Benny Olsen Edit

Benny Olsen sent in this video of him riding a few parks in Melbourne before his bike got stolen. Hope you get it back mate.

Mags, mags, mags...

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of posts. It seems that 3 of the major Aussie BMX mags have all been released in quick succession again which is weird but good for us I guess. An Aussie BMX eclipse.

First is the new FocalPoint.

Cover boy for this issue is style cat, Lee Mans, who scores an interview. Alongside him in the pages are Josh Collins and Beechy, as well as a bunch of underground bios including a very unique Robbo interview and a look into the lives of a few dedicated park riders. There is a feature on what goes on behind-the-scenes at Colony BMX, I talk to Troy Charlesworth about the release of his new video, Epic Invasion, and we shine a light on the controversial Bendigo Trail Jam. Most importantly, however, this issue pays tribute to some of our close friends who’s lives were tragically cut short – it is to them that this issue is dedicated.
Issue 15 holds more content than ever and when you add in some nice giveaways, you have yourself a very solid issue of Focalpoint. Enjoy!

Next up is the new Rebelyell which I am very excited about...

Rebelyell issue 7 (Crap Issue)

First ever full interview with the Drainkids
Thrash for Cash Drains Jam - Beer, Fire and Mayhem
Shit talking Bio's - Lets talk shit!
Rampfest VIP night - first official in-depth photo coverage and behind the scene's story of Australia's newest and largest indoor BMX park.
Plus much much more.....
The new STEADFAST issue 2 DVD is also included with this issue - FREE!!!!

And then there's the new 2020 that I had a read of at the shop. Seems like there's a lot more content than usual. I can't find the cover on the net but it looks real good. BMXpress shouldn't be too far off either so make sure you check that out for an interview I shot with my boy Mitch Brown.

Andrew Buckworth

Check out this sweet video of Aussie Andrew Buckworth riding Woodward. Kid has progressed so much since I first saw him at HMH a while back. I think he did his first whip air there? Now he's doing triples. What's the world coming to?

Jeff Bahr The Second

I'm really digging this video. Kid is awesome and you can never go wrong with Biggie.

New Colony Colourways

Colony have lots of product updates and heaps of fresh new colourways on their site. Lookin awesome. Treat yourself for Christmas maybe? Polished Teddy bars please Santa!

Alter BMX

Rene Mans sent in this cool little video via email. Good shit. If you've got a video you'd like to see up here swing me an email at

Steadfast Issue 2

This is sick. Look out for the full DVD free with the next issue of Rebelyell.

Dishonour News

James Wade let me know about the new Dishonour New Eras that he has in. Lookin freeeeeeesh. You can grab one for $45 on the online store or a hat and a shirt for $60. Bargain. Be quick though because its only a limited run of 50 hats and I know they'll be gone soon.

Also get your cameras rolling for a Dishonour x Diversity video competition. More details soon.

Colony in Cali video

Clint sent over this sweet vid of himself, Ryan Guettler and Steve Woodward on their trip in the states for Interbike. Also be sure to check out the Zac Miner video.

Colony Videos Ahoy!

Colony has been posting alot of awesome videos lately, the latest one being the epic video of Liam Fahy-Hampton from around a year or so ago. Be sure to also check out this video of Simon O'Brien riding his new signature Colony frame, the DejaVu as well as all the other videos from the last 12 months on the Colony Vimeo.

Josh Irvine's Blackeye Killarado Review

Copied this review from the infamous Josh Irvine straight from my email:

Can you post this for me please its the new Blackeye Killarado
Well the new blackeye Killarado Frames are in Australia and avaliable at all good bikeshops wieghing in at 4.10 pounds and as strong as an OX also it is a low set frame..I had my doubts running such a low frame but after seeing how popular they were in the states i thought i would run one..Now this being a low set frame makes it so easy to whip also to spin 360 and 720 also it just feels so good to ride and not only is it good to ride but it looks pretty sweet nearlly as sweet as lemon if your aftera new frame for christmas try one of these frames...

Frame 21inch blackeye killarado
Forks verde
Bars Prototypes
Stem Odyssey cfl
Cranks Macanik 175mm
Disc macanik 25t
Pedal odyssey twisted
Seat/seatpost DUO guns
Front wheel Snafu with Hazard lite
Rear wheel snafu with hazard lite
Tyres Duo foldable
Grips Duo scotty cranmers
Chain KMC 410h
Pegs DrogonFly Ti
Brakes None
Mods cut axles and seat post also hollo bolts...

Spelling mistakes and lame puns aside, I think the frame looks pretty sweet. Am I the only one that actually thinks these low slung frames look good? Let me know what you think in the comments.


In Latin, Defero means community, and community is the perfect word to describe the scene that this new Australian BMX DVD series will showcase. Based out of Melbourne, Defero is headed up by Cooper Brownlee (FocalpointBMX) and Chris ‘Flagz’ Matthews (Peazant/B-Town) with the aim of producing quality, fun DVD’s that perfectly represent the Australian BMX community.

I am sooooooo stoked on this. The trailer is amazing. Click here to read more about the project. Can't wait to see how it turns out. Thanks Coop for the heads up.

Ryan Guettler Interview

Clint uploaded this old interview of Ryan Guettler from the first Hindsight DVD. I remember being young and so stoked on that DVD and interview. Ahh the good old days. Check it out.

More David Girsch

Both Allan Hardy and David sent me this video. Its a new section of David Girsch, the 16 year old shredder from Cairns. From the looks of it he's progressed a lot since the last one. Be sure to check it out.

Old Footage

Weirdest thing just happened on youtube. As soon as this had finished uploading I got an email from youtube saying that it had infringed copyright because of the song (Mos Def - New World Water). So I either had the option of muting it, replacing the audio track with one of their songs or deleting it entirely. Pretty lame. I ended up picking from their song list because I cant be fucked re-uploading it. Has this happened to anyone else? If this is going to become a regular occurrence I might have to start using Vimeo more often.

Anyway this is some real old footage I had laying around on my hard drive that I wanted to get rid of. Riders are Nate Headon, myself, Cheezy and Matt Devine, who's been dying to see these clips for ages. Haha sorry Matt...

Tempered Web Vid, Part 2

Part 2 of the Tempered video is here! I love Justy!

Warren Bowers!

WTF! Was not expecting this. Warren Bowers who rides flow for Tempered put out this crazy web video. I love this kids style and the banger is ridiculous. Thanks Matty for sharing this with me.

In other Tempered news the much awaited Foliage pivotals should be shipping to Australia soon.