Robert Bennett - Outdated Footage.

Sent in by Jye Stuart. "A bunch of Rob's old clips, slapped together to a simple beat. These were intended for the Tina DVD, but no one knows what's going on with that, and Rob has filmed more recent stuff anyway, so Merry New Year kids"

Merry Christmas!

From Manbeast, Jack Elkins and myself, we hope you have a fantastic day and Santa gave you all those goodies for your bikes. To those of age, enjoy those cold beers and stay out of the rain! Love you all.


B.I.K.E at Ramp Attak!

Flyer says it all, be there if you are a Brisbane Local!


Jacob De Abreu 2010.

Brad South put together this edit of shredder Jacob De Abreu, definitely some solid clips in here.

Matthew Hardy - Rampant Edit

Plenty of supermega goodness from Matt Hardy riding Taree Skatepark and Switch skatepark.

Nathan "Lanky" Philps Edit.

Top notch riding from the one and only Lanky, dont miss this one! Whip Tap on Browns vert wall was bananas!

Billy H!

Billy H-Ten Spring 10 from Back Bone BMX on Vimeo.

'Billy Hietanen destroying Canberra, filmed during Spring. Billy is already working on something else so be on the lookout, he is a destroyer!'

So much steeze!

Brock Horneman Edit

Heres a sick edit from my homie brock which has been in the works for about 2 months, definitely worth watching!

Jack Paton - A day at Dayboro.

Jack recently just got back from 3 months off the bike due to wrist surgery and put together this edit on his second ride back. Filmed and edited by John Carter.

Garreth Hadfield for Ride On BMX Store.

I am beyond stoked on this! All round good guy, Garreth Hadfield, has teamed up with Jack Birtles to produce this awesome edit for RideOn BMX Store. Definitely the best edit I have seen in a long, long time.

Jason Watts.

I've always been a huge fan of Jason's riding and tonight I thought I would get the old camera out and snap a few shots of him at Rampattak. If you missed his last edit, check it HERE.



Matt Whyatt + Fist 'Handwear'

Bret Trigg has been on an mission lately and heres his latest edit which he filmed in one session with Matt Whyatt, god knows what Fist Handwear is but its great to see these guys getting some well deserved attention!

Darwinbmxscene - This is Darwin.

Got an email from Dave Orme who's living in the hot end of this beautiful country. They have started up a little blog, which is really good too see and this is the first web edit they have produced and it's not bad at all. Check it out and dont forget to go check out their blog.

Chris Courtney - Ride on BMX edit

Heres a dope edit of Chris shredding ramp attack, filmed by Bret Trigg. So stoked to see him coming back so strong from his injury.

Local Edit.

Heres a scene edit from Zane Caldera and co which I thought was pretty dope.

Local Edit

Local Edit from Zane Caldera on Vimeo.

Heres a scene edit from Zane Caldera and co which i thought was pretty dope

Dishonour On The Make Jersey promo

James just sent through this sweet little promo for the new "On the Make" jerseys now available from Dishonour which look rad! Get yours here.

Macca - Crispy Stream

Some Macca footage just surfaced over on Crispy Stream. Macca is ridiculous.

Josh Mete Edit.

Dre from The Sanction put together this edit of Josh Mete over one weekend. Solid riding as always, and those 360 Tayboes are real good looking!

A Day in Geelong with Nick & Adam.

Really enjoyed this edit Adam Dyson sent it, dope riding and great filming and editing. Dont miss this one!

New Product: Dishonour Jerseys.

Dishonour have dropped some Jerseys which look pretty rad, they also added a few new blokes to the team. Check it all out at

Chris Courtenay - Back in Action.

Chris has been out the last 7 months due to a crook knee and has just started getting back into riding, without a doubt it looks like he hasnt lost much. Good too see you back on the bike Chris! Filmed and edited by Cooper Brownlee and Interview done by the one and only, Salad.

One day with Byron Richardson.

Adam Dyson sent in this really well edited and filmed video of Byron Richardson, two peg to bar over was bloody sweet! Make sure you check this one out.

Jordan Aiken & Schae Palmer Edit.

Chillin' edit of Jordan Aiken and Schae Palmer riding Bowral skate park in NSW.

Calvin Kosovich - Welcome to The Set

Calvin Kosovich - Welcome from The Set on Vimeo.

Heres a ridiculous edit from Calvin Kosovich out of Perth who just got picked up by The Set. Filming looked dope and the riding was legit from start to finish, definitely a much watch!

Nate Headon & Tristan Montagu "Just Chillin"

AWESOME edit of my boys Nate and Tritto, filmed and edited by Luke McIntyre. Good riding, good vibe, good filming and editing. What more could you ask for! So stoked on this edit.

