Just a Quickie Love

This is short but fuckin rad! Features Adrian Duffy and Michael Vockenson. Creek gap was loose!

Street and Fun

Brannon Whyte sent this one in of himself and Mark riding street.

BMX Shuffling?

Don't really know whats going on here... Thanks to Berly Alam for the link.

Warren Bowers Brisbane Trip Video

Jack Birtles filmed and edited this video of Warren Bowers on his trip to Brisbane from that big state in the west.

Shanon Farrugias Web Edit

Sweet vid from Shanon Farrugia.

Zac's 18th Sunny Coast Trip

A whole swagger of Jindalee locals and more went up to the Sunny Coast to celebrate Zac's 18th and this video is the result. Dope! Edited by Jack Birtles.

Josh Mannion

Daniel Blogg from Black Market Films sent in this edit of Josh Mannion that I think I filmed some of the clips in. Definatley some bangers in this one.

Goodbye Camera

Andrew Fraser recently broke his camera and this is his last edit with it.

Focal Point Samples Vol 3

Check out these amazing leftover clips from the upcoming FocalPoint DVD. Judging by some of Liam's clips in this his section will be unreal!

Tanna's Sanction and Dishonour web video

This is sick. Sanction and Dishonour Rider Matt "Tenna" Spencer killing it. Edited and sent in by Rhys Newling. Check out this sweet pic of Tenna while you're at it.

Matt Whyatt

Check out this little edit of Matt Whyatt then check out this flyer for a jam at his local this Sunday.