Chris Wheeler sent in this edit of himself, Tom Fordyce and Brett Smith riding Shepparton skatepark.

David Girsch

Sweet video made by Allan Hardy of David Girsch who I'm assuming is riding for Unit now.

New RebelYell Out Now

The new RebelYell is out and this is the rundown...

Rebel Yell #8 'the hands on issue' has landed and is already causing a stir in the Australian BMX scene merely days after its arrival. Hailed 'the best mag yet' by riders nationwide, this issue focuses on BMX as a self sufficient and creative subculture. Interviews with Russel 'rusty' Brindley and Nick Hills showcase some seriously burly bike control as well as some witty and interesting lifestyle views.
'Band of Brothers' attack of the Hotel Wrecking City Traders documents the tight and exciting underground rock n roll music scene that dominates Melbourne Suburbia, with a tight and intense live show from one of Australias best kept secrets.
Also Featuring music, art and video reviews, BMX games coverage and 'Do it yourself' BMX spots from all over the country.
With stylish layouts, left-wing rants and Photographic imagery that'll knock your socks off, the subtitle 'Photography, lifestyle and the truth' has never been more relevant to an issue. Get hold of a copy now!

Jarrad Coleman

Sion Bourne sent this edit he made of Jarrad Coleman. Pretty dope.

Fresh Dishonour Hoodies

It's starting to get colder so what better time to buy a fresh Dishonour hoody. Hit the Dishonour site for more details.

Tom's Slider

Hey guys. Sorry for the lack of posts again. Should have the internet sorted sometime this week.

Craig Mosell who runs a little blog called PowPowBmx sent this clip of Tom Shearman doing a big ass slider. Pretty radical.

Filthy Drains Location

Head on over to the Tempered Blog for the location of the Filthy Drains Challenge this Sat. Can't wait!

New Sanction Shirts

Dre from The Sanction sent this ad for their new shirts which are coming soon. Best part is that they are printed on American Apparel and are only $35. Dope. Check the Sanction website for more deets.

Albury April Edit

Rhys Newling sent this edit of some of the Albury locals shredding. Check it.

Steve Van Ginneken

This was sick! Thanks Bret Trigg for the link.

RICKYLE edit '09

hey guys sorry for the lack of posts. Still trying to get internet sorted at my new place. I'll post a couple of vids tonight to make up for it. The first is and edit of Asian Rick and Kyle riding Jindalee and Kuraby.

Matt Lawton on Attila

Matt Lawton, owner of Tempered Bikes is now riding for Atilla. This is an ad made by Uber Distro who is doing Attila here in Aus. Sweet as!

PS. I might not be able to post for a few days. I'm moving house and it might take a few days to get my internet connection sorted.

Shanon Farrugia And Jack O'neill

Hey guys sorry for the lack of posts, been sick as a dog.

Check out this cool little video of 15 year old Shanon Farrugia And 16 year old Jack O'neill. Don't be scared to get in nice and close with that fisheye kids!

New Dishonour Zipup Hoody

Check out these sweet new hoodies coming soon from Dishonour. Hit the Dishonour site for more deets.

One Minute with Jerry Vandervalk

Hey guys and welcome to the first "One Minute with". With any luck this will become a regular occurrence.

The first video is of Tempered Bikes' Jerry Vandervalk. It was wet on Sunday and the only rideable thing we could find was the rail at Kuraby so we decided to make a video on it. Hope you enjoy!

Timmy and Will Saturday Sesh

Spotted this one on the Helensvale BMX vimeo. Maybe I should lurk vimeo more often... Features Will Horan who is on Tempered flow and Tim White who is on Tempered now as well apparently. Go Timmy!

Amazing Girls

I just saw this amazing video on Peta's vimeo page. I really need to step my game up, haha! Features Peta, Boo, Rani and Crystal Shepard as well as a few other girls like Micky and Vince.

New FocalPoint and Defero Tees

Check out these sweet new threads from FocalPoint and Defero. Click here for more info.

Edit: I'm gonna be playing around with the layout of the blog for a bit so if the site looks whack(er) don't despair!

Aaron Dodd Edit?!

I never thought I'd live to see the day I saw another Aaron Dodd edit. Thank god I was wrong, this is awesome.

In totally unrelated news check out the blog of a poker playing, womanizing, anonymous bmxer here.

Justy and T Strett at Ferny Grove trails.

Check out this chill little edit of Justy and Tom riding Ferny Grove trails. From the Tempered Blog.

Filthy Drains date change

Hey guys. Matty let me know that the date of the Filthy Drains Challenge has been pushed back a week. There were a few clashing events on the date so I think its for the best. Check the new cover of the Tempered website for the details.

Hot Threesome

Kayne Gilson sent this awesome edit of Nicko Smithson, Chris Kavangah & Johnny Mayer from Rockhampton. Loved the vibe of this!

Ferny Grove Edit

Featuring Dylan Radford and Dom Clark, Jason Watts. Edited by Daniel Brind.