DiversityBMX VS ABBS Plus Giveaway!!

To me ABBS was that crazy street dude you
see in video's and think holy fuck that dude
is wild! Accept i only saw like 3 clips of
him in an old Emancipate promo on the first
2020 Hindsight DVD. Ever since then i kept
seeing and hearing wild shit of the dude.
I thought it was definitely time to hit him
up for an interview over here on Diversity,
so you better hit READ MORE and check the
whole deal out!
ALSO: Terry from BMX Mafia has
sent us over 3 DVDs as a give away with this
Interview! All you have to do is answer these
simple questions, the answers are all here.

Who is Abbs sponsored by?
What is Abbs Local?
What finger did Abbs destroy?

Send your answers to diversitybmx@gmail.com
and we will reveal the winners very soon!


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