Shane Conlon and Shane Bryans

Hey guys. Sorry for the lack of post over the last few days. I've been out camping and getting back in touch with my wolf spirit.

My internet is slow as hell so its taking me ages to view everyones videos but in the meantime check out this edit of Shane Conlon and ripper Shane Bryans.


Batcho and Stretto's weekend

Shane Batchler sent in this amazing edit he made of himself and Tom Stretton over the weekend. The first half is what looks like the rubble from the recently demolished Beerwah skatepark. Words cannot describe how psyched I am on this.

PS. Last trick ftw!


Shane Conlon's Video Part 1

Shane Conlon sent in this awesome edit of himself via email. He's about to go for shoulder surgery so this is all his leftover footage thrown together. Keep an eye out for part 2!


RideOn Web Edit

Steve from RideOn sent through this web edit of some of the team and friends. Filmed and edited by Raph. While you're at it check out the fresh new RideOn site which includes a blog.


360 whip hop

Jack Elkins from Cairns and a 360 whip hop on flat. Spotted this on The Come Up where there seems to be a lot of shit talking going on. I think the haters should post videos of their 360 whip hops before they can talk shit on it. Let me know what you think in the comments.


Jaya's video

Check out this video that Jaya descibes as "the worste movie on youtube." Love it!


New Colony Seats

Colony just posted these pics of their new canvas seats on their website. Click here for more information.


Nathan Charles Park Clips

Nathan Charles from Good Grief put out this new little edit of him riding some park. Its good, but still doesn't compare to this.

PS. Apologies for the lack of posts lately. Uni exams/assignments have been giving me stress.


Core Series Results

The first round of the Core series went down on Sunday and some crazy riding went down. Here's the results for the official press release.

Beginner BMX
1. Jason Watts
2. Nathan Hine
3. Chris Blake

Expert BMX
1. Tom Brock
2. Sam Jordan
3. Dylan White

1. Vince Byron
2. Chris Edgar
3. Nick Cooper

Throughout the day all the competitors were cheered on by a local crowd of up to
500-700 spectators.

The next round of the CORE Series will be at Deagon Skate Park on a date yet to
be announced.

For up to the minute news about the CORE Series, and photos, results & videos
from the most recent event, go to our Myspace:


Best girl rider ever???

Boo sent me the link to this video of Crystal Shepherd from Port Maquarie. Its seriously amazing and better than alot of stuff that gets sent in by guys. Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments. Can't explain how psyched I am on this.


Mikey B's Jam

Adam Stone sent in this video of a jam in the rain at a school. Worth it for the backflips out of a sketchy 3 foot kicker.


Justy and Corey Clips

Just a short little edit of some clips I shot at plains of Justy Bumpstead and Corey Mansinger. I left it uploading last night and for some strange reason had already posted it before I had a chance to. Weird.


Lee's Beenleigh Jam Video and Pictures

Ozscene have a cool little edit from Lee Kirkman's jam at Beenleigh on Sunday as well as heaps of photos. Check em out.


Charlie Lucas Video

15 year old Charlie Lucas from Perth sent in this dialled web edit via email. Let us know what you think in the comments.



Over on the Tempered Blog theres a swagger of new posts including the location of the Thrash for Cash Jam, some new product shots and an interesting post about something called "Sooner". What it is is still a mystery but it has a myspace here.


Lifecycles BMX - Uncensored

Matt Lawton sent me the link to this edit for LifecyclesBMX. Awesome riding from Nathan Allingham, Sam Smith, Zac Atard and Alex Liiv, amongst others. Check it out.


New RebelYell!

The new RebelYell is here and issue 5 is the photo issue.

Issue 5 (photo issue) content...

Worlds biggest photo gallery!!! One million photos to look at and stick on your wall. Well not really one million but close to it.
Also coverage of the bmx games but from a different angle, check it out to see how the 'behind the scenes' events of the bmx games is sometimes more enjoyable than the actual riding going on.

Rick Hayward on the cover with a no hander fakie tree ride.

Available now from good Bike stores and end of the week at newsagency's.