December Photobook

James Wade has his December Photobook up and it is rad as usual. Peep it here. While you're at it hit up Ugzine and Dishonour too.

Shadow Conspiracy Ravager Pedal Review

Something I want to do more of in the new year is product reviews. I got these a ages ago to do a review on but better late than never (sorry Sam). To save the long review from clogging up the main page you can check it out here on my new personal blog. Which I'm just going to update with reviews like this, other long winded stories and things that interest me.!

Its taken me over 2 years to figure out but diversitybmx is finally legit! Update your bookmarks, and address books too. We've got a few new emails for specific things. Send your videos to, your news about jams etc to, to enquire about advertising email and for all other general enquiries shit-talk holla at Thanks for reading guys and we should have some bigger and better things in store for next year.

Flatline BMX Bowen Trip

Derrick from Flatline BMX sent in this video of Pete White and Corey Platt shredding Bowens new park, looks hell fun!

- Justy B

Brisbane Mix

Brisbane, Australia Mix Edit - More BMX Videos

Spotted this over on the Focalpoint site, featuring Jerry Vandervalk, Alex Hiam, Raphael Jeroma- Williams, Aaron Dodd, Mitchell "Macca" Macdonald, Mike Cz, Mathew Lawton, Ryan Guettler and Zac Miner. Edited my Stu Munro for VitalBMX.

-Justy B

Blake Butterfield Memorial Jam


Brodie sent through this flyer and some words for his brothers memorial jam at Kempsey skatepark. Our deepest condolences to you and your family from Mitch Wood and myself at Diversity. Please show your support and make an appearance at Kempsey skatepark on the 20th of January.

Blake was keen on BMX from a very young age, begging Dad to take him to the skate park from about the age of three. At the time, on a cheap little 12", trying to jump the hip and box, trying to keep up with the older riders. Meanwhile, myself and the rest of the family were heavily involved in motorcycle racing.

On September 4th, 2000, Blake suffered severe head trauma, resulting in a large piece of his skull being removed and later replaced with a titanium plate, and a decent chunk of brain; the part that controlled right side movement and speech, to be removed. However, a mere 6 months later he was back at the skate park, stronger than ever.

He remained a very keen rider until the day of his passing, which also happened to be Dad's birthday. He originally wanted to go the Skate Park for a session, but ended up going dirt biking with dad, myself and my other brother Brock, as a sort of gift for Dad. He was riding in Tamban forest near Kempsey, when he struck a tree. He passed away later that afternoon after attempts to revive him.

Since that day, I have wanted to hold a competition or jam in his memory, but have never been able to get something happening.

- Justy B

Throwaway Edit

Filmed this ages ago and made a rough edit in a couple of minutes. Nothing special just an arvo after work at plains.

RNV 2009 Edit

Rhys Newling sent this one over, last edit for 2009 so he can start filming fresh in the new year. This is got some bangers in it and its still real chilled. Click HERE to check out some more of Rhys's videos.

He also says that this video is dedicated to Stu Timms who recently hurt himself swimming in Perth, he has broken his neck and may never ride again so PLEASE head over to and drop in a donation, even the smallest amount can help.



Merry Christmas from Diversity, enjoy the holidays and be safe! I'm sure Manbeast will post more Christmas wishes later. Tis' the season to be Jolly, Enjoy those beers.

Love Justy B

Pahau Milner edit

Pahau Milner has come through with the goods once again, not a bad edit at all!

- Justy B

Mitchell "Meezy" Campbell edit

Here's an edit of Browns Plains shredder Meezy, always enjoy this blokes riding.

- Justy B


Just seen that James Wades November photobook has dropped, check that out here.. The Dishonour "Steezin" tees are now in stock and look damn good, always stoked on what Dishonour do! They are going for 25 smackeroos and are in a rad range of colours. Check out the Dishonour website for more info and to order yours now!


-Justy B

Moray chillin..

Here's a short video from last weekend at Morayfield, featuring myself, Andrew Atkins, Dan headon, and Nate Headon. Nothing bangin but enjoy!

-Justy B

Pete Radivo is the man!

Came across this on the COLONY site, this is a section from Pete Radivo about 5 - 6 years ago. So sure to check this one out!

Glasses BMX video, Pete Radivo section. from Dao Radivo on Vimeo.

Chris Courtenay Hibiscus chillin..

Believe it or not I found this on Facebook haha, Chris Courtenay just keeps on getting better and better. He always goes so big too! Filmed and edited by Raph.

Chris Courtenay from Raphael Jeroma-Williams on Vimeo.

11 clips with Marc Cusack

Bret Trigg sent in this edit he put together of Marc Cusack at Ballina skatepark. I dont know if its my computer at work or the edit but I couldnt watch it properly, what I seen of it was not bad so enjoy.

-Justy B

11 Clips With Marc Cusack. from Bret Trigg on Vimeo.

Dwayne Germain

Another video jacked from Ugzine (thanks James). Dwayne Germaine coming through with the goods in this edit for cmbmx.


Flem Banks Jam Party Edit

Rhys Newling sent this one through but didn't include a link, spotted the video on Ugzine though. Looked real fun.

- Beast

Adrian Fox Web Vid

Adrian Fox - Broken Wrist Web Video from on Vimeo.

I'm so stoked on this! Adrian Fox is a damn shredder. He broke his wrist in the first clip so they had to stop filming but I reckon it turned out real good! Sent in by Andrew Fraser.

Love Justy b

New Dishonour "Steezin" tee's!


Once again Dishonour have come out with some sweet looking tee's. These are the "Steezin" tees and you can preorder them now right HERE.

-Justy B


Mitch Baldry sent through this edit of his good pal Mugzy. The fisheye made me nauseous but any video with crankflips is post-worthy in my book. Bring back the crankflip!