December Photobook

James Wade has his December Photobook up and it is rad as usual. Peep it here. While you're at it hit up Ugzine and Dishonour too.

Shadow Conspiracy Ravager Pedal Review

Something I want to do more of in the new year is product reviews. I got these a ages ago to do a review on but better late than never (sorry Sam). To save the long review from clogging up the main page you can check it out here on my new personal blog. Which I'm just going to update with reviews like this, other long winded stories and things that interest me.!

Its taken me over 2 years to figure out but diversitybmx is finally legit! Update your bookmarks, and address books too. We've got a few new emails for specific things. Send your videos to, your news about jams etc to, to enquire about advertising email and for all other general enquiries shit-talk holla at Thanks for reading guys and we should have some bigger and better things in store for next year.

Flatline BMX Bowen Trip

Derrick from Flatline BMX sent in this video of Pete White and Corey Platt shredding Bowens new park, looks hell fun!

- Justy B

Brisbane Mix

Brisbane, Australia Mix Edit - More BMX Videos

Spotted this over on the Focalpoint site, featuring Jerry Vandervalk, Alex Hiam, Raphael Jeroma- Williams, Aaron Dodd, Mitchell "Macca" Macdonald, Mike Cz, Mathew Lawton, Ryan Guettler and Zac Miner. Edited my Stu Munro for VitalBMX.

-Justy B

Blake Butterfield Memorial Jam


Brodie sent through this flyer and some words for his brothers memorial jam at Kempsey skatepark. Our deepest condolences to you and your family from Mitch Wood and myself at Diversity. Please show your support and make an appearance at Kempsey skatepark on the 20th of January.

Blake was keen on BMX from a very young age, begging Dad to take him to the skate park from about the age of three. At the time, on a cheap little 12", trying to jump the hip and box, trying to keep up with the older riders. Meanwhile, myself and the rest of the family were heavily involved in motorcycle racing.

On September 4th, 2000, Blake suffered severe head trauma, resulting in a large piece of his skull being removed and later replaced with a titanium plate, and a decent chunk of brain; the part that controlled right side movement and speech, to be removed. However, a mere 6 months later he was back at the skate park, stronger than ever.

He remained a very keen rider until the day of his passing, which also happened to be Dad's birthday. He originally wanted to go the Skate Park for a session, but ended up going dirt biking with dad, myself and my other brother Brock, as a sort of gift for Dad. He was riding in Tamban forest near Kempsey, when he struck a tree. He passed away later that afternoon after attempts to revive him.

Since that day, I have wanted to hold a competition or jam in his memory, but have never been able to get something happening.

- Justy B

Throwaway Edit

Filmed this ages ago and made a rough edit in a couple of minutes. Nothing special just an arvo after work at plains.

RNV 2009 Edit

Rhys Newling sent this one over, last edit for 2009 so he can start filming fresh in the new year. This is got some bangers in it and its still real chilled. Click HERE to check out some more of Rhys's videos.

He also says that this video is dedicated to Stu Timms who recently hurt himself swimming in Perth, he has broken his neck and may never ride again so PLEASE head over to and drop in a donation, even the smallest amount can help.



Merry Christmas from Diversity, enjoy the holidays and be safe! I'm sure Manbeast will post more Christmas wishes later. Tis' the season to be Jolly, Enjoy those beers.

Love Justy B

Pahau Milner edit

Pahau Milner has come through with the goods once again, not a bad edit at all!

- Justy B

Mitchell "Meezy" Campbell edit

Here's an edit of Browns Plains shredder Meezy, always enjoy this blokes riding.

- Justy B


Just seen that James Wades November photobook has dropped, check that out here.. The Dishonour "Steezin" tees are now in stock and look damn good, always stoked on what Dishonour do! They are going for 25 smackeroos and are in a rad range of colours. Check out the Dishonour website for more info and to order yours now!


-Justy B

Moray chillin..

Here's a short video from last weekend at Morayfield, featuring myself, Andrew Atkins, Dan headon, and Nate Headon. Nothing bangin but enjoy!

-Justy B

Pete Radivo is the man!

Came across this on the COLONY site, this is a section from Pete Radivo about 5 - 6 years ago. So sure to check this one out!

Glasses BMX video, Pete Radivo section. from Dao Radivo on Vimeo.

Chris Courtenay Hibiscus chillin..

Believe it or not I found this on Facebook haha, Chris Courtenay just keeps on getting better and better. He always goes so big too! Filmed and edited by Raph.

