I ride Melbourne...

Well only once so far but you can rep your love of Melbs with Dishonour's new tee in the "I ride" line. At $25 a pop they're a steal! Clicky hurrrr for more detizzles. When's the I ride Brissie tee coming James?

Mini at his local

My internet is going retardedly slow so I can't watch this buts its got Mini in it so I know it'll be good already. Sent in by Brannon Whyte.

Edit: I've seen the first 7 seconds now. Is Mini on Eastern?

New Tempered Clothes

Tempered have some fresh new clothes coming soon. Check the Tempered site for more info.

Justy Bumpstead video bike check and new ForTheRiders blog.

Hey guys. This is a bike check Justy and I filmed a while ago for ForTheRiders. It was filmed in one afternoon and one morning session. Also check out the new ForTheRiders blog which myself and a few of the other guys will be contributing to.

Concession Mixed Section

Sion Bourne, who filmed and edited this, from west oz sent this mixed section from his DVD called Concession. Apparently he will be uploading more sections soon so keep a look out. If you missed it check out Jay Wilson's part here.

Cam White Interview

Allan Hardy sent through this interview of Cam White that he made for Unit. Apparently there's a Cam White edit coming soon.

Albury BMX

Check out this cool little edit that Rhys Newling sent through of some of the Albury locals killing it.

Brock Olive

Keenan Steward sent in this video of Brock Olive shredding. This kid has a real loose style, I like it.

The Sanction Tee Shirt Design Contest

The Sanction is running a tee shirt design contest. Pretty rad. Check here for all the details for your shot at fame and glory... Well kinda.

BMXFU FUTU and IT DO Uber Exclusive

Check out these sweet little clips from the BMXFU FUTU and IT DO dvds which Uber Distribution will be distributing in Aus. Be sure to come to the premiere of Micreation Synopsis on Friday night. Click here for more details.

PS. Not sure how many shops read this but it mentions on the new front page of the Uber site:

We offer hot products, where will provide an agreed number of a product, and if doesn’t sell, we’ll take it back and credit you.
Interesting... Email andrew@uberdistro.com for more info.

S.A boys in Melbourne

Check out this sweet video of a whole bunch of South Australian shredders in Melbourne. That banger is ridiculous and Ryan Lloyd is amazing. Go check out Ugzine for all your South Aus bmx news.

Brannon Whyte Vid

16 year old Brannon Whyte sent this vid of himself in. This kid is gooooooooood. The park looks amazing also.

Joondalup Huckfest

The godfather of bmx in West Oz, Shaun Jarvis, sent through this flyer for a jam that is coming up. Check out the Freestyle Now myspace for more info.

New 2020 Cover

The new 2020 should be out soon and this is the cover...

Is anyone else a bit disappointed in the cover? 2020 has had some amazing cover shots over the years (see: Zac Miner, last issue) and especially knowing what Jaie Toohey is capable of, (see: Video below) it just kind seems a bit bland. Sure the shot is pretty cool and the flip is fucking huge but I've come to expect a bit more from Australia's most popular magazine (as voted by Diversity readers). Even the other shot of Jaie on the 2020 site would have made a sweet cover.

I'm sure the contents of the mag will be top notch as usual though. What do you think?

Jaie Toohey and Andy Buckworth

Its banger overload with these two videos both made by Matt Whyatt. Which one do you think is better?

Diamond Creek Locals

Sent in by Matt Bill.

James Keogh

Check out this sweet video Trent Harmsworth made of James Keogh.

Alex Hiam on Colony Pro

Child prodigy Alex Hiam has been bumped up to the Colony Pro team. Look out for his signature Colony Gameboy cover coming soon!

New FP!

Coop swung me an email about the brand new Focal Point mag that is done and on its way to all good bike stores. Looks like a whopper of an issue. Can't wait to see the Nick K interview! Check here for more info.

Micreation Synopsis Premiere

Andrew Jansen from Uber Distro let me know about a premiere they are having for the Micreation DVD Synopsis. It looks like Uber is distributing Micreation here in Aus now as well as Atilla and something called Afray which I'm not too familiar with. Pretty sweet. Check the flyer for more details.

New Dishonour Gear!

Dishonour has delivered some fresh gear once again in the form of these tees and crewnecks. Watch the fancy .gif for more info and click here to buy!

Reece Jones

Wayne Cant sent this video of 15 year old Reece Jones riding Beeno.

Steve Denny

Check out this vid of Steve Denny from Albany Creek, QLD. The tuck down the stairs was tuff!

T-Strett's Blowing Up!

My man Tom Stretton just dropped this amazing RideBmx feature video in collaboration with Tempered. Its filmed and edited amazingly so props to Matty and Jack but the riding is on another planet! I think now all Tom has to worry about now is choosing between Rockstar, Monster and Red Bull!

Get it done

Warren Bowers, who's on flow for Tempered, sent this fucking awesome video of a bunch of West Aus shredders. It had me in stitches the whole time. Make sure you check it out!

Jay Wilson

This is fucking rad. West Australian barspin assassin Jay Wilson from a dvd called "Concession" that I don't know much about...

The Sanction

Andre Regli, affectionately known as Dre, of The Sanction sent through this sweet little edit. Fence disaster was banging! Make sure you check out The Sanction site and buy some shit!

Jack Mciver

Didn't get any explanation with this one but with my super sleuth detective skills (checking the vimeo page) I know his name is Jack Mciver and this is filmed at Ballarat.

FocalPoint Samples Vol 1

This is fucking awesome. Leftover clips from the FocalPoint/Defero DVD coming soon. Check the FP site for more info.

Matt Whyatt

More Matt Whyatt Super Mega Goodness.


Chris Wheeler (who rides for The Sanction I think?) sent this edit with an awesome song.


If you haven't checked out Nahyouritemate.blogspot.com yet youve been missing out. Its a blog run by Nick and Dan Gascoine and the posts are always great quality. I just noticed on FocalPoint that they just uploaded an amazing web vid and it blew my mind. Click here and follow the prompts to download it.

Brett Trigg

Check out this sweet video of Brett Trigg, who I met down in Melbourne without even realizing.


Check out this sweet Sputnic web video of Melbourne's Chris "Flagz" Matthews. Jacked from FocalPoint.

Tom Woods

Little edit of 15 year old Tom Woods from Rockhampton.

Connections Birthday Jam

I only just watched this for the first time and I'm stoked! Such a good vibe. Brakeless skid to 180 was boss. Check out Connections and Defero Video mag!

Dirty South Mixtape Vol. 1

This is awesome. Thanks to Thomas Fordyce for the link!

Jake Arndell

Jake sent through this cool little edit of himself riding some parks.

Jai Toohey and Matt Whyatt

Matt Whyatt sent this edit of himself and Jai Toohey, who both ride for Forgotten. That footjam was nutty.


Brannon 'Brutus' Whyte sent in this awesome edit of hims shredding. Some pretty cool tech stuff.