Spinal Disorder

Dont forget Spinal Disorder is this sunday the 30th, should be a sweet day and hope to see you all there!


-Justy B

Frustrated Skateboarder Fail

I don't normally like to post random shit but this is waaaaaaaaaay to good not to.

Nicko Smithson

nicko smithson from hillary scott on Vimeo.

I seen this video a few weeks back, so im not sure if it was posted or not. Nicko hit us up again about it and I'm stoked to see it again, so good! I love Nicko!

- Justy B

The Orphanage #1

Another video from Thistownsucks. This one is called The Orphanage because its where all the clips that don't have a home go to! Haha, check it out.



Head on over to the Colony site for a sneak peak of the 2010 frame range, which I must say look really fresh and my man T Stret just picked him self up a new bike from the warehouse and should have it up and going in the next few days, cant wait to see his new bike and even better watch him ride it. Oh, and also a look at the 2010 seat range, looks good!

- Justy B

Tempered News..

Just seen on the Tempered site Thomas Dunn has been added to the team, congrats bro!
Corey Mansinger and Luke Tilney have some shots up of an abandoned spot they found and the site has yet another front cover, go check it out!


- Justy B

Matt Whyatt in Greenville

Here is a nice little edit of Aussie Matt Whyatt shredding in Greenville.

- Justy B

New Dishonour Gear!

James Wade from Dishonour Clothing let me know about the new Tee's he has in stock now, fresher then ever! Order yours from the Dishonour site by clicking the link or email James at ride@dishonourclothing.com!


- Justy B

Joel Pauly web video.

Joel Pauly - 3 days in July '09 from thistownsucks.net on Vimeo.

Andrew Fraser sent in this edit of his mate Joel Pauly, pretty dialled!
Also I will be helping Mitch out with Diversity for a while, so keep those videos coming!

- Justy B


As promised the roadtrip video from last weekend. Thanks to Mitch and Flick.

More Mitch Brown

Mitch got a new camera and this is his first edit with it. Soooo good! I went on a roadtrip with Mitch on the weekend so keep an eye out for some clips from that!

James Wade's new Photobook

This has been in my inbox for a while but better late than never I guess. Sorry James! Check out the dialled as third edition of James Wade's Photobook Project. Click the pic to see it.

Dylan Kneebone 2 from Camm Y on Vimeo.

Brannon Whyte yet again...

If you can't get enough Brannon White heres another of his web edits.

Josh Irvine Stolen Bikes Video

This is a lot better than the one I posted the other day and actually has some pretty banger shit in it.

Josh Irvine Stolen Bikes Video

This is a lot better than the one I posted the other day and actually has some pretty banger shit in it.

David Girsch Unit Video

Filmed and edited by Allan Hardy for Unit.

Mitch Brown Chill Ride

My main man Mitch Brown sent through this awesome edit of a day at Springfield and Bundamba. He also shredded the Core Series today and came third behind Nick Cooper and Alex Hiam. Stoked!

Ride On Roadtrip Video

This is nuts! So many crazy bangers in here. Tom Stretton is a god, oh and he's on Colony now too. Check out the Ride On blog.

FTR 09 Bike Sale

ForTheRiders is having a huge sale at the moment on all 2009 bikes. Every bike is 20-50% off so nows the perfect time o buy a new bike if you've been holding out. Click the banner on the side to go to the site. Also if you missed it the first time check out this video of my boy and FTR team rider Justy Bumpstead.

New Tempered Site and Product Sneak Peeks

Clicky here to check out the new Tempered front page and follow the link to see some more info on these dope stems.

Nick K and Jerry in T-Bar

This edit of Jerry and Nick in their home town of Toowoomba is awesome on so many levels. Head over to the the Tempered Blog for some photos of a fatshit with a camera, my boy corey 180ing a rail and an update on Macca, who had a bad crash on the trip resulting in a badly broken leg. Get well soon mate.

Laurence Bakewell

Laurence Bakewell sent this one in. Kids definitely got whips on lock.

Josh Irvine

A few clips from the ever elusive Josh Irvine. The description says these were from before he left for the states, probably for some of his many sponsorship obligations.

Double Steeze

Addison Hammond sent this edit in of Damien Kluver and Corey Platt on a trip to Brisbane from Mackay. Also features Alex Hiam and more.