Chris Courtenay from Raphael Jeroma-Williams on Vimeo.

11 clips with Marc Cusack

Bret Trigg sent in this edit he put together of Marc Cusack at Ballina skatepark. I dont know if its my computer at work or the edit but I couldnt watch it properly, what I seen of it was not bad so enjoy.

-Justy B

11 Clips With Marc Cusack. from Bret Trigg on Vimeo.

Dwayne Germain

Another video jacked from Ugzine (thanks James). Dwayne Germaine coming through with the goods in this edit for cmbmx.


Flem Banks Jam Party Edit

Rhys Newling sent this one through but didn't include a link, spotted the video on Ugzine though. Looked real fun.

- Beast

Adrian Fox Web Vid

Adrian Fox - Broken Wrist Web Video from on Vimeo.

I'm so stoked on this! Adrian Fox is a damn shredder. He broke his wrist in the first clip so they had to stop filming but I reckon it turned out real good! Sent in by Andrew Fraser.

Love Justy b

New Dishonour "Steezin" tee's!


Once again Dishonour have come out with some sweet looking tee's. These are the "Steezin" tees and you can preorder them now right HERE.

-Justy B


Mitch Baldry sent through this edit of his good pal Mugzy. The fisheye made me nauseous but any video with crankflips is post-worthy in my book. Bring back the crankflip!

Rubber Ducky

rubber ducky from samson ross on Vimeo.

Samson Ross sent in this 09 edit of a few blokes up the sunshine coast way, this is real good! Quality is a bit how's ya father but well worth the watch.

- Justy B

Nick Cooper and Macca

Just checked out Vital for the first time in ages and saw this ripper of a video made by Stu. Both these guys are freaks. Can't wait til Macca gets back on a bike!

Nick Cooper And Macca Edit - More BMX Videos

Rampfest Box Jump Comp

2009 Rampfest Box Jump Best TrickComp. from Bret Trigg on Vimeo.

Spotted this over on Focalpoint, edited by Bret Trigg. I think Andy Buckworths cartwheel should definately be the banger, haha. Also Cooper Brownlee has put Issue 18 online and has some news about the Adelaide trip up on the Focalpoint site. Go check it out!

- Justy B

Holy Matt Whyatt!

Brett Trig sent this amazing edit he made of Melbourne's Matt Whyatt. Tons of supermega goodness in here with more bangers than your average barbeque.


Nicko Smithson Bike Check


Here's Nicko Smithsons bike check, Nicko is a bloody good dude and knows how to ride a bike with plenty of style!

Love Thugsty!

Flatline BMX Jam


Look's like the Annual Flatline Jam is on again, 12th December at the Duckponds in Mackay. Be sure to check it out, I've been to the last two and they were wild!

Love Thugsty

Beers & a Barbie!

Beer's and a BBQ! from Shane Batchler on Vimeo.

Here's a edit from last weekends session at Shane Batchlers house, featuring Shane Batchler, Tom Stretton, Dan Headon, Dan Kershaw, Trito, Jerry V, Ash Maynard, Corey Hogan and myself. The bangers were perfect and the beers were cold, bloody good day til I smacked me head. Edited by the one and only Shane Batchler.

- Justy B

New Dishonour Tees and Hats!


James Wade let me know that his new caps and tees are in stock.. Caps come in sizes 7 1/4, 7 1/2, 7 5/8 and 8. The shirts come in white with grey, black with grey, celtics green with white, purple with yellow and sweat grey with black. Sizes small through to extra large. Head over to DISHONOUR to see prices and how you can get your hands on some of these bad boys! Looking fresh James!

Love Thugsty

Bridgetown Blues Comp


For all you West OZ blokes.

-Justy B

Stephen Grubb edit

Grubby Edit from Instinct Bmx on Vimeo.

Nick Derrick is running a little blog called Instinct BMX and I found this little edit of long time friend Grubby. Go check out Nick's blog and be sure to watch this video of grubby, so dialled!

Love Thugsty

Michael Vockenson on Tempered!

Michael Vockenson is the newest addition to the Tempered team. Michael is a shredder and recently produced one of my favourite web videos of all time. Congrats brother!

The Orphanage #2

The Orphanage #2 from on Vimeo.

Andrew Fraser sent in this edit, just raw footage with no music but was still pretty sweet.

- Justy B

A day in the life of Nick Richardson

A day in Nick Richardson's life from Colony BMX on Vimeo.

Clint sent through this edit of a day in the life of Nick Richo. Filmed and edited by Ryan Guettler.