Browns Plains Jam

Don't forget about the Browns Plains Christmas Jam thats happening this Saturday from 3pm. Sounds like the boys have been hard at work making ghetto ramps and ledges so its gonna be an awesome day for sure!

Droputs: A BMXhibition

Seems like this weekends gonna be a busy one for all us Brisbanites! To start it theres a rad BMX Exhibition in the city starting on Friday night. This from LUXBMX:

"Our good friends over at Laced have been putting in work for an exhibition this weekend. Dropouts: A BMXhibition will feature tons of memorabilia from some of Brisbane’s biggest BMX enthusiasts, collectors, riders and builders alike, from the old school, mid-school and new school eras. We've been lucky enough to have a few bikes featured including a super badass custom we've built for the event.

The exhibition will kick off at 7pm on Friday night and will run both days on the weekend from 10am-5pm. Make sure you drop in!"

Hell on Wheels Doubles Edit

Teamwork - Tom Boorman & Dave Cragg from John Young on Vimeo.

The guys at Hell On Wheels have been putting out some fantastic web features and this is no different, it features Tom Boorman and Dave Cragg doing some rad doubles lines at five dock and an intense crash. Hope you heal fast Tom!

Nick Kajewski - Do it old mate!

Rad little teaser clip for Tempered and Lux team rider, Nick Kajewski. Keep an eye out for his edit which should be dropping soon, I hope! Good on ya Nicko!

Wade Barnes - My time in Cairns

My Time In Cairns from Wade on Vimeo.

Heres a dope edit from a mate of mine wade barnes, it's all fresh stuff filmed since he came down to Cairns and it features some dope footjam stuff!

Colony trade in a scooter deal.

Holy-LOL. If you are connected to the internet chances are you have witnessed the shitstorm thats been raging for a day or so mainly fueled by butthurt scooter riders.

Basically the deal is awesome. Any ex-scooter rider that buys a complete Colony bike in the next few weeks can send in their old scooter and in turn get over $100 in Colony product as a "Welcome to BMX" incentive. Read more about that here.

It seems that a legion of pre-pubescent, tough-talking, scooter-wielding internet warriors haven't taken the idea as light-heartidly as it was intended and are taking to Facebook and the comment section of their favourite blogs in the hope that their incessant moaning, screaming for Colony boycotts, and threats of physical harm to the Colony team (LOL) will actually achieve something.

Scooter riders take note, Colony does not have armed goons running into your homes and forcefully removing your prized scooters like some kind of scooter holocaust, they are simply offering a little extra to those who have finally taken the next step and jumped into the world of BMX.

PS. Favourite quote so far from this whole ordeal - "Wow I think bikes are gay the only differance between a bike and a scooter is the little hard plastic penis shaped seat, that goes up there but, Now that is gay Stand up like a man" This coming from a legitimate scooter company from the US run by a 25 year old dude. If you disagree with his comment please send a well-mannered email to

Tyson Von Hoff Edit.

Sweet edit from John Green who usually films and edits Skating, not bad for his first BMX edit. Featuring Tyson Von Hoff from Morayfield.

Monster Spine Roast Edit

As promised, heres the edit from the monster spine roast that i did a little write up about a couple weeks ago, kind of an unfortunate song choice but nonetheless. Definitely some serious bangers from the pro dudes as well as the am guys with Brad Jenner and Josh Williams killing it. If you guys want to keep up with events such as the monster comps and a raft of others you should definitely follow the Sydney Freestyle Bmx Association Facebook page!

Sam Illman / Cali 2 Sunnies!

Tight edit of Illman shredding the one and only Browns Plains for the release of Dishonour's new Cali Sunnies and Support Local Tees. Look's like Dishonour have a new site too, check it all out at

Repost: Beerwah Jam.

Was browsing the Diversity Youtube the other day and stumbled across this edit Manbeast put together of the Beerwah Jam. Must have been a couple of years ago, so I had another watch of it then realised it had 168,113 views. Couldn't believe it! That's a lot of bloody views for a video of a bunch of ratty BMX kids! Check the Diversity Youtube for plenty more old videos if you have some spare time on your hands!

Focalpoint One Clip - Biggie

I've stolen this off Focalpoint for two reasons, one is because I think these One Clip things that Cooper is doing is rad and the other is Biggie Sal kills it and this clip says it all.

5 Minutes with Jess Cini.

Short and sweet edit of Jess Cini shredding a box jump, is that the new indoor in Melbourne?

Levi Jackonia - Set welcome edit!

Levi Jackonia - Welcome from The Set on Vimeo.

I'm so stoked to be able to post this, my good mate and the guy i grew up riding with, Levi Jackonia has been on The Set for a little while now and here is his introductory edit filmed by Landon Straud in Cairns. This is definitely a much watch!

Zane Caldera, Always chill

always chill, from Zane Caldera on Vimeo.

