Filthy Drains Jam 2

At long last my video from the second filthy drains challenge has uploaded. Big shout out to Matty and Steve and everyone else who built it, the setup was amazing and the day was a huge success.


FocalPoint Online Mag

Cooper emailed me letting me know that the online version of issue 13 is up. I've got to say I'm really impressed with it. FocalPoint is just getting better exponentially each issue. the best part, its all FREE. Click here to check it out.

Also be on the lookout for some new FocalPoint hoodies soon and be sure to get yourself a bargain and grab some of the old stock. Hit the online store here.


Bendigo Street Video

Patrick Stokes sent me this awesome video of some of his crew riding street around Bendigo. he was worried that it wasn't up to standard but I think it turned out awesome. Check it out.

Also, I finished my Filthy Drains video yesterday but my net is fucked and I haven't been able to get it to upload, so keep checking back for that.


New 2020

The new 2020 is out and as usual is jam packed full of good shit.

" With a stack of free stickers tucked away inside the banging wall ride cover thanks to Troy Jackson. But beyond the adhesives, it's full of 100% riding. We follow the Tempered crew on their first team roadtrip, bring a pictorial coverage of the recent BMX Games, hit up Cam Whites second annual Hill side Jam, get rolling with the crew at Imax for the 3053 jam and get personal with Forgotten's newest star, Josh Mete. Of course theres a truckload more from around our rocking country, New Zealand and even Fiji.
2020bmxmag issue 28 is on sale around Australia and New Zealand now."
*From the 2020 site

Also Filthy Drains is on today so be there or you're gonna regret it!


Filthy Drains Challenge Location

Matt just put the location to the next Filthy Drains Challenge on the Tempered Blog. Click the map to see bigger or check here for more information.

PS. Please don't go to the location before the day, it would be like opening all your presents before Christmas, then rewrapping them then trying to act surprised on Christmas morning... or something to that effect.


Cooper Brownlee Interview on Ugzine

James has put up a dialled interview with Cooper Brownlee on the Ugzine Blog. Click here to read it.


300th Post

No other reason for this post other than celebrating the fact that its post number 300! Diversity also passed the 50,000 hit milestone the other week so I'm stoked on that as well.

Steve also ran the idea past me of having a Diversity jam at Kuraby skatepark in a few weeks. No prizes, no competition, no bullshit, just a big jam to celebrate friends, riding and life in general. So keep your ears open for that.


Alex Liiv



Colony Tees

Colony are finally releasing some tees which will be ready for you to get your grubby little hands on in the next couple of weeks. There will be 5 designs in total and hoodies and other items of clothing are in the works. For more info hit the Colony site.


Matt Lawton Bike Check

Matty from Tempered just got a whole swagger of new prototype parts in and I've got to say they're looking fresh as! Click here for more pictures of the new parts.

I couldn't resist and had to hook up a bike check...

Click picture to see bigger!


Filthy Drains Challenge Reminder

Just a reminder about the Second Filthy Drains Challenge. Its being held next Saturday somewhere around Brisbane. Word on the grapevine is that some of the ramps that were set up have already been vandalised so to keep the ramps in good condition the location will be released a few days before the jam. The first one was great and this one is gonna be 10 times better. See you there.


Vintage BMX!

Chris Polack sent me an email about an upcoming vintage bmx meet on Sunday, May 18th. Might be pretty enlightening for some of the younger guys to see where our little hobby started out and how far its progressed.

Click image to see bigger



Sorry for the lack of updates. Not too much going on in the Aussie scene by the looks of it so I thought I'd share a few websites that help keep me sane/ammused. The first is a site called I don't know who set it up or who runs it but I found it by accident one day when I was looking at the stats of diversity. It's basically a big news feed from all the top bmx sites around the world, including diversity of course. Its great if you want constant, unbiased and varying up to date bmx news.

The second site I stumbled across the other day is a blog called SPRFLS. Again I don't know who is behind this one but he provides some very satirical and entertaining views on the direction bmx is heading nowadays.


Warren Bowers Video

Damo sent me the link to this sweet vid of Warren Bowers on Vital. I didn't think he was gonna land anything for a while there but then he did and I was psyched. Working from 6 til 11:30 at night Friday, Saturday and Sunday every week sucks mega dick. Someone get me a new job.


Good Grief Web Vid

Nathan Charles sent in this web vid that was filmed in a week. Riders are Adrian Fox, Nathan Charles and Patty all from Gippsland. So much good shit in this. Check it out!


Oli Foster Video

Barclay from Jindalee sent in his latest edit of Jindalee Local Oli Foster from a laid back Sunday session. Stoked as on this.


Electronical Premiere in Brissy

Stewart has informed me that there will be a premiere for the new Odyssey Video "Electronical" as well as the new Shook "Like Totally" this Saturday starting at 6.30pm at The Colmslie Hotel on the Cnr of Wynnum & Junction Roads, Morningside. So if you live in the Brisbane area come along drink some beer and watch some bmx videos.


Irvine Spotting!

Josh Irvine, aka The Infamous J.I. aka Best Rider in Aus, has been spotted in this web video over on ozscenebmx. This is a milestone event for diversity and the drinks are now freely flowing around the diversity offices.


FocalPoint Web Videos

FocalPoint have just put up a page of all their old web vids. So if you've got some time to kill check em all out. Clicky here.


Ryan Lloyd Interview

Ryan Lloyd, who made this crazy vid at 2am one morning, has an interview on BMXunion. Click here to read. Some pretty awesome photos in there taken by James Wade. He's also got an interview in the new FocalPoint. Kids blowing up!


New FocalPoint

Cooper emailed letting me know that the new issue of FocalPoint is here and should be available very soon. Heres some info on the new issue:

With over 15,000 words, 60 photos and the best layouts to date, this issue is enough to send you into sensory overload! Interviews on South Aus ripper Ryan Lloyd, a Brock Waugh interview with nothing held back, Scottish John about Forgotten Bikes, a Tassie full pipe adventure, Upwey crew scene report, Dylan Pell, Aaron Wilson, Nathan Philps and Cairns bio’s, How hard is it crew, jams and a Focalpoint summer roadtrip along with more BMX goodness. Just be thankful there isn't a scratch-and-sniff option, otherwise the FP Summer Holiday article would probably kill you ...

You can get the magazine free from any good bike store in Australia in the next couple of days or you can subscribe and have it sent to your door.

Cooper Brownlee


Tempered Road Trip Video

Here's a vid that I've been anxious to see for a while now, the Tempered boys from their recent trip up to Gladstone for the Coconet Classic competition. Awesome riding, awesome vibe. Check it out. Edited by Jack B.


Odyssey Electronical Premiere

Marc from Strictlybmx sent me an email letting me know about the premiere for the highly anticipated Odyssey dvd "Electronical". It will be showing for the first time in Australia at Strictly's city store in Melbourne. I hope someone has a Brisbane premiere cos I've been dying to see this...


Matt Lawton Interview

Matt Lawton, owner of Tempered, has this cool interview on Ugzine. Click here to read.