Sorry for the lack of updates. Not too much going on in the Aussie scene by the looks of it so I thought I'd share a few websites that help keep me sane/ammused. The first is a site called I don't know who set it up or who runs it but I found it by accident one day when I was looking at the stats of diversity. It's basically a big news feed from all the top bmx sites around the world, including diversity of course. Its great if you want constant, unbiased and varying up to date bmx news.

The second site I stumbled across the other day is a blog called SPRFLS. Again I don't know who is behind this one but he provides some very satirical and entertaining views on the direction bmx is heading nowadays.



rhys said...

Hey, the guy behind the SPRFLS blog is "Not Eddie Roman" from bmxboard. He was also involved with Slam basketball magazine for a while. Not a bad read.

Celular said...

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scruffian said...


i run thanks for the mention. i am looking at making some improvements, so any ideas welcome!


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