Yet another Colony web video

Clint sent me the link to this new Colony Video via email. Its a mix of the Colony team riding park from their trip to America and has some pretty crazy riding. Let us know what you think in the comments. Watch it here.



Jay said...

guettler, 180 bars fly out?
and in the last one there was a 540 fly out

fly out isnt film worthy,
especailly for a pro

micky said...

good to see a big aussie bmx company taking interests into this site and they come up with some wild videos liam has something wrong with his brain with that flair :O

Anonymous said...

diversity hearts colony

micky said...

yeh i recaon guttler should just not bother riding like a normal person in vids instead of 180 bars he should always do 180 frontie no handers... dont make this a bag out spot like vital... and just cause he is pro doesnt mean he doesnt like doing 180 bars and i reacon its good that diversity hearts colony its the only aus company thats putting the big money and effort into supporting aus bmx scene anyway... end rant

Clint Millar - Colony BMX said...

Thanks Micky !! Good to see someone in the bmx internet world is not totally all salt & that bmxers can be positive to others out there doing their own thing. I agree on the notion to not make this some shit talking site like the come up etc. Yes, colony does heart diversity.