pistol Pete clips! For more info on Dave's situation check out the Amigo's of Dave Blog and the Amigos of Dave Bikeday site. Help out a brother in need.

Check out Part 1 here.

The Fairfield

My internet is going crazy slow so I haven't been able to watch this yet but the first couple of seconds looked well filmed so I'm running with it. I'm sure you'll let me know in the comments how its like...

On the Horizon - Clint Millar

Clint has an awesome interview over on BMXUnion about what the future holds for Colony, amongst other things. Well worth the read. Check it out here.

Matt Hardy Edit

Was not expecting this, Matt's real good! There is some banging flip variations at the end, so good!

TripleSix Roadtrip - Part 2

Found this floating around the good old Facebook, Part 2 of the 666 Road trip that went down a few weeks ago. It's great to see Macca on the bike again!

Amigos of Dave - Part 1

Here's a cool little street edit to promote The Amigos of Dave bike day going down at Nerang skatepark. It's on May the 1st so get out there and show your support!

Greg Morsch Edit

540 and 720 over spine was sweet, check this out for sure!

Cooper Brownlee - Colony Video

Clint just sent through this welcome edit of Coops for Colony. I've always been a massive fan of Coopers riding but this just blew me away! Check it out. Also there's been a bit of hype about this lately as well, only time will tell...


Aside from making awesome videos and being a full-time BMX rep Flagz also shreds on a bike. Some man sized rails and ledges in this one.

666 Roadtrip - Part 1

Here's part 1 of the TripleSix road trip that went down not long ago, a shitload of shredding from Matty Lawton, Jase Bannan and Raph. The gap that Hoang does at the end is unreal! Part 2 and 3 coming soon..

Troy Charlesworth Interview!

Ugzine have done a sweet little interview with Troy, talking about his latest DVD, edits and his plans for the future. I'll have you all know this man can shred a dancefloor, haha! Click here to check it out!


Focalpoint Issue 20!

Issue 20 is now done and on the way to a store near you! Here is what Cooper had to say about this issue..

This issue features Chris Harti on the cover doing on serious braaaaap! There is a boatload of content, as always, including a ‘Behind The Photo’ with Canberra’s Raine Turnbull and Troy Jackson talks about coming back to riding after 18 months off with injury. We look into Nick Gascoine’s NAHYOURITEMATE project, talk to two young shredders named Jack Kelly and Jake Deering, and Dave Rubinich gives a quick rundown of the United Oz roadtrip. We also caught up with Leon Sablinskis and Beau Maslen, who both had interviews back in Issue One to see what they are doing seven years on. Then there are the usual Jams from across the country with a wrap up of the amazing night that was Cam’s Jam and a park-influenced photo project went down! There’s all this and a bunch of other random stuff and it’s free!


That cover is ridiculous. Chris Harti rules!

David Girsch UNIT Video.

Check out David Girsch shredding parks and street all around Brisbane, damn this guy is good! Filmed and edited by Allan Hardy for UNIT.

Diversity Exclusive - Alex Hiam Interview

Here's the interview I promised, if you're a Alex Hiam fan, read on!


Boring stuff first my friend.. Name, Age, Years riding and Sponno’s?
Hey I'm Alex Hiam 14 years old. Been kicking it since 2006 and sponsored by Colony bmx and Crossleys Cycles.

Now you have been with Colony for a while now, how long and how is it going?
Yeah its been a while now maybe coming up 2 years of luxury. Being sponsored by Colony is amazing you get looked after so much and it's so much fun!

Tell us how it feels to be on a Pro team at 14 years of age?
Bahah! Well i have to say it does feel cool but i still have a long way to go!

You have been doing a lot of road trips/traveling lately, how are you liking that?
Yeah Road tripping is probably one of my favourite things to do! So much fun, I just came back from a road trip to Sydney and Canberra.

Is it hard while you’re still at school?
Yeah definitely, especially living out where I do it's hard to ride after school.

Any plans to travel overseas in the future?
Hell Yes one trip I'm definitely looking forward to is my first trip to USA during the next holidays. Super keen for that :)

You now have a signature frame out, are you excited about that?
Of course! It's the coolest feeling seeing kids rocking your own frame! Thanks so much Clint!

