Last Chapter 2008!!

For some time now Sam from Last Chapter BMX
has been pumping out a whole bunch of really
fresh clothing that i can't get enough of!
These dudes are always pumping out a bunch of
web edits that are pretty fucking rad. I was
just whoring there space and noticed they just
released some pictures of there range for 2008!
If your keen as fuck on this gear then get in
touch with Sam over on their Myspace. If your
not keen, then you need to be!

On another note:
I also just read that the
infamous CLAW is no riding for Last Chapter.



SamF said...

Many thanks to diversity. xxx

foook yeah said...

love last chapter!

james said...

actual not keen on those tees..
sorry sam..

Anonymous said...

sounds like james wade

james said...

not james wade.
more like james ruff..