Halloween Jam

There's a Halloween jam on at Jindalee tomorrow. Last one was fun as and I'm sure this one will be too.

Cairns Street Video

It's that time of the month again, (used up all my bandwidth) so I haven't watched this video but Allan Hardy sent it in and his videos are always dialled! The footage is from his dvd Adaptions Encore. Check it out.

FocalPoint Summer Threads

Coop let me know about this new little promo he knocked up for the new FocalPoint summer range of clothes. Lookin freshhhhh. I really want to get my hands on a few of those braaaaap shirts.

Tempered Web Vid

Part one of the much anticipated Tempered web video is here! Watch it now.

Colony Hell Stallion Review

I just wrote up a little review of my new Colony Hell Stallion which you can read right hurrrrrrrr.

Clint Millar Interview

Clint has an interview over on BMXunion. Its a really interesting read and theres tons of good photos. Check it out.

Mike Aitken Jam

Hey all. There's a jam going down at Dandenong Box Jumps and Gorak's private trails to help out Mike Aitken. Peep the flyer for more details.

Bret Trigg/Jake Arndell Mix

Bret Trigg emailed me this video which is made from leftover clips from his DVD called "Sweet Business". Apparently the DVD will be finished soon and will be premiering at a jam at Mount Gambier on the 8th and 9th of November.

Pete White Scrap

Second edit from Pete this week. Now thats efficiency.

Tempered Bikes web video trailer.

The concept of a teaser for a web video still eludes me but this is sick nonetheless. Peep the Tempered site for more info.

Chris and Alex in Melbourne

Rampfest looks so good...

These Days

Over on BMXunion Kurt has written a nice review of Stewart Munro's new DVD "These Days". Read it here and check out this exclusive Defgrip trailer.

B-Town Trails Jam Video

Sam Filmer just put up this edit with a little writeup on his blog, Sleepwalkers. Give it a watch and be sure to check his blog while you're at it.

tip bmx rasbery potato

Rene Mans sent in this cool little edit via email. Def some good riding in this one.

Tempered Teasers

Matty has put a few screencaps on the Tempered blog of their new web edit which should be dropping shortly. Can't wait to see it.

2009 Colony Endeavour Completes

Is it just me or are completes getting better and better these days? Colony.

Civil Bmx

Jaimee Proietti sent me this sweet vid of himself and a few others riding street and parks around Brissy. It even has some rare Josh Irvine and Lanky Nathan footage. The Josh Mannion clips are nuts!

Untitled from jaimee proietti on Vimeo.

How to canadian nosepick with Clint Millar

Monster Update...

Hey guys. Sorry about the lack of updates. Had a pretty full on weekend.

Stewart's DVD premiere for These Days was a great night and the video turned out amazing. Be sure to check back for my review when I get a copy.

Logan Village comp was a good day. Had a few platinums and represented the "Old School" (don't think Tim Wood realises my age) in the high hop comp. Props to my homie, Mr 108cms, Corey Mansinger on winning the hop comp and to Nick Cooper for shredding the comp and winning the $1000. Check out some pictures on Ozscene.

The B-Town Jam was on the weekend and was apparently a good day until the firefighterfighter incident. I read about it on FocalPoint and was pretty disappointed. Saw it on the news tonight which really disgusted me. I guess jams are gonna be pretty much a bust for a while now. Thanks to whoever gave the footage to the news as well, legend.

Chris Courtenay has a video on Vital. I can't get the embed code for it so you'll have to follow this link.

Tempered have some cool photos from their recent Mackay trip which you can check out here.

Also my man Matt Dodd, who you can check out in some diversity videos, dislocated his knee at Kuraby and did some serious damage which will probably need surgery. A big get well from me Doddy! On the positive I got to drive this to the hospital.

That's it for now, more soon!

bunny hop - get it?

Emmet and Timmy

Emmet sent in this sweet edit of himself and Timmy riding Helensvale. Have my babies Timmy!


Hey guys. There's a comp on at Logan Village skatepark on Sunday. Not too sure on many details but I do know that first place is $1000 cash. Should be interesting.

Clint has a shitload of updates on the Colony site about his trip to America that are definitely worth checking out.

Cooper has uploaded some photos on FocalPoint from the recent Spinal Disorder in Melbs which I hear was pretty gnarly. Peep them here. There's also some info on a few jams coming up. A flatland Jam in West Oz and the Halloween Jam

Diversity Random Mix

I feel guilty for posting this after that amazing FocalPoint video but I've been trying to upload this for weeks with slow internet. Damn quota. Some random clips from a few weeks ago. Enjoy.

PS. Subscribe to the diversity youtube channel while you're at it.

FocalPoint Park Video

My jaw is on the floor. This video is fucking amazing! The FocalPoint guys mixing it up a bit and putting out an all park edit. Thanks Cooper. Be sure to check out the trailer for the new FocalPoint DVD if you haven't already.