Rubber Ducky

rubber ducky from samson ross on Vimeo.

Samson Ross sent in this 09 edit of a few blokes up the sunshine coast way, this is real good! Quality is a bit how's ya father but well worth the watch.

- Justy B

Nick Cooper and Macca

Just checked out Vital for the first time in ages and saw this ripper of a video made by Stu. Both these guys are freaks. Can't wait til Macca gets back on a bike!

Nick Cooper And Macca Edit - More BMX Videos

Rampfest Box Jump Comp

2009 Rampfest Box Jump Best TrickComp. from Bret Trigg on Vimeo.

Spotted this over on Focalpoint, edited by Bret Trigg. I think Andy Buckworths cartwheel should definately be the banger, haha. Also Cooper Brownlee has put Issue 18 online and has some news about the Adelaide trip up on the Focalpoint site. Go check it out!

- Justy B

Holy Matt Whyatt!

Brett Trig sent this amazing edit he made of Melbourne's Matt Whyatt. Tons of supermega goodness in here with more bangers than your average barbeque.


Nicko Smithson Bike Check


Here's Nicko Smithsons bike check, Nicko is a bloody good dude and knows how to ride a bike with plenty of style!

Love Thugsty!

Flatline BMX Jam


Look's like the Annual Flatline Jam is on again, 12th December at the Duckponds in Mackay. Be sure to check it out, I've been to the last two and they were wild!

Love Thugsty

Beers & a Barbie!

Beer's and a BBQ! from Shane Batchler on Vimeo.

Here's a edit from last weekends session at Shane Batchlers house, featuring Shane Batchler, Tom Stretton, Dan Headon, Dan Kershaw, Trito, Jerry V, Ash Maynard, Corey Hogan and myself. The bangers were perfect and the beers were cold, bloody good day til I smacked me head. Edited by the one and only Shane Batchler.

- Justy B

New Dishonour Tees and Hats!


James Wade let me know that his new caps and tees are in stock.. Caps come in sizes 7 1/4, 7 1/2, 7 5/8 and 8. The shirts come in white with grey, black with grey, celtics green with white, purple with yellow and sweat grey with black. Sizes small through to extra large. Head over to DISHONOUR to see prices and how you can get your hands on some of these bad boys! Looking fresh James!

Love Thugsty

Bridgetown Blues Comp


For all you West OZ blokes.

-Justy B

Stephen Grubb edit

Grubby Edit from Instinct Bmx on Vimeo.

Nick Derrick is running a little blog called Instinct BMX and I found this little edit of long time friend Grubby. Go check out Nick's blog and be sure to watch this video of grubby, so dialled!

Love Thugsty

Michael Vockenson on Tempered!

Michael Vockenson is the newest addition to the Tempered team. Michael is a shredder and recently produced one of my favourite web videos of all time. Congrats brother!

The Orphanage #2

The Orphanage #2 from on Vimeo.

Andrew Fraser sent in this edit, just raw footage with no music but was still pretty sweet.

- Justy B

A day in the life of Nick Richardson

A day in Nick Richardson's life from Colony BMX on Vimeo.

Clint sent through this edit of a day in the life of Nick Richo. Filmed and edited by Ryan Guettler.

Love Justy B

Shane Conlon Edit

The one and only Shane Conlon sent in this edit of himself that his friend put together. Mitch and myself seen Shane ride his local when we went on a roadtrip down south and its bloody unreal...He has some clips in the edit of the trip about half way through, you can check that out right HERE.

Love Thugsty.

Josh Robson

Jamie Proietti sent in this video of 15 year old Josh Robson ripping some spots around Brisbane. Some pretty cool shit in here. Wheres that park @1:26?


Toby Matthews web video

Spotted this on Colony.

Karl Linderman

Lanky sent in this clip of Karl Linderman doing an over ice to back over fakie on Beerwahs spine, shitty quality but it's too clean not too post. Anyone that rides Beerwah or has seen that spine would know why this is bloody crazy!

Love Justy B

James Wade's October Photobook

As usual james Wade comes through with the goods with his newest photobook. Check the October Photobook, as well as all the previous issues here.