New FocalPoint

Cooper emailed letting me know that the new issue of FocalPoint is here and should be available very soon. Heres some info on the new issue:

With over 15,000 words, 60 photos and the best layouts to date, this issue is enough to send you into sensory overload! Interviews on South Aus ripper Ryan Lloyd, a Brock Waugh interview with nothing held back, Scottish John about Forgotten Bikes, a Tassie full pipe adventure, Upwey crew scene report, Dylan Pell, Aaron Wilson, Nathan Philps and Cairns bio’s, How hard is it crew, jams and a Focalpoint summer roadtrip along with more BMX goodness. Just be thankful there isn't a scratch-and-sniff option, otherwise the FP Summer Holiday article would probably kill you ...

You can get the magazine free from any good bike store in Australia in the next couple of days or you can subscribe and have it sent to your door.

Cooper Brownlee


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