A short weekend edit of the very productive Zane Caldera, oppo 270 bars was fresh!

November Holiday Starter

Heres a dope little edit from my old hometown Cairns, it features Brodie Rayner, Tom Harris and Mitchy Clenton. Definitely stoked to see the next generation of shredders putting in work!

November Holiday Starter from WeaponProductions! on Vimeo.

Steve Denny Edit.

Super stoked on this edit of Steve, always enjoy watching his riding. Check it out!

Morayfield Long Weekend Edit Part 2.

Here's part 2 of Luke McIntyre's Morayfield Long Weekend edit, just as good as the last one! Featuring Chris Van Lieshout, Nathan Woodyard, Max Liversage and Zacahrya Dangerfield. Stoked too see how much these guys are progessing!

Steve VG Bike Check.

Bret Trigg produced this awesome edit of Steve VG showing us his bike, plus there is some banging clips in there. Definitely a fan! Steve rides for Impurity Bikes.

Jason Watts FRGTN Web Vid

FRGTN teamed up with esteemed Australian videographer Troy "Biggie Sals" Charlesworth to make this web video of FRGTN ride Jason Watts. Filmed over 24 hours and packed full of bangers. Check it out.

Morayfield Long Weekend Edit Part 1.

Luke McIntyre coming through with the goods, he didnt seem too stoked on this but I think it's rad! Part Two coming soon!

Monster Spine Comp

Photo: Joshua Macpherson

Hey everyone, apologies for the lack of posts on my part, i've been in sydney blah blah. Anyway, last night the Monster Spine Roast went down and it was rad as hell. Straight off the bat the amateur guys absolutely killed it with Brad Jenner and Josh Williams going for broke and Matt Tramontana blasting some gnarly flairs. The pro comp was largely a beast off between Brandon Loupos, Danny Campbell and Luke Bowerman. Danny ended up taking out third place with a huge flip nac nac over the spine and a whole bunch of other bangers. Bowerman got second with his usual floating steez, nailed a bar to foot, down whip to foot, double down whip air and a whole bunch of other stuff all in the same run which was gnarly before hurting his back on a fronty gone bad. The overall pro winner of the night was 17 year old Brandon Loupos who nailed, amongst other things, a bar catch bar to footjam, 540 bars and 540 whip airs, flair whips at height as well as the biggest whip airs that ramp has probably ever seen. Anyway, all in all it was a dope competition and i expect it will only get better in the future! As soon as the footage is edited ill post it up here for you guys!


15 AND UNDER: 1st Chris Armor, 2nd Harry Bartter, 3rd Benjamin Standfort
AMATEUR: 1st Jack Elkins, 2nd Josh Williams, 3rd Matt Tramontano
PRO: 1st Brandon Loupos, 2nd Luke Bowerman, 3rd Danny Campbell

Christmas Jam

To celebrate the birth of the most famous fictional character of all time theres going to be a sweet jam held at Browns plains skatepark. Sam Illman is the driving force behind this one and has already started building some ghetto ledges and ramps. There will also be some challenges and tons of giveaways so make sure you don't miss it. Supported by Dishonour, LUXBMX Store, FocalPoint and some other sweet website!

Peep the flyer for more details.

Two Days in Vancouver.

Sweet video of Bohan, Grosser and Sexsmith shredding in Vancouver, don't miss this one! The Set.

Jye Stuart Interview

Head on over to Australia's premiere BMX blog, Crispy Stream, for a nice interview with one of Queensland's more creative riders, Jye Stuart. I, for one, am a massive fan of Jye's riding!

Check out the interview HERE.


Danger has been spending some time in the States lately and is now an official member of The Trip. Stoked! This is his welcome edit and its beyond banging...

Haiden Gibson Web Edit.

Haiden Gibson sent through this edit of himself, check it out!

Jay Nixon Edit.

Here's another rad edit from Luke McIntyre, this time featuring Jay Nixon shredding Morayfield and a few street spots.

Josh Robson Edit.

Apparently this video has been floating around for a while but I dont recall it getting sent in, either way it's bloody sweet! Safe to say Josh has his barspins on lock! Filmed and edited by Luke McIntyre.

This is the Dom Williams Edit.

Regular submitter and shredder Dom Williams sent his latest edit through and I must say the kid just keeps getting better and better. Good too see a little but of tech in there too!

"I recently published this edit of myself riding some parks in Perth, Western Australia. It is mostly scrap but a few fresh clips from Todd Meyn's welcome home jam at Belmont. Enjoy!"

Mike 'wogzie' McMah, Spring 2010 edit

Heres a dope edit of Dishonour's own Mike Mcmah, loving the double peg hang fives.

New Dishonour Gear!

Dishonour have released a new shirt and sunglasses, pop on over to Dishonour to place your order now!