Love Justy B

Shane Conlon Edit

The one and only Shane Conlon sent in this edit of himself that his friend put together. Mitch and myself seen Shane ride his local when we went on a roadtrip down south and its bloody unreal...He has some clips in the edit of the trip about half way through, you can check that out right HERE.

Love Thugsty.

Josh Robson

Jamie Proietti sent in this video of 15 year old Josh Robson ripping some spots around Brisbane. Some pretty cool shit in here. Wheres that park @1:26?


Toby Matthews web video

Spotted this on Colony.

Karl Linderman

Lanky sent in this clip of Karl Linderman doing an over ice to back over fakie on Beerwahs spine, shitty quality but it's too clean not too post. Anyone that rides Beerwah or has seen that spine would know why this is bloody crazy!

Love Justy B

James Wade's October Photobook

As usual james Wade comes through with the goods with his newest photobook. Check the October Photobook, as well as all the previous issues here.

Matt Lawton Arvo Edit

Check out this dope web edit of Tempered owner, Matt Lawton, filmed by Raph for Ride On. The riding and filming are top notch as usual. I've heard some interesting opinions lately that out of all the company owners out there, Matty is one of the best actual riders. I think it would have to be a close call between him and Clint Millar, I guess thats comparing apples and oranges though. What do you think?


Tempered Flip Book

Matty sent through this new flip book he's got going for some of the new Tempered gear that should be dropping soon. The book looks so polished and all the photos are amazing. That sprocket is hot fire! Click on the preview to view in full screen.


Back in the game!

Hey guys,

After what feels like an eternity of trying to do posts from work and shitty wireless broadband, I've finally moved to a new place and now have superfast internet. Justy has been doing such an awesome job that he'll be posting for for good. Should be some pretty frequent updates with the two of us posting. Keep your eyes peeled for some product reviews and a couple of videos I've had in the works that I can finally upload.


A day in the life of Richo teaser...

Nick Richardson - Day in the Life teaser. from Colony BMX on Vimeo.

Mr Clint Millar sent through this teaser of a day in the life of Nick Richardson, put together by Ryan Guettler. Should be coming out soon. True blue Nick!

PS - Sorry about the lack of posts over the weekend, was down in Melbourne partying it up. Will catch up on some videos over the next few days.

Love Justy B

Pahau & Riwai Milner web edit

riwai and pahaus edit from Pahau on Vimeo.

Pahau Milner sent in this edit of him and his brother Riwai. Definatly got some good stuff in here!




There's a little bit of a comp going on with Dishonour at the moment. If you have placed a pre order for the new "RAID" shirts and caps, you have the chance to get it free! Dishonour will send you your item free, and refund your money. If you win of course haha. Head over to DISHONOUR to place your order now!

Love Justy Beeeeeeeee

Sanction BMX edit

Sanction Bmx Crew Mix from Sanctionbmx on Vimeo.

Dre from Sanction sent over this chill edit of the crew, definately worth the look!

-Justy B

Ride On leftovers

Ride On Friends/Crew Edit from Jack Birtles on Vimeo.

Jack Birtles put together this edit of all the Ride On blokes, this is just leftover clips that werent used and its pretty bangin, ESPECIALLY Maccas last trick! Thanks Jack.

Love Thugsty

Down Underground Round 1


More info right hurrrrrrr

Love Thugsty.

Jindalee Halloween Jam


Looks like there is another Halloween Jam on, this ones at Jindalee though. Apparently costumes are a must....

Love Justy B

Afternoon at Kistlers jumps

Afternoon at Kistler's Jumps from Sleepwalkers on Vimeo.

Didnt get too much information on this one, but its real chill and those jumps look like heaps of fun! Sent in by Daniel Kistler.

Love Thugsty

Brenton Caldwell web edit

Here's my boy Brenton riding good old browns plains, just after he got his bike back. So damn good!

Love Thugsty.

Proud to be Australian.


Who knows why im posting this, but I stole this off Nick Kajewskis myspace, who is in Greenville at the moment. Thought you should all see it, photo full of true blue Aussies hangin' in Greenville. Featuring Yonny Wakefield, Nick Richardson, Nick Kajewski, Dave Dillewaard, Colin Mackay and Colins wife Kelly. Makes me damn proud to be Aussie.

Love Justy B

Perth Bmx...

Ryan Linton sent in this edit he just came up with, saying it's his first one put together. Good stuff mate! Damn west OZ riders shred...

