Chris Courtenay Clips

I swear Chris learns 6 new tricks every time he rides. I probably haven't learnt 6 new tricks in the last 3 years.

Nathan Charles Tribute tees

The FocalPoint Nathan Charles tribute tees are printed and ready for you to buy. They're $30 and absolutely ALL profit goes to the bushfire victims. You also get a free copy of FocalPoint's DVD, Clocked In and a handful of stickers. How dialled is that? Hit the FocalPoint online store to get yours.

Jack McCarty

'Brutus' sent through this awesome video he made of 15 year old Jack McCarty. Kid is sick! Check it out.

Edit: Just found out he rides for The Sanction. Good shit. Check out their site here.

Beenleigh bushfire jam

Hey guys I left my laptop at work so I wasn't able to post last night. Nick Cooper has arranged a jam at Beenleigh on Saturday to raise money for the bushfire victims. It's a gold coin donation but you're encouraged to give a little more if you can. Theres live music and giveaways so It should turn out to be a good day. See you there.

Berly Tanner Video

Berly sent through this video of his riding clips from 2008. Wtf what going on with the flair to two peg?

T-Strett Treason Bars Ad

Check this sweet ad from Tempered of Tom Stretton doin a gnarly railhop.

In totally unrelated news I'm having a bit of a birthday jam at Springfield Skatepark. tomorrow. The theme is pirates so you can dress up if you want. It'll probably kick off at about 12 til we get too drunk to ride. Hopefully see you there!

New Dishonour New Eras and Tees...

...are here!

Get in quick though because theres no way they're gonna last for long. Check the Dishonour site and hit the online store.

Drown a Fire Bug

Check out this jam that the blokes from The Sanction are having to raise money for the bushfire victims. Click the thumbnail to see bigggggggger. Theres heaps of live music so definitely check it out if you're down that way!

PS. How fresh is The Sanction's website?

More Brett Coleman

Brett Coleman sent in this edit of himself at Cali stating "probably too many whips". I counted 10 so that averages out at a whip ever 8.8 seconds. Probably not the worst thats ever been posted on here...

Matt Brown

Check out this sweet video of 15 year old Matt Brown. The quality os a bit shitty but if you can bear with it theres some good shit in there.

Colony Hubguard and Tempered Bars

Check out this cool little hubguard by Colony to fit the clone hubs. Looks pretty clean. They're still in testing stage at the moment but by the looks of it they should hold up well. Now you dont have to be scared of scratching those pretty coloured spokes!

In other Australian bmx company news, Tempered's brand new Treason bars are here and ready to be put on your bike and shredded. I saw Tom Stretton drop his bike from about 4 metres high and land directly on the end of his bars and they didn't bend a bit. Tough as nails.

Congratulations Sam Illman

Congratulations Sam Illman on being voted the winner or the DiversityXDishonour Video Comp. It was pretty close with Mikey leading the votes for a while but Sam just edged him out at the last minute. If you're reading Sam can I get you to email your postal address. Thanks to everyone who entered and look out for another one soon. If you somehow missed all the entries check em out here...

Matt Whyatt @ Rampfest

Matt sent in this awesome video of himself from a day at Rampfest. Some banger shit in this for sure.

Vince Byron Mongoose Ad

First Vinny Byron footage I've seen in a long time... Filmed by Troy Charlesworth.


Alot of the time I get emails with nothing but the code for the video. No name or description or anything. Usually I won't post them but its been a slow week. The name on the email for this one is "Bob Scerbo" but the video says his name is Pahau. Wheres this park at?

Nathan Charles Clips

Andrew Fraser sent in this short little edit he made with some of his favourite clips of Nathan Charles that he's collected over the years. He also let me know about a little project he's working on:
I'm putting together a little zine with peoples stories/memories/one liners about Nathan because there are some amazing stories about him floating around out there so if you could post that up along with my email address to get more people involved that'd be a big help.

If you've got anything to contribute send it to

Nathan Charles Tribute tee.

Just saw on the FocalPoint site that they will be doing a Nathan Charles Tribute shirt in the near future. All profits will go the the bushfire victims which is awesome. In other bushfire news, one of my favourite sites, The Big Picture, has just put up some amazing photos from the fire. If you've never seen the site and are interested in world news and/or amazing photojournalism be sure to check it out.

Brett Coleman video

Hey guys not much to post lately. Brett Coleman sent through this edit of him riding one Sunday. Whip 5tap was pretty sick.

R.I.P Nathan Charles

I just read on FocalPoint the tragic news that Victorian shredder Nathan Charles passed away in those horrific bushfires. Nathan had sent in a few videos to Diversity which you can check here and here. Cooper has written a little tribute on FocalPoint which is worth a read. Rest in peace mate.
Coop let me know about a sweet article that he's putting in the next FocalPoint magazine. Basically you send in a photo of you having a good time and theres a chance it will feature in the mag. Peep the flyer for more details.

Colony @ Rampfest

Check out this sweet little video from the Colony team riding Rampfest. Alex is too good!

Fortheriders K-Rudd Klearance Sale

Hey guys, still working (since 9 in the morning) to get ready for Fortheriders massive sale beggining tomorrow. In celebration of our Prime Minister throwing out free money everything in store or online is at least 20% off with some stuff as much as 75% off. Definately come into the store if you're keen for a bargain or check the site, where the sale also applies...

How good is my gif?

New Dishonour Gear

Check out this fresh as fuck New era and Tee combo coming soon from South Australia's very own Dishonour. You can preorder now but you'll have to get in quick because its going to move fast! $45 for the hat, $25 for the tee or $60 together!

Sunday at Cali

Samson Ross, aka "All that is man", sent in this awesome video from a Sunday ride at Caloundra. Canjam over a double coping spine ftw?

Tempered West Oz Aus Trip

Check out this sweet vid from Matty's trip back to West Oz. Lots of West Oz rippers in here. TemperedBikes

BMXgames Footage

Hey guys, I threw together this rough little edit of some of the footage we go down at BMXgames. We didn't film as much as we could of and youtube screwed up the aspect ratio but meh, it took too long to upload...

Jake Anderson

Wow the video comp sure is close... looks like Mikey and Sam Illman are neck and neck... Still 12 days left though so anything could happen... In the meantime I thought I might post a few edits that didn't quite make the top 4. This one is of Jake Anderson and was one of the first entries I recieved. Good shit.