Josh Davis - Winter Edit.

Adam Dyson sent through this edit he filmed and edited of recently injured Josh Davis. We wish you a fast recovery mate!

Nate Scott Edit.

James Patterson sent through this sweet edit of Nate Scott riding parks around Melbourne, I could only watch the first 30 seconds but I'm sure it's rad!

Al Briotti Fundraiser

Good friends over at The Sanction are holding a raffle to help the Briotti family with the funeral costs of Alan Briotti. Theres some prizes to be won from Forgotten and Colony so get on over and help out the cause. Click here to make a donation.

Todd Meyn Greenville Edit.

Ryan Guettler put together this edit of shredder Todd Meyn just before he came back to Australia. Good 3 minutes of Todd killing Mirra's Warehouse.

One Minute with Jake Arnold.

Jake Arnold sent in this sweet little edit of himself shredding some dirt jumps, definitely a rad little setup!

In other totally unrelated news, Tempered has a new website up and it looks sick! Check that out right HERE.

Michael Oakley @ Rampfest.

Sweet video of Michael Oakley killin' Rampfest, some real interesting tech tricks in here!

Jack Elkins - A couple dope afternoons.

Found this rad edit of Diversity's own Jack Elkins on his Facebook. Get on it, you know Jack always brings out a good web edit!

Jack Elkins - A couple dope afternoons

It's kind of strange posting your own edit but nonetheless, here's one I made over a couple afternoons. It was filmed by Jordan Meaghan and Ash Ballard, big thanks to those guys especially Jordan who's been driving my ass around for

Lee Manns Edit.

Jacked this off Focalpoint, its so fucking good! Fast, Stylish riding from Lee. Check this one out for sure!

Chris Courtenay - Back on the horse.

Chris has been out with a shit knee for a couple months now but he's finally on the path to recovery and back on the bike. Awesome to see! Filmed and edited by the talented Drew Raison.

Adam Dyson Edit

Adam Dyson sent me this great edit of himself, it's always good to see guys putting in work on web stuff like this.

Kyle Baldock - Greenville edit

Another edit from an Australian kicking ass in the U.S, this time from Kyle Baldock, filmed by Ryan Guettler during his trip to Greenville. Definitely some bangers in here and it's sick to hear that he's already been picked up by Mirraco, Monster and Vans.

Nick Kajewski - Focalpoint Top 5's!

My good mate and all round top bloke, Nick Kajewski has a rad top fives over on Focalpoint. Cheers for the shameless plug mate! Also we did a Interview with him not too long ago, if you missed that click here. Kajewski is the man!

David Girsch Chill Edit.

Dope edit of my man David Girsch, filmed by Mitch Clinton. Worth watching.

Brian Histand - Welcome to Tempered

An awesome welcome to the team edit featuring Brian Histand, I wasn't sure if i wanted to post it or not seeing as Histand's from the US but fuck it, Tempered goes hard in Aus.

Jake Arnold + George Donaldson at Albury

Jake sent this little edit in, definitely stoked on the song choice and the riding is solid as well.

Crispy: Mixtape II.

Part Two of The Crispy Mixtape and it's just as good as the last one. The banger is ridiculous. Safe to say Macca Rules! Check out Crisssssppyyy.

Rampfest Comp 2010 - Daniel Rosenthal

Not a fan of the music/editing/length but heres a video Daniel Rosenthal made of the Rampfest comp that just went down, definitely a lot of gnarly box bangers in here with riding from Andrew Ahumuda, Josh Mette, Matt Whyatt, Shannon Farrugia and Leigh Kirkman.

Crispy: Wear your name tags!

This is bloody sweet! Some dope clips from Jerry V, Nick K, Vocko, Samson, Estoban and plenty more. That sheila at the end is so haggard haha. Be sure to check this out!

Zane Caldera, Hey Im Chill

Dope little edit from Zane Caldera, definitely worth watching for the bars to footjam to hang ten...

Adam Dyson + Rampfest

Fun little edit sent in by Adam Dyson filmed at rampfest featuring him and a couple mates.

Backies braaaah

Tom Stretton trying to make the crossover into the dew tour? Who knows but I saw him try a frontie into the pit at ramp attack last night...

Hell on Wheels Blazing Bowls Roadtrip!

An awesome edit from the guys at hell on wheels, filmed during their Blazing Bowls Roadtrip. It was filmed and edited really well by John Young who does the Steadfast stuff as well. Definitely worth a watch if only for Dan Baker's clips.

Legal note: Diversitybmx does not endorse or recommend riding while under the influence of $8 sacks of goon

Ramp attack mini ramp jam update

I just got home from the jam and I must say it was legit! Highlights of the jam included

Brandon Loupos at Monster

A couple nice clips from Brandon Loupos shredding the monster spine. I've ridden with him a couple times before and he always kills it so its tight to see some new edits from him

Dylan White + Rampfest!

