Pahau Milner

Pahau Milner sent in this edit of himself. How cool is the name Pahau? How do you even pronounce that?

Albury June Edit

Rhys Newling sent through his June edit a while ago. Just as dope as the rest of his edits but filmed with a new camera this time.

Samson and Michael V Coast to Canberra

This has been in my inbox for over a month but its dope as hell. I'm gonna try and get around to posting all the videos in my inbox over the next few weeks so if you sent one in don't worry, it'll get posted eventually.

Maryborough Trails Jam

Clint let me know about this trails jam thats going down in Maryborough on the 2nd of August. I went to some trails in Maryborough back in the day and they were amazing! if these are the same ones the event should be rad.

On the road again

Hey guys, I left early yesterday morning to help out the Tempered guys with some filming on their latest road trip. It's been sweet so far and there's already been some bangers. Check the Tempered blog for more updates.

On the road again...

Hey guys I've been on the road since yesterday morning with the Tempered crew helping out with some filming. There's been some crazy bangers already. Keep an eye out for the video!

Tom Shearman

Tom Shearman got bored one day and filmed this little edit out the front of his house. Dope.

Tempered Ramp Session

Check out this sweet little video. From a session the Tempered crew had at someones backyard ramp setup. Also peep some photos from the session here.

Nick K and Chris C in America

Nick K and Chris C have been in the states for a while now and this is a video from a couple days of riding. So jealous!

FocalPoint Brisbane Premiere

These premieres are always great and this one should be no exception. Click the image for more deets.

Michael Vockenson Super Cereal

If you didn't catch this already on TCU then you're really missing out. This is definitely web video of the year in my opinion. Watch it now!

A couple days at Ringwood

This is sweet. Some solid rail moves in here. Am I the only one that thinks the skidding with no brakes looks strange? I think I prefer the old foot in the tyre.

Nolan Gould

Jack Mciver sent this one a while back of his mate Nolan Gould from Ballarat. Check it out.

James Wade's Photobook Project

James Wade, the brains behind Dishonour and Ugzine has been busy lately running his own personal blog and these sweet photobooks as well. They feature some sweet riding and lifestyle shots and some beats that James is into at the time. Check em out.

Super Slacker

Hey guys. Back from my short "break". Didn't realise it had been so long since I'd done a post. I've got a ton of video waiting to throw up but first I'll try and do a little recap of whats happened over the last few weeks:

Colony got a new website.

The new FocalPoint DVD premiered and is available here. The FP site also got a new clean look.

Ugzine also got a facelift which is looking great. The also have some fresh shirts out which you can pick up here.

The Sanction are rad.

Tempered has a ton of updates including bike checks, rider reports and free giveaways. Get on that shit.

Thats it for now. More videos tonight.