Boekel and Polly at Frankston

This is dope. A chill edit of Paul "Polly" Cooper and Boekel who ride for S&M and Fit (through Elite Cycle Imports Imports) respectively. I hadn't really seen much of Polly's riding before this but I'm definitely a fan. Its refreshing to see some nice original riding. Check it out. Filmed and edited by Max Smithers.

PS. Free stickers for anyone who gets my joke...

Alex Hiam - Bro Cam Edit.

Alex is the bloody man! Here's a edit he's been working on over the last few months with his friends, I'm stoked to see Alex shredding the peg tricks now too. Every clip is just solid, don't know how he does it. I've been working on a little interview with Alex too so expect to see that in the next week or two.

Rhys Benn - Sponsor Video

I'm definitely a fan of this blokes riding, real nice tayboes on him. Geordie McAleer put this together for Rhys. mix #2

Andrew Fraser from thistownsucks put together this skate park mix, full of sweet riding but Adrian Fox was the standout for me. Rail ride 180 was bloody sweet!

Dylan Radford Throwaway Clips.

Here's a short edit of Dylan Radford shredding Fairfield and Kuraby, filmed and edited by Brock Horneman.

Latchy's Jumping Jam Jam?

James Patterson sent through this edit he made of Latchy's Trails jam. Bar to Whip was so clean! Check it out!

Caleb Johnson Edit

At first I though there was no way that this kid was 12 but then I did a bit of sleuthing and it looks like he is indeed. Crazy good. Sent in by Sam Illman.

A Day with Jack Mciver.

Jack Mciver is 18 and from Ballarat, Victoria. Not the best video quality but his riding makes up for it. Jack also rides for Impurity Bikes.

New Tempered Apparel Sneak Peak

Via Matty on Facebook. Looking rad! No details on a release date but we'll keep you posted.

Chris Courtenay Welcome to Colony

Fucking Chris Courtenay. Nuff said. Via Colony.

Zane Caldera shreds!

Zane sent this in of himself, bloody stoked on this one! Zane has a mega good style, nice barspins and there is no whips! This is more like it kiddies!

Havic Dirt Jam!

Havic are holding a dirt jam on the 10th of April at Kenthurst. If you're in the area make sure you check it out!

Dom Williams Edit.

This kid seems to be in a shitload of web edits lately, I feel as if I've seen some of these clips in other edits. Either way the kid shreds and is only 14!

Ryan Cranage Edit.

Ryan Cranage put this little edit together just after he broke his Fibula. Get better soon bloke!

Luke Francis 30 minutes after work.

Alot of tailwhips but he definitely has them on lock. Loud brakes are no good in videos haha, sorry kids. Let us know what you think in the comments.

Triplesix Roadtrip

Seems like its take a trip to Australia time! First the Sunday team, Then the Kink team, and now Ryan Sher and Hoang Tran are over to join the boys on the Triplesix road trip. Lots of familiar names on this one as well with guys from Shadow, Subrosa, WTP, Macneil and Tempered. Check the flyer for the deets.

DISHONOUR - Ride and Shred!

Here is Dishonour's latest tee, preorder yours now at They should be available early April and are going 25 bucks a tee!

Albury/Yarra Fun.

Here's another one from Rhys Newling, definitely some sweet clips in here and there is only ONE footjam! Thats what I like to see! Check out Rhys's new site,

Chiltern Skatepark Edit.

Jake Arnold sent through this video of himself, Gary Mcivor and George Donaldson shredding Chiltern skatepark. Nice little edit if you dont mind me saying!

Dean Anderson Edit.

I'm stoked on this blokes wide variety of tricks, he's got a real good style too. Most of this was filmed at Morwell and filmed by Josh Dawes.


Yours truly has a drunken interview over on Crispy Stream. For my sake please don't read it.


Here's the edit from the Dude Man Jam held by Dishonour and Little Black Bike last Sunday. Looked like a good day and there's some bangin' clips in here. The uprail to Cannonball was unreal! Stole this from our friends at Ugzine! Edited by Tim Towie.

Meet the Kink Team at Connections

The Kink Pro team is doing a trip around Australia and one of their stops will is at Connections BMX this Saturday. This will be an awesome opportunity to meet and have a ride and hang out with some pros. Check the flyer for more info.

Rhys Eversden Edit.

Here's a short edit of Rhys Eversden, filmed and edited by Brad Willets. Some good clips in here, though I thought the banger could of been something better then a frontjam with a million hops. Other then that, kid shreds!

Diversity Exclusive- Mat Lawton and Mike V Skatepark Session

Mat Lawton from Tempered hooked up this sweet footage of himself and Mike V from a park session not long ago for me to throw together. Lots of banger clips for sure. Check it out! I uploaded it to youtube because I hadn't given my youtube account some love in a while. If you prefer a Vimeo version, you're in luck, check the Tempered Vimeo page soon for it.

New Product - Colony Tee's.

The new Colony Tee's should be arriving in all good bike shops this week, click right here for more info on these bad boys!


Kinross Summer Edit.