Dylan White - Rampfest from Dylan White on Vimeo.

Tight little edit of Dylan White I poached off his facebook, it was filmed during his time down at rampfest, definitely worth watching!

Dishonour "Smooth" Tee's and New Era's.

Dishonour have released their range of "Smooth" Tee's and New eras, I must say they look pretty bloody good. Hit up Dishonour to order your goods now!


The Brand Spankin' New Ramp Attak Mini Ramp Jam!

Click the pic to see it bigger!

LUXBMX is getting together with Ramp Attak and Tempered Bikes and throwing a jam to celebrate the opening of the new and improved mini ramp. There will be loads of prizes for people that enter as well as give outs for spectators. Check the flyer above for more info.

A little late notice but should be a fun night! Can't wait to see highest air to fakie go down...

RSVP to the even on Facebook HERE.

dullah / mike / jake split nano edit

dullah djawas / mike mcmah / jake shepherd split nano edit from dishonour brand on Vimeo.

Hopefully this isn't going to spark a flood of crappy nano edits but heres a joint edit
the guys at dishonour posted. They also just released some fresh new clothing stuff so
make sure you check it out!

One Line | Steve Van Ginneken.

One Line | Steve Van Ginneken. from Bret Trigg on Vimeo.

Keeping things short and sweet is always a good way to get it posted

Zacahrya Dangerfield Winter Edit.

My good mate Luke McIntyre has come through with the goods once again, Lukes edits are getting better and better everytime! This one features Morayfield shredder Zacahrya Dangerfield. Cheers Luke!

Mix Mix Mix Edit!

Tasty little edit cooked up by one of our favourite video chefs Sam Illman. Features scooter rat turned pro BMXer Korey Chambers, Dan Adamec, Jake Katu and Mr Illman himself.

Brooke at Burgmar

Brock Olives barspins the fuck out of the tiny little skatepark of Marburg. Manual to dubs bar was redic! Filmed and Edited by Keenan Stewart.

David Girsch - Greenville Edit

My homie and schoolies bro, David Girsch recently got back from a long trip to the U.S.A and him and Allan Hardy filmed this edit around Greenville. It's definitely cool to see the epic progression him and the other aussie guys that went over have gone through and despite my feelings about Unit, it's definitely sick to see these guys getting these kinds of opportunities. Definitely a must see edit.

Kenty & Chop for Certified Clothing Co.

Ben Kent and Mark Reid shredding some cement. Sent in by Ben Kent.

Matt Hardy Weekend Edit.

Here's a edit of Matt Hardy shredding some parks that look to be down south? Forgive me if I'm wrong!


Not too much information on this video but Dom Williams has some decent clips in it. Check it out!

Corey and Trav

This is so dope! Corey Mansinger and Travis Parkley-Hanson-Bronwyn-Harold-Turner-Simpson come through with the goods and the filming and editing by Sam Illman is top notch (except the 5 minutes of black at the end, haha!) Real stoked on this, check it out.

Mike Vockenson + New Tempered site

Check out this little video of Tempered Bikes and LUXBMX Store team rider Mike Vockenson. There's a few clips in this one that are gonna blow minds. Check it out and then check out Tempered's dope new site.

Flying High Night

This weekend on the 9th of October theres a little jam going down at Rampfest with some cool little competitions and cash up for grabs. $300 cash for the highest air over the box sounds interesting. Can't wait to see footage from this one!

Raph's Subrosa Video

Every website and their cyberdog has posted this already so I decided to hold off a bit. If you haven't already seen it this is the Australian Subrosa team's newest recruit Raph Jeroma-Williams.

Welcome Jack Elkins!

Hey guys. If you've been paying attention over the last few days you may have noticed that Diversitybmx has a new contributor.

QLD shredder and all around nice guy Jack Elkins will be helping Justy and myself out with blogging duties and we're stoked to have him on board!

Check out this little edit of Jack that we featured on Diversity a while back...

Halloween Jam!

Hey homies, just a quick notice, a lot of you guys are probably already aware but the 6th annual Halloween Jam is coming up on the 30th of this month! As you can tell from the poster it's going to be at Dulwich Hill Skatepark in Sydney again and more info is coming. I'm not sure who's going to be filming but odds are an edit will end up here, possibly with more embarrassing footage of Irvine...

GC Compound

'Because learning tailwhips is just too demanding with only two foam pits to practise in'

Im afraid I don't have any accompanying footage to offer you guys but a new skatepark is opening up on the Gold Coast called the GC Compound. At this point only stage 1 has been completed but a homie of mine, Daniel Willan, said that it's looking good so far. I'm not really sure how i feel about a skatepark with 3 foam pits but im sure a lot of you guys are going to be stoked nonetheless. Apparently theres a lot more to to be added as well and the guys have already started building a bmx team which is dope. A couple notes though for you guys before you come out, helmets are compulsory, a waiver has to be signed by someone over 18+, entry is $15 (!!!) and theres exclusive sessions so make sure you check their website

Xave Koen x S&M

Xave Koen S&M edit from samgreen on Vimeo.