Love Thugsteeee

Halloween Jam 2009


Love Justy B

Blue Eyes sometimes..

blue eyes sometimes. from billy sometimes on Vimeo.

Bil Brooks sent in this chill little edit of him riding some spots around Mudgee, dont know whats going on with the title of the video but is definately worth the look. This bloke has a real smooth and effortless style!

Love Justy B

Colony 2010 Catalogue

Clint has sent over the 2010 Colony catalogue, looks real good. Cooper Brownlee has done a bloody sweet job! Head over to the Colony site to see some updates on the shirts and caps too.

Love Thugsty

Dylan Radford

Daniel Brind sent in this edit of Dylan Radford riding Ferny grove skatepark and a bit of trails...On the subject of Ferny Grove Trails, my mates and I have been riding them a fair bit lately and just wanna give props to the fellas who look after them, they are better then they have ever been! Good work fellas!

Love Jugsty.

Total Letdown Part 3 - Robert Bennett

Total Letdown - Robert Bennett from Jye Stuart on Vimeo.

Here's part 3 of the Total Letdown series, this one is of Robert Bennett! Some wild street in here! Good shit. Filmed and Edited by Jye Stuart.

- Justy Beeeee

Brett Coleman

brett coleman bli bli skate park new from Paul Jagger on Vimeo.

Brett Coleman sent in this video of himself riding Bli Bli skatepark. Pretty sweet!

Love Justy B

Focalpoint Issue 18


Just seen on the Focalpoint site that Issue 18 is done and should be in all good bmx stores very soon! Looks like the one and only Raph has scored the cover, plenty of content and a interview with big man Jerry Vandervalk. Should be bloody good!

Love Justy B.

Focalpoint Issue 18

Dale O'Brien web video

TBSM Video Comp - Dale O'Brien from Mitchell Pierias on Vimeo.

Here's a rad video of Dale O'Brien shredding some dirt, good on ya mate! Filmed and Edited by Mitch Pierias.

- Justy B

Hello Daylight savings

Hello Daylight Savings from on Vimeo.

Andrew Fraser sent in this edit, not sure who is riding in it though its definately worth the watch!

Love Thugsty

More Shanon Farrugia..

Shanon emailed us saying he sent in his old edit which was posted the other day, so here's his latest one and its pretty bangin!

Love Justy B

Total Letdown Part 2 - Darn Twins

Total Letdown - Darn Twins from Jye Stuart on Vimeo.

I was going to post this later on in the week but its way too good. Featuring Jeremy and Cedric Tsing. Sooooo bloody dialled! Thanks Jye!

Love Justy B.

Total Letdown Part 1

Total Letdown - Mix Section. from Jye Stuart on Vimeo.

This is actually pretty dialled, definately worth checking out. There is 3 parts so I will post the last two over the next few days. Sent in by Jye Stuart.

- Justy B

Tamworth Jam


Looks like there is a jam going down at Tamworth on the 10th of October, spotted on the Colony site. In other Colony news, Peta Shepherd has a new bike and theres some photos of it on the Colony site, go check it out!

Love Justy B.

The Photobook Project


More from James Wade, his September issue has dropped online at Click on the link to go check it out!

- Thug

Shanon Farrugia web edit.

Shanon Farrugias Web Edit from Shanon Farrugia on Vimeo.

Shanon sent in this video of himself, pretty dialled! Not too sure about the song though......

Love Justy B.

Andrew "Mini" Ahumada

Rampfest with Andrew Ahumada from Bret Trigg on Vimeo.

Whoa? This song hurt my brain..but definately good riding. Sent in my Bret Trig.

-Justy B

THPE Promo

Berly sent in this promo for Three Hours Past Eight. Some Gnarly crashes in here haha.

- Justy B

Focalpoint rainy day edit..

Rainy Day Edit... from on Vimeo.

Spotted this edit of Marnold, Liam Fahy Hampton, Cooper, Jase Bannan and Lachy on the Focalpoint site. Gotta love Melbourne weather...

- Justy B

New Dishonour teeeeeees!


My man James Wade let me know that the new Dishonour Tee's are now in stock! Available in a few colours and sizes are small through to extra large. As always, they look real damn good, but they are selling super fast so get in quick! Click HERE to go to the Dishonour site.

- Justy B

Kyle Baldock Edit

Nicholas Macris sent in this video of Kyle Baldock. Definately solid riding, let us know what you think...

- Justy B

HOLY Chris Courtenay!

Chris Courtenay from josh perry on Vimeo.

