Matt Lawton Arvo Edit

Check out this dope web edit of Tempered owner, Matt Lawton, filmed by Raph for Ride On. The riding and filming are top notch as usual. I've heard some interesting opinions lately that out of all the company owners out there, Matty is one of the best actual riders. I think it would have to be a close call between him and Clint Millar, I guess thats comparing apples and oranges though. What do you think?


Tempered Flip Book

Matty sent through this new flip book he's got going for some of the new Tempered gear that should be dropping soon. The book looks so polished and all the photos are amazing. That sprocket is hot fire! Click on the preview to view in full screen.


Back in the game!

Hey guys,

After what feels like an eternity of trying to do posts from work and shitty wireless broadband, I've finally moved to a new place and now have superfast internet. Justy has been doing such an awesome job that he'll be posting for for good. Should be some pretty frequent updates with the two of us posting. Keep your eyes peeled for some product reviews and a couple of videos I've had in the works that I can finally upload.


A day in the life of Richo teaser...

Nick Richardson - Day in the Life teaser. from Colony BMX on Vimeo.

Mr Clint Millar sent through this teaser of a day in the life of Nick Richardson, put together by Ryan Guettler. Should be coming out soon. True blue Nick!

PS - Sorry about the lack of posts over the weekend, was down in Melbourne partying it up. Will catch up on some videos over the next few days.

Love Justy B

Pahau & Riwai Milner web edit

riwai and pahaus edit from Pahau on Vimeo.

Pahau Milner sent in this edit of him and his brother Riwai. Definatly got some good stuff in here!




There's a little bit of a comp going on with Dishonour at the moment. If you have placed a pre order for the new "RAID" shirts and caps, you have the chance to get it free! Dishonour will send you your item free, and refund your money. If you win of course haha. Head over to DISHONOUR to place your order now!

Love Justy Beeeeeeeee

Sanction BMX edit

Sanction Bmx Crew Mix from Sanctionbmx on Vimeo.

Dre from Sanction sent over this chill edit of the crew, definately worth the look!

-Justy B

Ride On leftovers

Ride On Friends/Crew Edit from Jack Birtles on Vimeo.

Jack Birtles put together this edit of all the Ride On blokes, this is just leftover clips that werent used and its pretty bangin, ESPECIALLY Maccas last trick! Thanks Jack.

Love Thugsty

Down Underground Round 1


More info right hurrrrrrr

Love Thugsty.

Jindalee Halloween Jam


Looks like there is another Halloween Jam on, this ones at Jindalee though. Apparently costumes are a must....

Love Justy B

Afternoon at Kistlers jumps

Afternoon at Kistler's Jumps from Sleepwalkers on Vimeo.

Didnt get too much information on this one, but its real chill and those jumps look like heaps of fun! Sent in by Daniel Kistler.

Love Thugsty

Brenton Caldwell web edit

Here's my boy Brenton riding good old browns plains, just after he got his bike back. So damn good!

Love Thugsty.

Proud to be Australian.


Who knows why im posting this, but I stole this off Nick Kajewskis myspace, who is in Greenville at the moment. Thought you should all see it, photo full of true blue Aussies hangin' in Greenville. Featuring Yonny Wakefield, Nick Richardson, Nick Kajewski, Dave Dillewaard, Colin Mackay and Colins wife Kelly. Makes me damn proud to be Aussie.

Love Justy B

Perth Bmx...

Ryan Linton sent in this edit he just came up with, saying it's his first one put together. Good stuff mate! Damn west OZ riders shred...

Love Thugsteeee

Halloween Jam 2009


Love Justy B

Blue Eyes sometimes..

blue eyes sometimes. from billy sometimes on Vimeo.

Bil Brooks sent in this chill little edit of him riding some spots around Mudgee, dont know whats going on with the title of the video but is definately worth the look. This bloke has a real smooth and effortless style!

Love Justy B

Colony 2010 Catalogue

Clint has sent over the 2010 Colony catalogue, looks real good. Cooper Brownlee has done a bloody sweet job! Head over to the Colony site to see some updates on the shirts and caps too.

Love Thugsty

Dylan Radford

Daniel Brind sent in this edit of Dylan Radford riding Ferny grove skatepark and a bit of trails...On the subject of Ferny Grove Trails, my mates and I have been riding them a fair bit lately and just wanna give props to the fellas who look after them, they are better then they have ever been! Good work fellas!

Love Jugsty.

Total Letdown Part 3 - Robert Bennett

Total Letdown - Robert Bennett from Jye Stuart on Vimeo.

Here's part 3 of the Total Letdown series, this one is of Robert Bennett! Some wild street in here! Good shit. Filmed and Edited by Jye Stuart.

- Justy Beeeee

Brett Coleman

brett coleman bli bli skate park new from Paul Jagger on Vimeo.

Brett Coleman sent in this video of himself riding Bli Bli skatepark. Pretty sweet!

Love Justy B

Focalpoint Issue 18


Just seen on the Focalpoint site that Issue 18 is done and should be in all good bmx stores very soon! Looks like the one and only Raph has scored the cover, plenty of content and a interview with big man Jerry Vandervalk. Should be bloody good!

Love Justy B.

Focalpoint Issue 18

Dale O'Brien web video

TBSM Video Comp - Dale O'Brien from Mitchell Pierias on Vimeo.

Here's a rad video of Dale O'Brien shredding some dirt, good on ya mate! Filmed and Edited by Mitch Pierias.

- Justy B

Hello Daylight savings

Hello Daylight Savings from on Vimeo.

Andrew Fraser sent in this edit, not sure who is riding in it though its definately worth the watch!

Love Thugsty

More Shanon Farrugia..

Shanon emailed us saying he sent in his old edit which was posted the other day, so here's his latest one and its pretty bangin!

Love Justy B

Total Letdown Part 2 - Darn Twins

Total Letdown - Darn Twins from Jye Stuart on Vimeo.

I was going to post this later on in the week but its way too good. Featuring Jeremy and Cedric Tsing. Sooooo bloody dialled! Thanks Jye!

Love Justy B.

Total Letdown Part 1

Total Letdown - Mix Section. from Jye Stuart on Vimeo.

This is actually pretty dialled, definately worth checking out. There is 3 parts so I will post the last two over the next few days. Sent in by Jye Stuart.

- Justy B

Tamworth Jam


Looks like there is a jam going down at Tamworth on the 10th of October, spotted on the Colony site. In other Colony news, Peta Shepherd has a new bike and theres some photos of it on the Colony site, go check it out!

Love Justy B.

The Photobook Project


More from James Wade, his September issue has dropped online at Click on the link to go check it out!

- Thug

Shanon Farrugia web edit.

Shanon Farrugias Web Edit from Shanon Farrugia on Vimeo.

Shanon sent in this video of himself, pretty dialled! Not too sure about the song though......

Love Justy B.

Andrew "Mini" Ahumada

Rampfest with Andrew Ahumada from Bret Trigg on Vimeo.

Whoa? This song hurt my brain..but definately good riding. Sent in my Bret Trig.

-Justy B