A fresh edit i saw on The Riding Way from Xave who just got on the S and M team; short, sweet and with a gnarly ass railhop.

Mornington Peninsula!

MP Random Edit from MP BMX SCENE on Vimeo.

A tight little scene edit from the MP BMX SCENE guys, I thought it could've been edited a little tighter but the song choice and general mood of the clips made up for it. Oh and don't forget, these guys are holding a rosebud jam on October 3rd.

Fish Attack!

Was considering not posting this because of the scooter clips but Sam Illman and Travis Parkley-Hanson-Bronwyn-Simpson kill it in this so I'll let this one slide...

DJ Focalpoint X Animal Edit

Another one thats been floating around the BMX blogosphere for a while is this edit of DJ for Animal and Focalpoint. DJ has been out for almost 2 years after a knee reconstruction but it doesn't show in this. Still killin it!

Zac Miner - Colony Video

Chances are you've already seen this. If not, get to it! Zac Miner killing it for Colony. Last 2 tricks are nutty!

Also in Zac Miner related news, he just got married over in Vegas to a girl he met that night. Zac really knows how to party!


Hey guys. Apologies for the lack of posts. I've been lagging pretty hard and also genuinely pretty busy. I'll try and get through most of the videos that are in my inbox.

This one got sent in by Tim Storey. Fun little sesh undercover on a rainy day. That setup looks mega fun!


Adrian Stratford Edit

Adrian Stratford got this filmed just before he broke his leg, he is 14 and from Bendigo, Australia. Get better soon mate!

Crispy: Lismore

Vocko, Samson, 4 peg Dave, Frenchy and Jackson Townsend did a little trip to Lismore on the weekend and cooked up this delightful little visual feast. Vocko gets pounded by that big rail at the end. Crispy!

Rosewood Clits

Poached this little self-filmed edit of Keenan Stewart on Facebook. Keenan definitely makes the most of Rosewood skatepark in this one. Check it out.

Justy Bumpstead for LUXBMX Store

The newest video from LUXBMX is of Diversity's own Justy Bumpstead. Justy may be a blogger extraordinaire but as you can see he still holds it down on a bike!

If you haven't already check out LUXBMX's Vimeo page which has all the past welcome edits and more.

Gday from London!

Sorry about the lack of posts lately as I am on holidays and Manbeast is a very busy man! This edit is of Brisbane shredder Logan Martin. Filmed and edited by Wayne Cant.

Shanon Farrugia - August Web Edit.

Here's another Aussie lad killing it in the States! Nice edit of Shanon riding Jaycee, Woodward and a bit of Rampfest here in Australia.

Brendan Williams Edit.

Brendan Williams is 16 and from Perth, Western Australia. This is his recent 2010 edit, good stuff mate!

Nick Harris Bike Check.

Adam Dyson put together this bike check edit for Nick Harris, there's also some impressive riding in there too, check it out.

Mixed Edit.

Zac Gregson sent through this rad mixed edit featuring himself, Nicko Smithson, Callum Coughlan, James Beattie, Pahau Milner, Cody Pollard, Tom Woods and Jarem Dravitzki. He also said there are alot of whips in it, but I honestly think I seen more 540's then whips! James Beattie and Nicko Smithson absolutely kill it.

Simon O'Brien Flatland/Ramp Edit.

Just as good as the last one, peep it! Thanks Clint.

Zane Caldera Shreds.

I always enjoy watching videos of Zane, and with Brett Trigg behind the camera, it makes it even better. They filmed this in one day which is a pretty good effort.

Brandon Loupos @ Monster

Apparently this bloke used to ride scooters, I guess he seen the light. Quick edit of Brandon shredding the shit out of Monster skatepark in Sydney.

not another f*cking jindalee edit?!

Drew raison keeps bringing the heat with these superb edits. Jack Birtles pegless? What's this world coming to....

Justin Daley Edit.

Justin Daley drove up to Queensland with Sam Illman and ended up with some clips here and there so Sam has put this rad edit together! I reckon Sam's filming/editing is getting better every time he makes a new edit!


Good Afternoon Paddington.

Keenan Steward put together this edit of Brock Olive and Macca riding Paddington skate park one afternoon, plenty of sweet riding in here and definitely worth the watch!

Rosebud Jam.

The fellas from MP BMX scene are holding the annual Rosebud Jam on the 3rd of October. BMX, beers, babes and a BBQ, what more could you want at a jam!

