Nick Kajewski Interview

MW: Name, Age, Sponno’s, Favourite condom?
NK: Nick Kajewski. 22. Tempered bikes and Ride On Bmx store. I try and mix it up, haha.

MW: How do you spell your last name phonetically?
NK: Key-es-key

JB: How long have you been riding your bike for mate?
NK: Since Jesus played full back for the Jews.

JB: You recently made the move from good old T–bar to Brisbane to live with your best mate Jerry V, how is the change from Toowoomba to Brisbane city?
NK: We got a sweet crib close as to the city. I don't have to drive back to Toowoomba every Sunday night and thriller is just around the corner. Haha

JB: I have seen lately you have been doing a lot of filming with Chris Lembo, any bangin’ video parts we should start looking forward to seeing?
NK: Yea Lembo just got some ballin camera. So we have been filming for tempered and a little edit with diversity.

MW: How many barspins do you think you've thrown in your life?
NK: Not enough, haha.

JB: Can you tell us some highlights to your recent USA trip?
NK: Just seeing a whole diffrent culture and meeting new people is crazy, beer is sooo cheap, riding crazy spots ya see in DVDs and the unit is heaven.

JB: Are you looking forward to traveling overseas again?
NK: Bloody oath. Nothing better than travel.

JB: You have been riding for Tempered a fair while now, how is that going and can we expect some sig parts anytime soon?
NK: Yeah close to two sweet years now. Nah nothings been talked about sig parts yet but maybe I'll have to get Matty drunk and whisper something in his ear, haha.

JB: What have you been riding more of lately? Street park or Dirt?
NK: Everthing mate!

MW: If you were stuck on an island and only had one DVD to watch for the rest of your life, what would it be?
NK: The Castle.

JB: Who have been your influences growing up riding?
NK: Van Homan fo sure. Jerry V too, we seem to influence each other on and off the bike.

JB: I know I speak for many people when I say you have the most smooth, effortless style, have you always been into making stuff look good or were you once a supermega trick dog?
NK: Haha yea I guess I was. I snapped my acl a couple years back and it changed my view on Bmx and how's there is way more to it than busting you balls trying to keep up with Daniel Dhers.

JB: We all love to have a cold beer, Tell me Nick, Whats your favourite brew?
NK: I don't mind a cold vb!

Interview by Mitch and Justy
All pictures by Aldo.


Limby Lemgweeny Lembo said...

Nick K all day!

aaron said...

nick has gotta be my favourite aussie rider aye, farkk mate you know what its all about aye