Shad and MV - Sickmad

Michael Vockenson sent me the link to this edit he made a while back. Some pretty good riding accompanied by some pretty questionable editing. The protein powder and how to backflip guide made me LOL. Check it out.


Colony Web Video Mix section.

Clint just sent me an email letting me know about a new web video he just made with some bonus footage from the Colony DVD. This edit features Nick Richardson, Benny Paulsen, Haimona Ngata, Pete Radivo & Tim Wood. Not a bad line up. Watch it here.


Tom Landers

I saw this cool little video of Tom a while back but forgot about it until now. Enjoy.


Bicycle Film Festival

Chris Polack from Rebelyell sent me this email for the up and coming bicycle film festival:

Use you imagination and get your film editing polished up cause now's your chance to show the world what 'bmx' is made of. Make it short, make it sweet but most importantly make it worthwhile.


The Eighth Annual Bicycle Film Festival is now accepting entries for 2008.
Deadline for entries has been extended to March 7th!

We are looking for films with a strong theme or character of bicycles.
This includes all mediums and styles such as animation, experimental,
narrative, documentary and music videos.

The BFF is held in over 15 cities around the world including Tokyo, New
York City, Los Angeles, Milan, and London. In 2007 the total BFF
attendance was nearly 100,000 people.

BFF is a celebration through film, art and music. Past BFFs has been have
included works from legendary artists such as Jonas Mekas, Michel Gondry,
Mike Mills and Jorgen Leth. The emerging artist is showcased as well.

The Bike Film Fest is expected to be a huge success in 2008. All cities
have been selected and dates for NEW YORK are May 28th - June 1st. All
other dates will be set within the month. We suggest making your travel
arrangements as soon as you can for the New York BFF.

Check out some of the other BFF's in 2007 from around the world on the you
tube clips online. We shut the street down in front of Colette in Paris.
Iness Brunn rocked the NYC opening night party. These clips vary in

They are on the left column of the homepage:

BFF Homepage


Corey Bohan Interview.

There's a nice long interview with Australia's own Corey Bohan on BMXunion. Its a good little insight into the mind of arguably Australia's most successful rider. Check it out here.


New Colony Ad

Kenny Ragget, wow.

From the Colony Site.


Coconet Classic

Heres a flyer for a big event in Boyne Island (near Gladstone) called the "Coconet Classic" which is happening on the Easter long weekend (21-23rd March). As you can see diversitybmx as well as Tempered are sponsoring it (on top of 20 million other sponsors) and it has coverage by Fuel TV and Southern Cross Ten. Its gonna be a massive event and would be well worth the drive.


TEMPERED Re-stock.

I just got some more Tempered shirts back in stock!
Weirdly enough i got some cool color mix's that i
did not even ask for so there are only a limited
number of sizes in each print on the designs you
see in the picture above.
Hit the Tempered website to find the online store
or go support us over at Steve's New shop, Ride On,
Over in West End.


Giveaway Reminder....

About the Giveaway we are doing with the Abbs interview
thanks to Terry from BMX Mafia.
Check it all out HERE.


Want A Job?

I just noticed over on the strictly
site that they are currently looking
to employ someone, if you are interested
go over there and check it out.


Dave Dillewaard Interview.

I spotted this interview of Dave
Dillwaard on Vital ages ago but
for some reason i never posted it.
For those who have not seen it,
Check it HERE.


Only Five Buxx.

I wasn't going to post this because of
the scooter clips, but Adrian Fox is good.


New Focal Point promo and news

Focal Point has a new web edit up from their recently released dvd 'Clocked In'. Check it out here. I've seen this dvd and its well worth the purchase. Ask for it at your local bike shop!

Cooper also has a fresh new layout for the site and has announced that the mag will now come out in an online version as well as the 2500 print copies.


Woodridge Wednesday Sessions

If you live in the Brisbane area you may have been aware of some sessions every Wednesday night at Woodridge skatepark. If you weren't then its definitely worth checking out. Its a good way to meet new riders and if you're lucky get your self on an up and coming DVD.


Top Fives With Jack Birtles.

Jack Birtles is the guy behind the J-Love
Edit and a bunch of other edits from out
that way, I have been riding with him a bit
lately and this year 12 kid shreds!
Check Here for a quick top five i did with Jack.


Dan From O-Town.

Spotted this really cool edit of Dan from O-town over on myspace.
Some good riding, but you tell me what you think of the editing?


Jamie Leech Vid

Jamie Leech emailed me this vid without
a title and stating " I don't know if this
is worthy enough". Dude the edit was rad
and those first two guys ripped it!
Tell us what you think in the comments.


DiversityBMX VS ABBS Plus Giveaway!!

