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Ok guys, entries have closed for the DiversityXDishonour video comp. Thanks to everyone who put in the hard work to film an edit. There were lots of quality videos but I've narrowed it down to these four which really stand out. I'll be putting a poll up shortly so you guys can vote for the winner. I'm gonna let people vote for 2 weeks so I've got time to get some Diversity tees made for prizes! Here are the top entries...

1. Sam Illman

2. Mike Czajkowski

3. Troy's Montage

4. Nick Harris

These guys stood out to me as the most diverse/creative videos. Sorry to anyone who didn't make the top four but never fear because there will be more comps in the future. Get voting!

Big Colony News!

I'd heard about this a while ago but Clint just made it official with this post on the Colony site. I think this is great news and really a step in the right direction for Colony. Cooper Brownlee has also taken over the role of art director so you know all the designs from now on will be fresh as hell!

Also be sure to check out all the updates from Colony's trip to the BMXGames and this ad Cooper made of Liam. Pegless tooth hang, wtf?

Nick K!

Nick K is the man. He's one of the most amazing riders I've ever seen and the nicest guy to boot. This is his welcome to the team edit for Tempered Bikes.

I'm Back!

Hey guys, got back from Melbourne today. Had a real good time riding some new spots and meeting some new people. I've got wayyyyy to many emails in my inbox to go through now but expect alot of posts tomorrow.

Irvine and Josh Mannion Weekend clips

Edited by Jaimee Proietti.

Video comp....

Hey guys, thanks to all the people who've already sent in entries for the video comp! There's been some great quality videos so far. I've decided to extend the comp for a bit longer because I head off to Melbourne tomorrow and so I can get some Diversity tees made up to throw in the prizes! I'll extend all entries til the 30th of January and then I'll post them up to let you guys vote for the winner. If you missed the original post somehow, click hurrrrrr


Was just browsing the interwebs and saw on the Certified Bmx Blog some news about a new Australian brand called NightFall BMX. The have a sprocket on the Certified Online Store and on their site they have pictures of proto frames and a cad drawing of a stem. Pretty cool. The sprocket is made in Aus but I'm not sure if the frame is. An Aussie made frame would be rad as fuck though... Check out their picture gallery while you're at it.

Ps. Did I put enough Link's in that paragraph?

Colony/Forgotten Trip Updates

Clint has some more updates from the Colony/Forgotten Tour on the Colony site. Ahhh, I feel like another roadtrip so bad. Also if you hadn't seen enough of their stop at Helensvale, Daniel Symons sent in this cool little video he made from it. Jaie Toohey really likes to go high doesn't he?

UGV Video Comp Entry

Troy Charlesworth sent through this fucking awesommmmmmmeeeeeee montage he made for the DiversityXDishonour Video Comp. I was more thinking of individual rider sections but I guess I forgot to specify that in the rules. Remember you've only got a few days to get your edit in so get snappy!

Civil BMX

I swore I posted this but apparently not. I saw Josh Mannion ride on the weekend and he is a beast. Expect big things form that guy.


Snappa producing the clips as always...

Diversitybmx Classics: The first Diversity Mixtape

Hey guys, not much to post lately so I thought I'd stat to drag up some old videos deep from the vault. I made this back in early 2006 using a shitty little Panasonic handheld and Adobe Premiere. Some of the footage would have dated back to 2005 though. It first featured on the (now FreestyleBMX) site back in its glory days. Featuring Justy Bumpstead, Mitch Wood, Stephen Joseph, Ben Watson, Burly Matt, Dean Brown and Mitch Brown. Enjoy!

Colony/Forgotten at Helensvale

Two videos to check out from the Colony/Forgotten Tour's stop at Helensvale. The one here is from the Helensvale Cycle Scene site and the other s one the Ozscene site. Check it out right here.

Jed Mildon Video

Kiwi Shredder Jed Mildon annihilating lots of Aussie and New Zealand spots. Via FocalPoint via Forgotten.

Forgotten X Colony Tour

Clint just reminded me know about the Colony X Forgotten tour which is starting tomorrow. Peep the Colony Site for more details.

New FocalPoint Site

Coop just let me know that the brand new FocalPoint site is done and uploaded. Wow, it is freshhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Very jealous right now! Give it a squizzz. Also on the topic of makeovers the Tempered myspace just got a fresh new look as well.

Tempered South Coast Trip

Matty sent through this awesome edit of himself, Jack Birtles and Zac Woods riding a few spots down south. TemperedBikes

Flatline Frames

My boys at FlatlineBMX have just got a batch of their "Almost Dead" frames which have been in testing for a while now. I saw Pete riding one when he came down a few weeks ago and it looked really good built up. Check the myspace for more info.

Peta Sheperd Video

Wow, I think I might go quit. Also the phrases "don't be a girl" and "grow some balls" probably just lost all meaning.

Steve VG

Happy New Year to all the people who read the site. You're both good blokes!

Jake Arndell sent in this awesome video of Steve Van Ginnieken from Warrnambool, Victoria. Love this guys style. Some really cool and creative editing too by Ross Stewart. Be sure to check it out.

Also just a reminder about the Diversity X Dishonour Video comp. Still got more than 2 weeks to film and edit so get busy. $200+ of great Dishonour gear to give away. Clicky hurrr for more detizzles. This video would be a fairly good example of what I'm looking for. Creative editing can go a long way.