Ready Mix Easter Weekend

Warren Bowers sent in this video of a roadtrip that himself, Kie Asworth and some other West Oz shredders went on. Love the vibe of this. Check it out.

New Dishonour Gear!

Some more fresh new gear from Dishonour. This style is called "Brooklyn" and features some dope hoodies, tees and a fresh new era. Buy em here.

Full Chilled Sesh

Aldo filmed this a while back at plains and just sent it to me the other day. Features Luke Tilney, Brenton Caldwell and a big, fat, hairy cunt.

Nick K talks about the Ride On trip

Head over to the Tempered Blog to read an email from Nick K about the recent Ride On Trip that just happened. Can't wait to see the video from it.

Blazing Saddles

Some West Oz goodness for you this morning. Sent in by Berly Tanner.

Scott Lemarshell

Jack Mciver sent in this video of Scott Lemarshell who lives in a small town called Smyesdale.

Colony/Vans Trip Part 3

This is awesome. Part 3 of the Colony/Vans Australia trip.

PS: Sorry about the lack of posts. My internet situation is very gay right now. I can't get any form of broadband other than mobile (slow, overpriced) so I'm stuck doing posts from work and my girlfriends for now. Sweet.

Nick Harris is Impure

Jack Mciver sent in this cool edit he made of Nick Harris. Both are riding for a new company called The Impurity Bike Co. who have some pretty cool looking parts out.

New Colony Tees

Check out some sweet new tees from Colony. Colony has recently ungergone a facelift with a whole new image logo etc and its definately for the better.

Clips and Shit

A cool video of Jake Deering who apparently rides for something called Four Fathers Bmx.

Survey Time

Alistair Finlay from Victoria is doing a uni assigment on BMX print media and he's created this little survey as part of it. It takes like 2 minutes to filled out and would be much appreciated by him if you do. If you've got any questions feel free to hit up Ali at

Click here to take survey

Colony/ Vans Australia Trip Part 2

Part 2 of a 3 part series of the Colony/Vans trip that happened recently. If you haven't seen part one go here.

Unit Mixtape

Featurnig Cris Harti, Andrew Gul, Luke Bridges, Cam Pianta, Cam White, Tom Bridges, Jordan Cold and Jason McTague. Produced by Allan Hardy.

Definitley a WTF

Was checking the Diversity stats and came across this...

Hahahaha. Anyone know who it is? My favourite quotes are "sponsored bmxer sponsored by tempered bikes and diversity bmx.i realy need a girlfriend" and ".my msn is i'm looking for a girl friend so if your single contact me on msn up for blondes." Wow.

Jamie Mauri

Wow this is unreal. Jamie Mauri from West Oz killing it. Spotted on TCU.

Chris C!

This is fuckin awesome! Thanks Chris.

New Willeton Night Edit

Sion Burn sent this video consisting mainly of Seb Scott and Charlie Lucas. Check out the PerthBmx Blog while you're at it.

Albury May Edit

Dope web edit from Rhys Newling.

Sam son & Mackle

Hey guys. My modem should be arriving this week so I wont have to keep posting from work. Stoked. A couple of awesome edits have been sitting in my inbox for the last few days so theres lots of vids for your viewing pleasure.

The first is of the ever entertaing Samson Ross and Mackle. Check it out.

Edit Central

Hey guys. My modem should be arriving this week so I wont have to keep posting from work. Stoked.

Filthy Drains Video

At long last the video from the Tempered Bikes Filthy Drains Challenge. Some of the riding that went down was fucking unreal. Macca is on another planet. Watch it now.

Connections Night Jam

This is a flyer for a jam going down in Bendigo. Sounds like a pretty dialled idea.

Chris Lembo

Quite possibly the first footage I have ever seen of Lembo. Patio rail hop was loose. Spotted on Resident Bmxers

The Sanction

I'm assuming this has something to do with The Sanction stocking Dishonour

Edit: The ad was fucking the site up in Internet Explorer (not Safari or Firefox, which I highly recommend using) so just click The Sanction link to check it out on their site.

Daniel.M The Squeako Whipmaster

Haven't even watched this yet but posting it purely on the title.

Colours by Liam Thomas

Video of some shredders from Carine, WA.

Cam Pianta Unit Interview

Another quality video from Allan Hardy.

Matt Lawton Attila Edit

Andy from Uber just tweeted me this bangin' edit of Tempered Bikes owner Matt Lawton who is now also riding for Attila through Uber Distro. Get it?