To me ABBS was that crazy street dude you
see in video's and think holy fuck that dude
is wild! Accept i only saw like 3 clips of
him in an old Emancipate promo on the first
2020 Hindsight DVD. Ever since then i kept
seeing and hearing wild shit of the dude.
I thought it was definitely time to hit him
up for an interview over here on Diversity,
so you better hit READ MORE and check the
whole deal out!
ALSO: Terry from BMX Mafia has
sent us over 3 DVDs as a give away with this
Interview! All you have to do is answer these
simple questions, the answers are all here.

Who is Abbs sponsored by?
What is Abbs Local?
What finger did Abbs destroy?

Send your answers to
and we will reveal the winners very soon!


Colony Web Video!

Clint just sent me this crazy web video from when the Colony team was in the states. All I can say is Liam is a god and Mick Bayzand must have to carry his balls in a wheelbarrow. Watch it now HERE.


More David Girsch.

Got sent this video of 16 year old David Girsch, who had this video on diversity a while back. Really well filmed with some banger stuff in there.


Liam Fahy-Hampton Cover.

Liam Fahy-Hampton scores the next cover
shot for the latest issue of RIDE, the shot
is pretty fucking wild!
Theres also an article about Colonys
US trip from last year!
Spotted the cover over on the Colony site.


New Cropthorn Threads.

Matt from Cropthorn just sent me over these pictures
of his two latest designs for the new 08 range. There
are a lot more rad as fuck threads out already from
Cropthorn, so head over to their myspace to check it
all out!


3053 Flat Jam.

Shaun Jarvis just emailed me this flyer
about a Flat Jam that is going down in
Melbourne on the 30th at imax run by
Paul Chamberlin.
For more info click here.


BlackLotus Prototype Peg

Head over to the BlackLotus website to read
more info about this peg and some other ideas
Dan Hunt has in the works!



Jack Birtles sent me the link to this video he made of my boy Farley. Some good riding and filming.


Pete Radivo Bike Check

Theres a Pete Radivo bike check over on the Colony website. Check it out here.


Darryn James Hook Up.

Head over to the Ugzine blog to check
out some really fresh shots of TemperedBikes
recent hook-up Darryn James.
Darryn has been shredding around for a while
now on some old dunga bike and the dude really
deserved a new ride!


2008 Bmxgames Video

Vital bmx just put up this video of the 2008 Bmxgames that was held recently. Gotta love Robbo.


United/Stowaway Down Under

There is a bunch of cool pics from day four of the trip
on both Stowaway and United.


Jase Bannan Bike Check

Theres a bike check with Jase Bannan over on the
FocalPoint site.
Click HERE to go straight to it.


Camberwell Comp

Spotted this on Myspace like six times
in a row, read the flyer for info because
thats all the info i know about it.


United/Stowaway Down Under Trip

Head over to either the STOWAWAY website
or the UNITED website to get daily updates
of their tour down under!


Cams Jam

Spotted this and a bunch of really good
photos from the Cam Jam over on NaturalBMX.
Those jumps are fucking insane!


Ringwood Jam

Spotted this over on FocalPoint.
Flyer ses is all.



Drew from Jindalee sent me this sweet video of himself and some of the other Jindalee locals ripping it up. Jack Birtles made the video and I think its really well done. Good to see some of the younger guys coming through with some high quality videos. Good work Jack!

j-love from jack birtles on Vimeo.


Ben Wato's video

My man Ben Watson sent me this short little edit of himself shredding Murrarie one afternoon. Suss it out.


Chris Jones Double Front Flip!

This is just some of the wild shit that
went down when i was in Sydney. This
double front flip from West Oz Chris Jones
was definitely one of the most gnar things
i have seen in my life and i had spent a lot
of time on the road with this guy when i was
back in Perth doing demos and i never thought
he would be doing shit like this.

Also: i did not edit this vid.


Day Session.

Corey Mansinger sent me this link of himself
and Justy Bumpstead having a chilled out day
session. There some serious shit going down
in there and both these guys ride for TemperedBikes.


Beenleigh Session Video

Short little video from our session at Beenleigh the other day. First time I've ridden the new ramps and they're a ton of fun.


Alex Liiv Bike Check.

For a while now Alex and i have been talking
about throwing up something new, maybe some
gnar story telling articles or a rad new bike
check, so when Alex got a new frame on his
door step it was time for a whole new bike check.
Theres also a few questions i asked Alex.
Click HERE to read the article.
I hope you enjoy reading is as much as i did
creating it.


Lou Reeves Bike Check

Lou Reeves from Anchor BMX has nice
bike check up over on Focalpoint.

Also: I returned from sydney and have
so many good memories from that place.
I have a bunch of footage but i can't
find the firewire cable for my camera.
So ill try and get some edits done when
i can.