When it comes to a comp, you always seem to keep it cool and end up placing well, tell us your secrets?
Ha whenever I stress out and think to much I choke and slip pedals on everything, but when I'm chilled and its a good vibe with good people I always seem to have an awesome ride and have way more fun.

What do you think you would be doing if you weren't riding?
That's a hard one. I've always loved skating or boxing. One of the two.

Street, Trails or park?
Park over stands both but I'm loving street as well lately.

Any new web edits we should expect out of you soon?
I'll try get one done before i head to America in June!

Big thanks to Colony bmx and Clint and Crossley Cycles, Richard and Miklav. Thank you mummy and dad! My rad sisters. Anyone that drives me round you don't know how much it helps :) Everyone I ride with and chill with!

Few Days with Jack Mciver.

Damn this kid makes a new web edit every week, lucky for him it's good riding! Filmed and edited by Jordy Reid.

Rahdi Francis Cater

This is Rahdi Francis Cater and he's a vegetarian.

Daniel Arthur

What have we said about hopping in footjams kids...

Five Dock -End of Daylight Savings Jam

The guys over at cutbmx sent through this edit they made from the recent jam at Five Dock. Make sure you check it out and while you're at it some photos from the same jam and their blog.

Jason Watts

I suppose this is the edit to his teaser we posted up not long ago, some pretty bangin clips in here! He also said he could have had more clips but he broke his frame? 7 fakie was unreal!

Nick Kajewski Scraps!

Holy Moly I Just spotted this on the Tempered site, some leftover clips that didn't make the final cut for his Tempered edit. Remember these are scraps...I love Nick!

Mitch and Dean trails test ride

My mainest of men Mitch Brown turned 21 the other day and this is an edit test riding his new trails with his brother Dean. They look mega fun, makes me wish I could ride dirt...

Sale Night Jam Edit.

Andrew Fraser from thistownsucks put this edit together of the Sale Night Jam that went down on Easter. Looked like it was a good night!

Caleb Johnson - A Day at Drouin.

Here's Caleb Johnson with the goods once again, filmed and edited by Nick Derrick. Good song, too bad it was used in Jim C's Electronical part. (I Think? haha)

Kempsey Jam!

Don't forget the Kempsey jam is going down on the 17th of this month, I would love to head down if I wasn't injured, but make sure you do! Plenty of prizes and I heard it through the grapevine the last jam that went down there was a bloody great day.


Rhys Eversden and Martin Hlavaty - Albany Trip.

Rhys put this edit together of him and his mates trip to Albany, some cool riding in here so definitely worth the check. Damn that park looks fun!


Check these bad boys out, head over to Dishonour to order yours now. Once again get in quick if you're digging them, they wont last long!
James Wade also has his March Photobook Project up now, click here to check that out.


Aidan Montero Edit.

Thought the intro to this edit was a bit long and boring but it's good riding once again. Aidan is 16 and from Bundaberg, QLD.

P.S - Hope everyone had a bloody good Easter weekend. God bless you all.

April Fools

Wow, I did't think anyone would actually believe that! Hahahaha. April Fools suckers!

Also: I don't endorse scooters at all, as a matter of fact I despise them. Anyone over the age of 6 riding a scooter needs a slap in the face. I could sit here all day and list the reasons why they suck but I think every BMXer already knows.

Happy Easter!

The Times They are a Changing

Hey guys. Got some exciting news for you today. In the next two weeks Diversitybmx will be winding down and will become, a website fully devoted to the sport of extreme scootering. I know it might come a bit of a shock to some, but I have been a closet scooter rider longer than I have been riding bmx, ever since that playstation game I've been hooked.

So thanks to all the BMXers that have read this site over the years, but its time to step aside and let the new dominant sport take its place. All hail the scooter revolution!

Here's some links to videos to get you psyched...

Razor Scooter tricks.
This was awesome, reminds me of that old Adam Banton section.

Backflip Triple Whip
Would love to see Scotty Cranmer do this...

Scooter rider gets owned.