Death by Wasabi tonight!

Click the flyer to see it bigger.

Death by Wasabi is on tonight at LUXBMX Store. People under 18 must have a parent sign the form linked below.

"Don't forget about the Death by Wasabi, wasabi eating competition tonight! The festivities will kick off around 7. We'll also have some of the new Colony Wasabi gear on sale inluding, hubs, pegs, rims and a sprocket and seatpost. These are all the first wasabi parts available for sale on the planet so get in early to cement your place in BMX history!

If you want to participate and you are under 18 years old you MUST fill out this parental consent form and have a parent sign it.

Download it HERE.

See you tonight!"

A day at Rampfest with Jack Mciver.

Spend a day with Jack riding Rampfest, good quality filming and editing in this one. All credit to Adam Dyson!

Simon O'Brien Colony Edit.

This is bloody amazing! Simon O'Brien's left over footage from the film, DejaVu. This is the first time I have watched the whole of a Flatland edit and I'm stoked, Simon also shreds some ramps which is rad to see!

Tom Ross Edit.

Tom recently had jaw surgery and has just started riding again and came through with this sweet edit. I met Tom riding the indoor the other night and it's safe to say he absolutely kills it and is a great bloke!

FFWDBMX Exclusive - Andrew Ahumada

That song gave me the shits but Mini delivers the goods once again. Filmed & edited by Bret Trigg. " Andrew Ahumada got himself a feature interview for Australian extreme sports show RUSHTV. I was second angle cameraman on the day, here's some of the riding that we clocked up in a couple hours."

Luke Kilborn Edit.

Here's a edit of Luke Kilborn shredding some parks up on the Northside of Brisbane, stoked on that 3 to flat off Deagon sub, that was pretty sweet! Filmed and edited by Luke Mcintyre.

Dave Dillewaard Rules.

Here's a rad edit of Dillsy on his way to Portland for Dew Tour. You know it's going to be good if you havent already seen it. Spotted on TheComeUp.

Laurence Bakewell at Leeming Skatepark.

Quick edit of Laurence riding Leeming skate park, sent in by Brad South.

Todd Henshall & James Dybing in Vancouver Part 2.

Here is part two of Todd and James riding in Vancouver, good mix of riding in this one and that last clip is death.

New Product - Dishonour Jeans


Dishonour have released some rad looking jeans and at 65 bucks a pair, you're laughing! Check out Dishonour to order yours now!

Benn Pigot - Welcome to Tempered Video

This is beyond dope. Every time Benn Pigot footage shows up it gets me so stoked to ride and when you mix that with the brilliance of John Young... Just watch the video!

Dylan Pell

Sam Illman made this rad edit of Dylan Pell absolutely killing it. Was filmed over 3 nights, not bad! Plenty of top notch riding in this one.

July Photobook Project.

Mr Wade has finally released his July Photobook Project, featuring plenty of rad photos of Liam Zingbergs, Daniel Moore and plenty more. Click right here to check it out!

Death by Wasabi!

Click the flyer to see it bigger.

LUXBMX Store and Colony are teaming up and are holding a wasabi eating contest to celebrate the release of Colony's new wasabi colourway. The prize for first place is going to be a Colony Teddy frame in the new colourway and there will be tons of other Colony giveaways for participants and spectators.

Death by Wasabi will be at the LUXBMX shop (24 Little St, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane) at 7pm on Thursday 26th August. Should be a fun night.

FP goes HD

I kinda lagged on putting this up because its already been on a ton of other sites but today's a slow news day. This video is Cooper Brownlee (of Focalpoint fame)'s first high def video shot on his new Canon 7d. I think the cinematography and the quality is amazing, although its definitely got a different vibe than Focalpoint edits past.

What are your thoughts? Should Cooper swap me his new 7d for my VX? I think yes...

Slay the Rail video.

At long last the Slay the Rails video has appeared. Shits wild, looks like everybody killed it, Vocko and Macca especially! Spotted over on Focalpoint.

Waste the Tape

Dave Wood aka 4 Peg Dave sent through this rap edit featuring himself and some of the Sunshine Coast's finest.

Jamie Proietti Scraps

Long time video submitter Jamie seems to progress more and more with each video I see. This one is definitely the best so far and features lots of street riding in Brisbane.

Zane Caldera Edit.

Here is Zane coming up with the goods once again, this time shredding the shit out of Cairns skate park. I always enjoy Zane's videos and this one doesn't let me down! Cairns skate park looks like a blast to ride! Filmed and edited by Tim Lago.

Todd Henshall & James Dybing in Canada.

Todd Henshall has recently been living in Canada with his mate James and they started to do a little filming and ended up with this. I take it there should be a part two coming soon so keep your eyes peeled for that as this is a great edit and I can imagine part two will be just as good!