Just spotted this web edit of Chris on the Ride On blog. My Jaw was on the ground the whole 2 minutes 40. Bloody unreal!

- Justy B


Head over to the new Dishonour to check out some updates, James informed me that shredders Sam Illman and Daniel "MOZZY" Dunn are now riding for Dishonour! Definately go and order some tee's, damn fresh!

-Justy B

Jaimee Proietti

civil bmx from jaimee proietti on Vimeo.

- Justy B

Zac Woods & Daniel Watson

Zac Woods & Daniel Watson from Jack Birtles on Vimeo.

Here's another one from the man Jack Birtles, this time of Zac Woods and Dan Watson.
Definately worth checking out, clean filming and solid riding! Stoked!

- Justy B

Get It Done 2

Get It Done 2 from shizee on Vimeo.

Not much details were given, but a pretty bangin video of some west oz shredders once again!

-Justy B


Sundays.. from Brad Willetts on Vimeo.

Check out this short edit of some West Oz shredders, sent in by Brad Willets.

- Justy B

Drew Raison Video

Drew Raison Short from Jack Birtles on Vimeo.

Mr Jack Birtles sent in this video of Drew with this description:
I was putting together an edit with Drew and my camera decided to quit and this is what we were left with , it doesnt show drews riding %100 but drew still kills it.
I think this is bloody sweet!

- Justy B

Luke Bowerman edit Luke Bowerman edit from monster indoor in sydney from brock b on Vimeo.

Brock Beadman sent in this edit in he made of his buddy Luke Bowerman shredding Monster and some street. Just got back from a trip up north so will have some more stuff posted tomorow!

-Justy B

Colony Goodness..

Clint sent through a old edit he came across and I just seen this edit of Alex Hiam on the Colony site, damn kid! Alex is the man!

Colony Team Edit from Colony BMX on Vimeo.

Alex Hiam from Colony BMX on Vimeo.

-Justy B

Liam Fahy-Hampton grips

Over on the Colony site there is a product update on Liams new signature grip called the "LFH" Click HERE to check it out.


- Justy B

Uplifting Refreshments..

Uplifting Refreshments from Brad Willetts on Vimeo.

Brad Willets sent in this short edit of some Perth riders. Filmed and edited by Brad himself, thanks mate!

- Justy B

Mackay Edit

mackay august 09 from pete white on Vimeo.

Pete White from Flatline BMX sent in this edit he filmed and edited over the last few days.

- Justy B

Jesse Bull Federal web edit

Jesse James Bull Federal Edit from Stowmedia Sept 2009. from StowMedia on Vimeo.

Seen this edit of Jesse Bull on the Focalpoint site, Jesse rides for Federal here in OZ. Some reallllllly solid clips in here for sure.

- Justy B

Mitch Jamieson Web Video

Mitch Jamieson Bmx 14 Years Old from wayne cant on Vimeo

Wayne Cant sent in this video of 14 year old Mitch Jamieson shredding Beenleigh.

- Justy B

The Photobook Project

My man James Wade from Dishonour Clothing hit me up about his Photobook Project he dropped last weekend, pretty fresh and definately worth checking out, which you can do right HERE. Thanks James!


- Justy B

The Photobook Project

My man James Wade from Dishonour Clothing hit me up about his Photobook Project he dropped last weekend, real clean and fresh and definately worth checking out, you can do that HERE. Thanks James!

Random News...

Not much videos are getting submitted so we dont have much to post at the moment but here is some random news...just peeped on the Colony site that Helensvale BMX have moved into a new location and they will have ramps on site once they are settled in! They will also have a online store going soon. Tempered have a bunch of posts up from their weekend adventures. Focalpoint has a new ONE CLIP up and some info on the Tim Hales jam going down on the 20th of September. Go check it out!

- Justy B

Spinal Disorder Video

Allan Hardy from UNIT sent in a video of Spinal Disorder that was held at the Gold Coast on sunday, if anyone has any other videos of any other classes send them in! Haven't seen any results yet but know that Nick Cooper took out the win for pro.

- Justy B

Spinal Disorder

Dont forget Spinal Disorder is this sunday the 30th, should be a sweet day and hope to see you all there!


-Justy B

Frustrated Skateboarder Fail

I don't normally like to post random shit but this is waaaaaaaaaay to good not to.

Nicko Smithson

nicko smithson from hillary scott on Vimeo.

I seen this video a few weeks back, so im not sure if it was posted or not. Nicko hit us up again about it and I'm stoked to see it again, so good! I love Nicko!

