Harmonybmx Edit.

I spotted this over on the Harmony site,
but for some reason i forgot to post it back
in December.
Theres some pretty nice stuff in there, check it.

EDIT: Tom Stretton fucking kills it.



Matt.B said...

this is the maddest vid i have seen

the edit and filming is sweet to
propz to hu did that

Anonymous said...

(cant be fucked making account).. TIMMY says:

great edit. so chilled out, love the filming. would be awesome to see more edits like this!

juice said...

omfg tom stretton.

jaywilson said...

best filming
and riding !

Anonymous said...

stretton kills it, i want to know where that last spot he is riding is??
if you ever see cousins on dirt!! holly shit!!!

Anonymous said...

having to wait for strettons riding is the worst but its worth it for sure. has anyone bought anything from harmony?