Label Ya Tapes!

Man I have learnt my lesson about labelling tapes first hand, that shit can get pretty frustrating! This edit is by Tim Towie (Ted to some) and is fucking dope. The bike throw at a scooter kid was definitely the highlight for me. Spotted on the Zine of Ug.

Australia Day Trails Jam

Really fun edit of a trails jam that went down on Australia Day. Plenty of mad trails style in here. Video by Ryan Guettler. Spotted on Colony. Also check out Ryan's video of his dogs.

Sanction Summer Sale

The guys over at everyones favourite Albury based BMX store The Sanction are having a sale on all their clothes online. Enter the code "summer" in the discout section and get 15% and free shipping. Dialled!

CLick here for the online store or here for their website.



Here are the new designs for Dishonour, going for 25 smackeroos in a wide range of colours, looks bloody sweet. They wont last long so head over to Dishonour now or contact James Wade at

Bret Trigg Interview


Bret Trigg has got an interesting interview over on BMX Union, where he talks about his filming, riding and alot more. There are a few of his recent edits of Matt Whyatt and Mini too if you missed them. It's definately worth the read so go check it out!

Tom Dunn Amazing Leftovers

Check out this awesome edit of Tom Dunn, who funnily enough I just posted a random picture of below. Tom rides for Tempered and RideOn and he's a shredder for sure. This edit is made up of leftover footage from a section Jack Birtles has been working on. If these are the scraps I can't wait for the final version. Check it out.

Drew Raison's Flickr

Tom Dunn getting his drop on.

Happy Australia day diversity readers. Hope you all got/are nice and drunk (if you're of age of course).

Pretty slow with the news lately but check out this sweet Flickr account of my boy Drew Raison. Every single shot in here is amazing with lots of dope BMX shots and alot of great portraits/random stuff as well. If you appreciate some good local photography then check it out.

Trav Reddington on Dishonour!

Was just checking the Dishonour site and seen that Trav Reddington has been added to the team! Congrats mate!

"I dare say that most people from Adelaide know who Trav is... but for those who don't know, Trav is from Murray Bridge in South Australia. He's an absolute shredder and a pretty funny guy. Pretty much good times around this kid!"


Todd Meyn

Another vid jacked from Ugzine. This time of Todd Meyn from West Oz. Isn't this dude like 15 or 16? Lots of crazy shit in here including a flair to disaster to revert (dope) and a 1080. Check it out.

Colony Top Load Stem

These look dope! I've been thinking of switching back to a top load for a while now. Get those bars nice and high. More info on Colony.

Jason Watts

This kid is definately dialled, not the best filming and it's pretty long but it's worth the watch, kid has a sweet style and pulls out some bangers too. So stoked on this!

Adrian Stratford

"Hey Guys, Here I have a clip of 14 years old Adrian Stratford from Ocean Grove Australia doing what we have called The "StratFlip"

Where unsure if this trick has ever been pulled or even invented so I was wonder if you could post it on your site for some feedback."

Discuss, let's hear all your opinions.

Brian Gration

This bloke is only 16, has only been riding 9 months and is producing some solid clips, good stuff mate!

Flatline BMX!

Pete and Derrick from FlatlineBmx have their site up and running now, James Wade has put alot of effort into it and looks real nice. Go check that out here and here's a little welcome to the team edit for Corey Platt. Who might I add, shreds hard with a good style!

Blake Butterfield Memorial Jam Video

This is the video from the Blake Butterfield Memorial Jam we posted about the other day. That Levi dude goes BIGGGGGGG.

Fanny and Pirie

Soooo stoked on this edit, not really because of the good riding or quality, but because of the use of Dr Octagon. Vidjacked from Ugzine.

BAZ Arvo Session

Chilled edit from Rhys Newling.

Tempered Coast to Coast Trip - Part 2

This is part 2 of the Tempered Bikes Coast to Coast Trip video. Both Tom Dunn (which you'll see) and Macca got broke off at the end of the trip so the riding mellowed out a bit towards the end. Enjoy!

Blazeguard: Aussie Invasion

Spotted this crazy video on TheComeUp. Features Australia's very own Kym Grosser and Mick Bayzand doing lots of man-sized amongst other gnarliness. I heard Mick Bayzand carriers his balls in around in a wheelbarrow? Kym Grosser also keeps up the innovation with a superman seatgrab to fakie on a bank. Make sure you watch this one.

Daniel Innes

Here's another one from Mick, Knox Bowl shredder Daniel Innes. Gotta love that big dirty fly on the screen. That AFL field also looks glorious in the background haha.

Lachy Swanton shreds!


Just found this over on Lachys Facebook, way to good not too post! If you missed his Focalpoint edit watch it HERE. Photo by Cooper Brownlee, while you're at it check out Coopers ONELOVEONELIFE blog.

Brad Williams 2010

Locky Smith sent in this edit of Brad Williams, not the best filming but its definately good riding.

Memorial Jams.

Dont forget the Blake Butterfield memorial jam is going down this Wednesday the 20th at Kempsey Skatepark and should be a real good day, if you're in the area be sure to check it out!


The Steven Dark Memorial is also coming up next month down in Orange, NSW.


Marnold Colony Video

This is bloody sweet! Marnolds edit for Colony spotted on Focalpoint.