Dom Williams sent in this edit he made of a few blokes shredding Kinross Skatepark. Shitload of barspins in this edit, haha but I'm stoked on that 3 to flat off the quarter. Thanks Dom!

Diversity Exclusive- Mat Lawton and Mike V Skatepark Session

Mat Lawton from Tempered hooked up this sweet footage of himself and Mike V from a park session not long ago for me to throw together. Lots of banger clips for sure. Check it out! I uploaded it to youtube because I hadn't given my youtube account some love in a while. If you prefer a Vimeo version, you're in luck, check the Tempered Vimeo page soon for it.

Tempered Lost Days and Throwaways '09'

Just spotted this on the Tempered site, it's a collection of almost ancient footage going back 2 years I would imagine. Riders include Jerry V, Macca, Warren Bowers, Mat Lawton, Timmy White and alot more! Matty's done a great job on this edit, real good vibe to it and brings back the great memories!

Nigel "Banana Boots" Kessen.

Short and sweet is always the way to go! This one is of Nigel killing Dandenong Skatepark. Sweet nickname mate! haha.

2020 Issue 35


Issue 35 hits all Newsagents and Bike Shops this week. Kym Grosser takes out his third cover and you will find plenty of goods in this one including Tempered's latest roadtrip, Colony's One Year Independence and Cam Whites Jam. Looking forward to seeing this one!

Switch Indoor Session

Brodie Butterfield sent through this edit he made of a few blokes riding the Switch Indoor Skatepark at Port Macquarie. Look's like fun!

Jack Elkins - Straight Loungin' at Fairfield

This has some crazy stuff in it and the filming was pretty legit. Whip over and into the weird bank/quarter thing and 3 whip hop were definitely highlights. Thanks Jack for sending it in!

Jack Stead Edit.

Jack Stead sent through this edit of himself, saying it was filmed in just half an hour. Some good clips in here, check it out!

Nathan "Lanky" Philps!


Was browsing through Alex Tame's Flickr and came across this shot of Lanky on Browns Vert wall, you gotta' love Lanky! Wow.

Grai Meechamnan Web Edit.

Edit of 15 year old Grai Meechamnan, some solid stuff in here but im definitely not a fan of those footjam 540 hop things. Other then that, pretty stoked on this young fella!

"Nah Fuck That"

This is so fuckin' awesome! John Young coming through with the goods as always. Perfectly sums up the vibe of the day and some of the bangers that went down. Lots of lulzy Irvine appearances as well. Make sure you check it out.

February Photobook.


James Wade has his February Photobook online now, check it out here! While you're at it, check out his clothing company Dishonour and buy a tee or two!

Chris Courtenay on Colony!


Look's like Chris Courtenay is the new addition to the Colony Team! Chris is a damn shredder and super nice bloke, so congrats to you on that mate!

Brad South Web Edit.

Short edit of Brad South shredding a park, check it out!

Kempsey Jam

There's another Jam going down at Kempsey on the 17th of April. Once again, if you're in the area be sure to check it out!


Diversitybmx Orange Roadtrip

Here it is, a random assortment of clips from our Trip down to Orange. Not a huge amount of riding clips but didn't turn out to bad considering most of the trip we were either drunk or it was raining. I captured the footage last night and edited it during my lunch break today. How's that for a turn around?

Aiden Montero web edit

Some pretty cool tech stuff in here. Those frontjam nosewheelies are pretty dope!

New Product - Colony Female Clone Hubs.

Colony have now released their Clone Cassette Hubs with Female bolts, check the site for more info.


Brock Beadman February Edit.

Brock Beadman sent through this edit of him riding Grafton. Brock rides for Revolution BMX too.

Matt Whyatt in Warrnambool.

Matt Whyatt was in Warrnambool for the weekend and Bret Trigg put together this sweet little edit. Bret's Backyard ramps look damn good!

Jason Watts Teaser.

Not sure how I feel about teasers for web edits, but this kid definitely shreds so why not post it. Full Edit should be out soon.

Repost: Mount Barker BMX Comp.


Here's a new flyer for the Mount Barker Comp thats happening this Sunday.

Jono Short.

Stoked to see a video of Jono floating around, Jono is a super nice bloke and shreds a bike for sure. This one is of him chilling at good old Morayfield. Filmed by Vauxy and edited by Dylan.

February Edit

Check out this edit Brad Willets put together, all filmed in Kinross. Short and sweet!

RNV Volume 5

Rhys Newling has put together RNV Volume 5, some sweet riding in here!

Brock Horneman Edit

Brock Horneman sent in this edit of himself, kid has been riding just over 6 months, not bad eh?

Brock Olive

This is amazing! Brock Olive shredding Bundamba, some street spots and trails. Not the best filming but his riding makes up for it, definitely worth the watch!

Home Sweet Home!

We're back from our trip a little later then we expected due to car problems (Two blown out tyres and something wrong in the front end which I dont remember what it was but could of ended up bad if we didn't get it fixed) The Orange Jam went down really well, big turnout and definitely a good day. Thanks to Will Gunn and Dan Baker for the good times and giving us a place to stay, also a big thanks to Liz and Olivia for having us in Port Macquarie. Mitch should have an edit of the trip up soon.