FocalPoint Issue 14 online

Issue 14 of FocalPoint is now on the interwebs for your viewing pleasure. Click here to check it out. FocalPoint seems to be getting better exponentially each issue these days and this one is no exception. Still can't get over that cover!


Fairfield Session

Daniel Brind sent in this video he filmed and edited of Dylan Radford, Chris "Rabbit" Barton, Dom Clark and Jason Watts riding Fairfield. My net is fucked so I've only seen the first few seconds but I like the song so I'm putting it up.


Richo Web Vid

Clint sent this video of Richo shredding Beenleigh just before his knee operation. He's off his bike for around 8 months now. Get well soon mate! Click here to check it out (right click to save ;) )

PS. Colony is auctioning off Nick's ride to help pay for Nick's medical bills. So keep an eye out for that.


Virtual Paintjob

Hey guys, not much to post. The core series went down on Saturday at Deagon and was a good day. Nick Cooper won with Alex Hiam taking a well deserved second and Macca taking third. Keep an eye out for the video soon.

Strictly have a cool little tool which lets you pick and choose colours on your bike. I remember making my own version of this in Powerpoint back in the day when I went through a bike painting phase. Check it if you're thinking about what colours to run or your just bored.


New Rebellyell

Picked up the brand new issue of Rebelyell today. Definitely one of my favourite so far. You can get Issue 6, Open Road issue from all good bike shops.

Rebelyell bmx magazine (issue 6) has just landed.
All good bike stores will have them thursday (a week before newsagency's) so hit up your local ASAP!!

Content: Open Road issue
An in depth Interview with Simon Obrien (one of the world's best flatlanders, period!!!) and shot on some scenic locations.
Another 16 page in depth interview with Leigh Gaison about bmx, business and life from a grimey riders point of view.
MTV / Toyota / BMX MAFIA and Rebelyell hit the road to film a show about being young, dumb and full of ......?
REDBULL Dirt Pipe comp. Big Tranny's and dirty lips?
Black Lotus / Backbone hit the road in search for pipe dreams
Across the seas to Tasmania to show how a tight group of friends can have fun no matter where they are set due coarse.
Short blurbs on world travel experiences with some of AUS better known riders.
Along with the usual reviews, photo gallery and fashionable threads to show your steez (you know you love it!!!)

Get it while its hot off the press. (Aaahhh, the smell of fresh printed mags!)


Core Series Round 2 Tomorrow

The second round of the Core Series is on tomorrow at Deagon. Be there.


2 Days with Josh Mannion

Jaimee Proietti sent me the link to his youtube channel. It's of a bunch of guys who go by the name of Civil BMX who seem to be having fun shredding the streets of Brisbane. Maybe the next generation Drainkids? Anyway I'm really stoked on this video of Josh Mannion, who I've never heard of but is one of the most well rounded riders I've seen in a while.


David Girsch Section

G'day guys. Back in Brissie from my holiday and also back to reality. This video waiting in my inbox definitely made it worth it though. 16 year old David Girsch from Cairns (who I think is the guy who did the 3 whip hop a while back?) sent in this awesome section of himself. I was really enjoying the vid and then the music got a bit harder and the video got gnarlier. Check it out.

Edit: Apparently the section I had up was an unfinished section from a North Queenland Scene DVD called Adaptions. Allan Hardy, who made the video was nice enough to let me keep it up and even sent in the finished version. Cheers Allan. Check out the Adaptions website here or the download the trailer here.


Dave down but not out!

From the man himself ''i broke my elbow at xgames doin a 3wip and hangin up oon the spine.. so i had surgery and im out for 6 weeks. in that time im movin/driving out to greenvile. so hopefully that will make healing time go by quicker.''


In Your Dreams with Colin Mackay

Here a Interview i got emailed to me about Colin Mackay


Todd Edenborough Web Edit

Awesome little web edit of Todd Edenborough for 9 Dragons filmed and edited by Michael Harris. Kids only 15 years old, makes me feel like a grandpa. Give it a squiz.

PS. I'm off to the Whitsundays for a week so Stew will be looking after the site for me while I'm gone. It's a hard life.


2x4 Premiere

Stew is holding another premiere at the now infamous Grand Central Hotel. Make sure you come along!


Mullum Jam

Theres a jam going down at Mullum on the 21st September. The Mullum Park is fun as fuck and I'm sure its going to be a rad day.

Click the pic to see it bigger.


Behind the scenes

Colony has a cool little post on their site about how their stems are made. Pretty interesting stuff. Check it out by clicking the correct fullstop ................


Clash for Cash

Shaun Jarvis from West Oz sent me the flyer for this event thats going down called "Clash for Cash" (why does that sound familiar?). It sounds like a really good idea with riders having to compete against each other in teams with such categories as best train from team, most choreographed run from team and team with most street cred. Haha. Sounds like it will be a good day. Click the flyer to see it bigger.


Clone Hubs

Colony have just updated there website with some news on there Clone Hubs and they look nice and you cant go wrong if John Farnham is running them!

Better Late Than Never!

Here's an edit of the Core Series Round 1 on Vitalbmx and Core Series Round 2 will be at Deagon Skatepark on 23rd of August.