Warren Bowers

My boy wazza sent me this link of him
riding. Waz is just 16 and resides in
some small country town in west oz.
Theres some pretty tight shit in there
for an edit he describes, " It's just
shitty basic stuff, i got bored so i made it"
Tell me what you think in the comments.



Anonymous said...

Holy shit. That was so good.

Jess said...

cool vid... =]
that warren guy seems kinda cool
tap that shitt
hahaha jj
ily waz

Jarrad Coleman said...

fuck yeah wazzzaar!
yo mega sweet cunt!

juice said...

doesn't he ride for tempered full team?
or like the one under full team, that flow thingy?

mattlawton said...

Yeah dude, Waz rides flow for TemperedBikes, has been for a while now.

MattB said...

he fucking sik
street and park
i love all this tech stuff

christopher said...

that nose manual was hot!

good video too!

hazell said...