Brad South Summer Edit

Brad South sent in this video of himself, pretty long but some sweet clips in there for sure.

Deen Allen Edit

I've had this sitting in my inbox for a while now, not sure why it was not posted. It's Deen Allen shredding Warragul skatepark in one day, filmed and edited by Nick Derrick.

BlackMarket Dirt Jam & Ballin on a Budget Roadtrip.

Dan Blogg from Black Market Films sent through these two edits, first one is the Black Market Dirt jam that went down at Ferny Grove trails a while back, and second is the Ballin on a Budget edit featuring Josh Mannion and others on the road up to Gladstone shredding some spots.

Focalpoint Issue 19!

Issue 19 is finally out, should be in all good bike shops over the next few days! How banging is the cover haha, holy moly! Spotted on Focalpoint.

"Stingray produced a solid interview with some super random questions being asked, Flem Banks coverage, Geelong shredder Mikey Spandoni scored this issues Living the Underground, We take a look into a bunch of riders backyard setups, Halloween Jam/Roadtrip, An insight into the t-shirt brand and printing, A day in the life of Jack Karger, The nightlife photo project. All that and alot more inside issue 19 and of course its free! I started posting mags out today so expect them in stores in the next day or two, along with NSW and QLD next week as we are dropping them off to alot of stores!"


Down Underground Contest

Here's the preview of the Down Underground Contest video that went down in Perth, full video coming soon! Thanks to Shaun Jarvis for the link.

Laurence Bakewell Dirty Gremlin edit

This kid is unreal, once again whats with the music? Laurence rides for Dirty Gremlin.

Steven Dark Memorial Jam

Dan Baker from O - town sent through this flyer for the Steven Dark Memorial BMX jam. I seen some videos of blokes riding the new extensions and it looks rad!


Jake Arndell on LeafCycles

Bret Trigg hit me up with this edit he put together of Jake Arndell who now rides for Leaf Cycles. Definately sweet riding and a solid edit but it felt like I was raving in a night club to that song, haha! Filmed and edited by Bret Trigg who seems to be coming out with the goods alot lately!

Lachy Swanton FP edit

Was snooping around Focalpoint and came across this rad video of Lachy Swanton, definately some amazing clips in here. Focalpoint have released a bunch of new tee's and also looks like Cooper has done up the site too, go check it out!

Caleb Johnston

Spotted this edit over on Dishonour, kid is definately stylish! Filmed and edited by Ben Rose.

Knox Bowl Scraps

Mick sent in this video he edited of some Knox Bowl shredders, pretty good for just leftovers!

"delicious video! lol bicycle rider michael simonis"

Thats pretty much all the description that I got, haha. Lots of hops in tailtaps but some decent riding as well.

I'm also running a poll about your thoughts on comments. Make sure you vote and have your say!


James Wade from Dishonour has come through with the goods once again! Check these bad boys!



Head over to Dishonour to order yours now, there are limited numbers so don't miss out. I got my Dishonour shirts in the mail the other day and was not disapointed, James always has fresh designs going on!

Tempered Coast to Coast Trip - Part 1

A few months ago I went on a Trip with the Tempered crew to help out with the filming and make an edit of the trip. I'm stoked to have been invited and had a blast, even though I fucked my wrist on the first day. We got a bucketload of footage so we had to split the edit into two parts. This is part one of two and the next part should be out soon. Keep your eyes and ears peeled because theres going to be alot more edits dropping in the not too distant future!

4 hours with Matt "Tenna" Spencer.

Dre from The Sanction has put up this edit of Matt "Tenna" Spencer, who rides for Tempered and Dishonour. Definately some sweet stuff in here.

Love Justy B

Sean Wood Edit

Brad Willetts sent in this edit of Sean Wood from Kinross, Western Australia and you can check out Brad Willetts Flickr right here.

- Justy B

The Notorious J.I.

Love him or hate him you have to admit he holds it down pretty well in this edit. Edit by Jamie Proietti.

Corey Bohan Interview

TheComeUp have done an interview with Australia's very own Corey Bohan, click here to check out what Bohan has been up too and the low down on his new sponsors.


- Justy B

Tom Ross

Tom Ross sent in this video of himself riding Cleveland and Toowoomba, which are nowhere near each other. Some pretty decent riding in here but the highlight for me was the rolling mexican around the bowl corner to whiplash. A bit strange that it started and ended on the same trick though. Check it out.


Diversity is on Facebook. While you're at it become a fan of Tempered, Colony and Focalpoint.

EDIT: And don't forget Dishonour!

Berly Tanner 09 Edit

Riding was good but the song was a little wack. Sounded like The Postal Service on helium or something. Riding is by Berly Tanner anyway, who apparently spent 4 months of the year in a cast with a broken foot.

Steve Denny Web edit

Albany Creek shredder Steve Denny sent in this edit of himself, kids got a damn good style! Filmed and edited by Peta Shepherd.

- Justy B

Leftovers Edit by Bret Trigg

"Thought I'd Do Something With The Unused/ Left Over Clips From This Year.
Just Cause There In This Edit Don't Mean That They Are 'Shit' Clips. The Main Amount Of Clips In Hear Are Either Second Angles, Unused In Edits that Never got Made. Featuring Some Up And Comers Of Australia And Purely Genuine Guys."

Check it out.