Dylan Radford

Tom Siinmaa sent me this edit of 15 year old Dylan Radford at Warragul skatepark


Kie Ashworth on FBM

Just saw on the FBM site that Australia's own Kie Ashworth has been bumped up from flow team to pro team on FBM. Great fuckin news. Read about it here.


Too poor for Sydney Edit

A short edit of some of the less fortunate amongst us, who were too broke for the trip to Sydney for BmxGames, riding Morayfield.



Check over on the Zombiebmx site for a fucked up little article that involves trails, pegs and chunks of brain plus some nice pics. Direct link here.

Samson's Videoooo

Michael "Maddog" Vockenson informed me about a new little edit my man Samson Ross recently made. Its pretty long and has a couple of guys in it as well as some banger riding. Definitely worth checking out.



Photo By Stephen Joseph.
Im going to sydney for the BMX Games tonight
so i will not be able to post much over the
next 7 days, Mitch should be doing a few posts
and if he isn't tell him to get his ass into
gear in the comments.

Also: This photo of Macca has no relevance
only that he rides for TemperedBikes and
he is coming to sydney with me!



There is a fresh new online store up and running
for NZ riders, Revolution NZ. There is already a
dope as fuck list of companies that they stock so
if your a NZ local or not, head over there and check
it all out.


Nathan Charles.

Sam from Last Chapter send me this edit of shredder
Nathan Charles. This dude is pretty fucking good and
i think a few of you guys watching this can learn a
few things from his riding.
Good fucking edit, good fucking shredder, nuff said.


Beenleigh Video

Just saw this video over on Ozscenebmx under the title of "BEENLEIGH BMX A Weekend In Whitetrash WonderLand". The new ramps look like alot of fun. Edit by Wolfmann.


New 2020

I got the new issue in the mail the
other day and it is pretty fucking hot!
Theres a bunch of good content in this
issue with a shit load of dope photos to
back it up.
There is also a Tempered frame giveaway
with this issue.

HINT: If you haven't already seen the 2008
catalogue for Tempered head over to the
website and check it, there are some nice
shots of the Revolt Hubs.

Last Chapter 2008!!

For some time now Sam from Last Chapter BMX
has been pumping out a whole bunch of really
fresh clothing that i can't get enough of!
These dudes are always pumping out a bunch of
web edits that are pretty fucking rad. I was
just whoring there space and noticed they just
released some pictures of there range for 2008!
If your keen as fuck on this gear then get in
touch with Sam over on their Myspace. If your
not keen, then you need to be!

On another note:
I also just read that the
infamous CLAW is no riding for Last Chapter.


Harmonybmx Edit.

I spotted this over on the Harmony site,
but for some reason i forgot to post it back
in December.
Theres some pretty nice stuff in there, check it.

EDIT: Tom Stretton fucking kills it.


Rooty Hill Jam

Matty Beggs sent me an email about the upcoming jam at Rooty Hill. By the sounds of it theres gonna be some decent bands playing there.

EDIT: I just fixed the link for the flyer.



Mikey Cz in the new shop with his dope Custom Tempered Bike.

New rider owned Shop, RIDE ON, run by
Steve Morrisey is one tight shop! I was
in there last week and the shop is stocked
to the roof in the latest BMX shit.
They also stock a bunch of Tempered gear.
Go drop in and holla at Steve, the address
is 140 boundary street, westend.

It's time to end the mail orders and start
bringing money into the Australian BMX community,
support Ride On and they will support back.


FocalPoints Issue 10

Cooper Brownlee from FocalPoint just
sent me an email to let everyone know
that he has uploaded back Issue 10.
Focal Point is one of Australia's
best BMX zines, so if you have not
already got your greasy little fingers
onto issue 10, get to it now.


Belmont Jam Pics

Rider: Todd Meyne
Some dudes from West Oz threw together
a jam in pretty short notice.
But there are some cool shots from the day
over on the WestOzBMX site.


Warren Bowers

My boy wazza sent me this link of him
riding. Waz is just 16 and resides in
some small country town in west oz.
Theres some pretty tight shit in there
for an edit he describes, " It's just
shitty basic stuff, i got bored so i made it"
Tell me what you think in the comments.


Chris Wheeler

I don't care what anyone else thinks, but this dude
is fucking dope!
Thanks to Brodie from Trapt freedom for the link.



Hey all, I'm of to Gladstone today for a couple of days so Matty will be runnin the site for the so if you're a local up there and see a big hairy guy with glasses don't be shy to say g'day

Tempered on FocalPoint

Cooper from FocalPoint has just thrown up
a review of the TemperedBikes Treasonv2
frames, pretty dope if you ask me!

Also check out the online store by clicking
TemperedBikes has a bunch of new gear in
the works for this new year, so expect to
see a lot more coming!


Dave Dillewaard

Spotted this over on thecomeup.
This guy is not only a god but he is also one tall dude!
I like this edit on so many levels.
And that last t-bog is too good!


Alex Hiam

Spotted this video on Alex's myspace. I know its a bit old because hes stepped up to a 20 now. Kids got skills for a 12 year old.


Sam Filmer/Last Chapter

Just spotted this short Last Chapter edit of
Sam Filmer, riding is pretty smooth.

Tell me what you think in the comments.


Jack Elkins

Damien sent this link over on myspace of Jack Elkins,
theres some pretty nice riding and i like the feel to it.



Justy Bumpstead Bike Check

My boy Justy B just put up a new bike
check of his ride for 2008, TemperedBikes
is working on a bunch of new gear so
expect to see a lot of changes on his ride.
Check here to see it.


Jindalee and Riverview video

Mitchell Golebiowski (tongue twister) sent me this cool little edit of him and some friends riding Jindalee and Riverview. Edited by Tom Landers.


Tempered Clips from the weekend

Headed out to the Cleveland area on the weekend and got a few clips from the park and the a rail at a pub.


Got Skillz?

Spotted this on the Strictly Site:

"We are seeking a talented graphic designer with web experience and the ability to manage mulitple projects. For print ads, web banners, mailouts, tee/sticker designs etc.

We require someone with:

-Strong visual skills

-Experience with the Adobe creative suite and photoshop

-Some html, CSS and flash knowledge

-Work effectively to tight time frames

-A fine eye for detail and awarness of current practices

email samples of 3 recent projects to: marc1@strictlybmx.com"



A lot of you may already know that Issue 4
of Rebelyell is already out in stores.
But they have also launched there new and
awaited website! Its pretty fresh with a bunch
of cool stuff through out the site.
Check it here.

Luke Reed Video

Luke Reed from West Oz sent me this cool self filmed video and a little story to go with it.

"Basically, on Christmas day this year, I had just finished fixing my computer with XP and felt like giving windows movie maker a play. So I decided that Christmas arvo, while everyones eating I would go down Carine and film myself a little with a lil point and shoot camera and film myself riding. I learnt some stuff and got some clips so decided to come home and edit.... this is the spawn of my bored day."


Mandurah Mixed Video

Jay Wilson sent me the link to this awesome video of a few of the Mandurah locals from West Oz.

The holiday season must be a good inspiration for people to film because I've been seeing a tonne of good edits lately. If you've got an edit you think is worthy of the site send the link to diversitybmx@gmail.com

Timmy and friends

Timmy sent me the link to this video of him and a few friends riding street and a bit of park. Really good edit. Suss it out.