Alex Liiv on Tempered.

Alex Liiv is now riding for Tempered, see below for his Welcome to the Team edit and some words from the main man behind Tempered.

"Alex Liiv has been a huge part in the progression and growth
of Tempered, for a few years now Alex has been doing pretty
much all of the art and graphic design work for Tempered.
I feel that it was always going to be a natural step for the
both of us, it was just a matter of time..

Welcome to the team Alex, were all fuckin psyched!

Thanks to Calvin Kosovich for piecing the edit together!

Nathan Woodyard Edit.

Luke Mcintyre put together this rad edit of Nathan riding Morayfield, he gets some rad lines done in here. I really enjoyed this, be sure to check it out! Also, sorry for the lack of posts lately, both Mitch and I have been pretty busy.

An Afternoon with Patto.

James Patterson usually rides Mountain Bikes but just started on a BMX and i'm pretty impressed. He self filmed this edit at Box Hill in one afternoon.

King of the Jibs

Colony is holding an event at this years Ausbike trade shows in Melbourne and Brisbane. The event will be invite only and feature a technical street course. Sound pretty interesting...

When I first read King of the Jib I got excited and pictured dudes battling it out on a 4 foot quarter. Oh well, one day...

Moonlite Jam.. happening this Saturday up in Cairns, if you're around make sure you check it out! I'd love to go just for the beers, BBQ and of course, Tittie Girls! I suppose I would ride the trails too....

Renald McQueen for BSD

Renald McQueen slays some man-sized rails in this edit for BSD and has an awesome banger. I was thinking the other day about how much of a shame it is we don't see many huge fufs in web videos anymore. This just made my day...

New Product: Dishonour Tee's & Crews

Dishonour have dropped some new tee's and crews, looking pretty bloody good! Head over to Dishonour to get yours now.


Crispy- Extreme Dream Team

This edit is sooooooooooo damn good. It's awesome to see Samson, despite his technological shortcomings, can still kill it on a bike. Crispy Stream is blowing up! Add that shit to your bookmarks.

Aussie BMX Roundup

Frenchie/4 Peg dave split section for Frenchie's Interview

Plenty going on as of late, lots of new crew blogs popping up and some older ones getting some love.

*Crispy Stream has a rad little interview with Alex Coumailleau, AKA Frenchy. Its an awesome read. Check out part 1 here and part 2 here. Crispy Stream is also a .com now. Legit!

*The Forgotten blog has been getting a bit of love recently with some regular updates like news on a trip to Darwin and videos of Luke Parslow killing it. Check that here.

* has got a bit of a facelift and is looking great. It's also got a forum which are far and few between since the demise of Ozscene and the Ugzine forums.

*I'd rather be in Preston has been getting plenty of updates lately, along with some awesome videos.

*A new scene blog called freeohfiveeight has popped up and there doing some regular posts as well. They're also putting on a jam on the 1st of August.

Thats about it for now. If you've got any news about your local scene make sure to email it through!

Hibiscus Comp

No prizes for flyer design here but there will be a comp on at Hibiscus Skatepark on the 1st of August.

Crispy - Transcendental Voyage

I recently hooked Samson of Crispy fame up with Final Cut Pro to start making edits, he couldn't figure it out so he made this in iMovie. Nevertheless he somehow managed to come through with a top notch edit and I'm told that there's more on the backburner.

Ben Morris Video

Chill little edit of Ben Morris courtesy of Jarrad Sweeney.

Jack Lovell

Short edit of Jack Lovell riding Ferny Grove skate park, short and sweet is the go!

Laurence Bakewell Edit.

Ahhhhh, I dont know what to write. Plenty of Supermega riding for all you Supermega fans. I personally, didn't enjoy it.

Corey Bohan Rules.

Stu Munro made this sweet edit of Bohan for TheComeUp, and click here if you want to read his interview. Cannot wait for his section in Still Searching! Nice one, Stu!

Tiny by Drew Raison

This is Drew Raison's first ever edit and its fuckin dope! Drew definitely makes use of his amazing photography skills in this and Tiny shreds as well. How old is Tiny now? Make sure you check it out!

Tom Ross Cleveland Session

Tom Ross got this edit done just before he had to go in for surgery, I'm a fan of his downwhip airs and that Tooth Footjam to downwhip in was pretty rad.

LUXBMX Trails Session

The LUXBMX team headed out to Mitch Brown's trails and I made this little edit of the day. Hope you enjoy!

Jack Elkins @ Monster

When not shredding the parks of Brisbane Jack Elkins coaches kids at Monster. Pretty dope way to earn a dollar!

Chris Courtenay Pre-Surgery Edit

Some footage of Chris before his surgery on his ACL, filmed mainly at Paddo and Ramp Attack. Can't wait to see CC back on the bike!