- Justy B

The Orphanage #1

Another video from Thistownsucks. This one is called The Orphanage because its where all the clips that don't have a home go to! Haha, check it out.



Head on over to the Colony site for a sneak peak of the 2010 frame range, which I must say look really fresh and my man T Stret just picked him self up a new bike from the warehouse and should have it up and going in the next few days, cant wait to see his new bike and even better watch him ride it. Oh, and also a look at the 2010 seat range, looks good!

- Justy B

Tempered News..

Just seen on the Tempered site Thomas Dunn has been added to the team, congrats bro!
Corey Mansinger and Luke Tilney have some shots up of an abandoned spot they found and the site has yet another front cover, go check it out!


- Justy B

Matt Whyatt in Greenville

Here is a nice little edit of Aussie Matt Whyatt shredding in Greenville.

- Justy B

New Dishonour Gear!

James Wade from Dishonour Clothing let me know about the new Tee's he has in stock now, fresher then ever! Order yours from the Dishonour site by clicking the link or email James at!


- Justy B

Joel Pauly web video.

Joel Pauly - 3 days in July '09 from on Vimeo.

Andrew Fraser sent in this edit of his mate Joel Pauly, pretty dialled!
Also I will be helping Mitch out with Diversity for a while, so keep those videos coming!

- Justy B


As promised the roadtrip video from last weekend. Thanks to Mitch and Flick.

More Mitch Brown

Mitch got a new camera and this is his first edit with it. Soooo good! I went on a roadtrip with Mitch on the weekend so keep an eye out for some clips from that!

James Wade's new Photobook

This has been in my inbox for a while but better late than never I guess. Sorry James! Check out the dialled as third edition of James Wade's Photobook Project. Click the pic to see it.

Dylan Kneebone 2 from Camm Y on Vimeo.

Brannon Whyte yet again...

If you can't get enough Brannon White heres another of his web edits.

Josh Irvine Stolen Bikes Video

This is a lot better than the one I posted the other day and actually has some pretty banger shit in it.

Josh Irvine Stolen Bikes Video

This is a lot better than the one I posted the other day and actually has some pretty banger shit in it.

David Girsch Unit Video

Filmed and edited by Allan Hardy for Unit.

Mitch Brown Chill Ride

My main man Mitch Brown sent through this awesome edit of a day at Springfield and Bundamba. He also shredded the Core Series today and came third behind Nick Cooper and Alex Hiam. Stoked!

Ride On Roadtrip Video

This is nuts! So many crazy bangers in here. Tom Stretton is a god, oh and he's on Colony now too. Check out the Ride On blog.

FTR 09 Bike Sale

ForTheRiders is having a huge sale at the moment on all 2009 bikes. Every bike is 20-50% off so nows the perfect time o buy a new bike if you've been holding out. Click the banner on the side to go to the site. Also if you missed it the first time check out this video of my boy and FTR team rider Justy Bumpstead.

New Tempered Site and Product Sneak Peeks

Clicky here to check out the new Tempered front page and follow the link to see some more info on these dope stems.

Nick K and Jerry in T-Bar

This edit of Jerry and Nick in their home town of Toowoomba is awesome on so many levels. Head over to the the Tempered Blog for some photos of a fatshit with a camera, my boy corey 180ing a rail and an update on Macca, who had a bad crash on the trip resulting in a badly broken leg. Get well soon mate.

Laurence Bakewell

Laurence Bakewell sent this one in. Kids definitely got whips on lock.

Josh Irvine

A few clips from the ever elusive Josh Irvine. The description says these were from before he left for the states, probably for some of his many sponsorship obligations.

Double Steeze

Addison Hammond sent this edit in of Damien Kluver and Corey Platt on a trip to Brisbane from Mackay. Also features Alex Hiam and more.

Pahau Milner

Pahau Milner sent in this edit of himself. How cool is the name Pahau? How do you even pronounce that?

Albury June Edit

Rhys Newling sent through his June edit a while ago. Just as dope as the rest of his edits but filmed with a new camera this time.

Samson and Michael V Coast to Canberra

This has been in my inbox for over a month but its dope as hell. I'm gonna try and get around to posting all the videos in my inbox over the next few weeks so if you sent one in don't worry, it'll get posted eventually.

Maryborough Trails Jam

Clint let me know about this trails jam thats going down in Maryborough on the 2nd of August. I went to some trails in Maryborough back in the day and they were amazing! if these are the same ones the event should be rad.